Top 12 3D Printed Zergs for the Fans of StarCraft Game

The lifeforms of Zerus have become an integral part of the fantasy world of StarCraft games. The Zerus gave birth to the Zerg, and 3D printed zergs look stunning even if they scare you. These alien-looking monsters can be a part of a table game or used for displaying on a shelf with other 3D prints.

The creation of zergs has a fantasy background. It is believed that once Zerus absorbs the real living soul, it does not die entirely but rather transforms into a new species. The transformed body reminds of an alien, and the new after-death adaptation of the ‘essence’ killed by Zerus is called the Zerg.

3D printed Zergs top models from StarCraft game

3D Printed Zergs

Since aliens from the StarCraft computer game reproduce communally, your collection will not be complete without Their Queen (Broodmother), different types of insectoid aliens and even a 3D printed Zerg logo.

Some fantastic zerg designs to 3D print are available on Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace. Others can be found on other sites. Thus, your collection can quickly grow to some of the most impressive StarCraft characters, including Hydralisk, Ultralisk, Queen of Blades, Spire, alien Hive, Baneