12 Iconic 3D Printed Transformers with STL Files to Make Your Own

The sentient, living autonomous robots that started as a toy series in the 1980s have become iconic characters ever since. They excite millions of minds – fans of toys, films, comic books, video games and 3D printing technology. Since the Autobots and the Decepticons can transform into other forms, such as vehicles, they look great as 3D printed Transformers projects. Find a fantastic Gambody’s selection of STL files you can 3D print to turn into life-like Transformers along with beautiful photos of finished models.

Get ideas on how to make a Transformers collection. With an affordable 3D printer at home these days, anyone can 3D print their model! Thanks to talented 3D artists, you can even make various themed accessories, custom variants and display real working characters on your shelf.

3D printed Transformers

3D Printed Transformers

It is fun to 3D print Transformers because some projects are a two-in-one model that can be transformed. Be it the friendly Optimus Prime or wicked Megatron; a transformer robot can be a jewel of anyone’s collection.

You can discover some Transformers 3D models STL files on Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace along with many fantastic things to 3D print. Other projects can be found online, but there is no need to search. We have compiled a selection of 12 iconic 3D printed Transformers models you will love to make.

1. Optimus Prime 3D Print

Thinking of how to make a Transformers toy or collectable figurine at home, there is nothing simpler and faster than using your 3D printer and premium quality STL files for 3D printing. You can create a stunning Optimus Prime 3D print, paint it into bright colours and display it on your shelf.

Optimus Prime is a legendary member of the Cybertronians and leader of the Autobots. His fists without gun, cannon and other weapon sets are used for good purposes, heroic deeds and the protection of people. His charisma and selfless character make him an impressive figure.

3D printed Transformers Optimus Prime model
Images: gambody.com

You can download the Optimus Prime 3D print file on Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace. You can enjoy this legendary model in two forms – humanoid robot mode and truck mode. This fully articulated assembly model is a must to make if you love Transformers and wish your project to be working.

2. Optimus Prime G1 3D Print

Leading the struggle against the Decepticons is not an easy task. But endlessly courageous, Optimus Prime G1 is willing to do everything to protect the Earth when dark times come. The iconic Optimus Prime G1 gun and giant axe in the figurine’s fists make him a dangerous rival.

The strongest of the Autobots wishes to turn into a 3D printed Transformers figurine to make your collection impressive and protect your other models when needed. If you also want to 3D print Megatron, you must get Optimus Prime G1 in the first place because only the decisive leader can turn the Great War’s tide.

Optimus Prime Transformers G1 STL files
Optimus Prime G1 3D print by Nicolas Dafnis
3D printed Transformer robot Optimus Prime G1 model
3D printed Transformer robot Optimus Prime G1 by Joshua Rysdam

Download Optimus Prime 3D print STL files to awaken the model from deactivation and stasis for 4 million years. You will love all the impressive details this figurine for 3D printing boasts, including a unique platform.

3. Megatron Statue 3D Print

Among various Transformers 3D models for printing, Megatron stands out. The power-hungry, ruthless leader of Decepticons’ clan wishes to kill Optimus Prime. Nothing will stop him from heading to the Earth and killing anyone that stands in his way.

Your 3D printed Transformer robot from the far-away planet Cybertron will look dangerous with his giant axe and fusion cannon attached to the right arm. Luckily, you will make a Transformers villain that is not hazardous at all once you 3D print and assemble it.

Megatron statue 3D print best Transformers models
Megatron 3D print by Damian Lawrence and Aiman Feda

You can find the Transformers Megatron 3D print file on Gambody. There will be several assembly pieces to print and paint, including the Megatron head, chest, arms, weapons, legs and an optional platform.

4. Autobot 3D Print: Sqweeks

There is nothing better than choosing simple projects when you are thinking about how to make a Transformers figurine on your new 3D printer. For example, you can turn Sqweeks 3D printing model into a cute wheeled robot. Such an Autobot 3D print comes in several pieces, which you should assemble after printing and painting.

Autobot 3D print Transformers
Images: gambody.com

The result will look nice even if you are a newbie in the hobby. The giant weapon in the Autobot’s arm shows that the Sqweeks Autobot will not surrender, despite numerous injuries. Thus, he can guard your 3D printed collection of other Transformers and figurines.

5. 3D printed Transformers Bumblebee

While your 3D printed Transformers Bumblebee model will not use songs from the radio to communicate with you, this project will look stunning on your shelf. An articulated figurine is always fun to make. And when you find among Transformers G1 STL files the Bumblebee model that requires no supports, it is fantastic!

Even a newbie can recreate the Bumblebee figure because it does not transform into a 1967 Volkswagen Beetle, as happened in the 2018 film. But the robot’s legs and arms move so that you can have many fun moments taking photos of your 3D printed Transformers Bumblebee and changing its poses.

3D printed Transformers Bumblebee model
Bumblebee model versions from cgtrader.com and myminifactory.com

The model might come with a gun and several joints that make it movable, or it can help you recreate a static scene from the movie.

6. Transformers Helmets to 3D Print

Fans of cosplay and costume parties can print their favourite characters’ helmet from the Transformers universe. There are several impressive Transformers helmets to 3D print, including one of the Bumblebee and Optimus Prime.

If you are skilled at electronics, you can even make a voice changing helmet with lights. But even without such customization, a Transformers helmet can be a hit in your house with or without kids.

Transformers Bumblebee helmet 3D printed model
Transformers Bumblebee helmet from cgtrader.com

You can get the STL files of the Transformers Bumblebee helmet to work on this stunning piece of wearable art. Such a project will be fun to 3D print, paint, assemble and wear to a party. And, of course, it would be fantastic if you could introduce lights to lit the life-like eyes and voice changing option to make your Transformers helmet talk. But these are just ideas that a 3D printing enthusiast with skilful fingers can implement.

Transformers Optimus Prime helmet to 3D print
Transformers Optimus Prime helmet ideas from cgtrader.com

You can also get STL files of Transformers Optimus Prime helmet version 1 and version 2. These models can be a part of your cosplay costume or your kid’s Halloween transformation idea. What do you think?

7. Transformers 3D Printed Accessories

Fans of Transformers can use a 3D printer to recreate their favourite team’s logos, jewellery, and rings. Using the STL files shared by 3D artists, hobbyists with some knowledge of 3D modelling software can turn iconic symbols into stunning Transformers 3D printed accessories.

If you do not have skills, use ready-to-use Transformers-styled keychain, logo and jewellery designs to make your 3D printed accessories. For example, you can choose the Autobot and Decepticon logo 3D models for printing and create your friends a set of eye-pleasing keychains or souvenirs.

Transformers 3D printed accessories
Transformers 3D printed accessories ideas from thingiverse.com and cgtrader.com

Or 3D print Transformers pendant styled as Optimus Prime. Such a gift can impress a girl or woman who likes the heroic leader of the Autobots.

8. Transformers Weapons 3D Printed

You can recreate the famous Optimus Prime sword, Megatron sword, gun or blaster of your favourite hero on a 3D printer. The list of Transformers weapons 3D printed by hobbyists worldwide is numerous. Depending on your tastes, choose whatever 3D printing model can be your next perfect project to make at home.

Transformers Optimus Prime sword, Megatron Last Knight Sword 3D printing models
Transformers sword models from cgtrader.com and cults3d.com

For example, you can make an impressive Transformers Optimus Prime sword, blaster, Gatling gun using STL files.

Transformers weapons 3D printed models from cgtrader.com, prusaprinters.org and cults3d.com

Or you can work on Transformers the Last Knight sword used by Megatron in the movie. Besides, if you already have a 3D printed Transformer robot, you can make additional weapons to upgrade your figurine.

9. Custom 3D Printed Transformers

If among stunning 3D printed G1 Transformers ideas you could not find your perfect project, think of making a custom model. Customization might sound complicated, but once you learn more about 3D modelling software, you can customize existing projects and model objects from scratch.

Custom 3D printed Transformers
Custom 3D printed Transformer model by Brian Mernoff; myminifactory.com

The Prius Prime customized model for 3D printing could turn into your custom 3D printed Transformers masterpiece. The design was influenced by the Toyota Prius hybrid vehicle. It comes with many parts you can 3D print and customize on your own.

10. Transformers Cookie Cutters

Homemakers who love to spend a lot of time in the kitchen and experiment with baking uniquely-shaped cookies and cakes can pay close attention to Transformers cookie cutters. If the family has an affordable 3D printer at home, making cookie cutters inspired by Autobots is as easy as shelling pears.

You can involve children to bake delicious treats in the form of Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and other iconic characters from the movies. Such activity can unite the family and bring you many moments of joy.

Transformers cookie cutters to 3D print
Transformers cookie cutters by Gustavo015; cults3d.com

You can download Transformers cookie-cutter STL files and start working on this exciting project right away.

11. Transformers Soundwave 3D Model

If you want to strengthen the Megatron’s position in the team of 3D printed Transformers, create a support team for him from his loyal companions. You can find Transformers Soundwave 3D model STL files for printing and recreate this faithful lieutenant of the Decepticon leader.

Transformers Soundwave 3D model STL files
Transformers Soundwave 3D model for printing from thingiverse.com

The project will not transform, but it comes with rotatable joints, so you can pose the Soundwave figurine as you wish.

12. Sky Lynx Transformers G1

Among many incredible Transformers G1 STL files, there is the legendary Sky Lynx Transformers G1 3D printing model. Many fans of the franchise believe it is the most magnificent robot in all of Autobot history.

Sky Lynx Transformers G1 3D printing projects
Extra add-ons for Sky Lynx from cgtrader.com

Unlike Optimus Prime, Megatron and other robots, Sky Lynx can turn into a shuttle and travel in space with passengers on board. In the movie, the character can turn into both a flying bird and walking lynx. The 3D printing add-on model offers an extra fuel tank and fuel boosters for the Sky Lynx Transformer G1 transformed into a space shuttle.

We hope that our selection of 12 cool 3D printed Transformers models will inspire your next 3D printing project. Turn on your printer and share pictures of your finished works in the Gambody 3D Printing Community on Facebook. Fans of the franchise will be delighted to see the Optimus Prime, Megatron, other G1 robots, 3D printed swords, weapons, cookie cutters and accessories made by you.

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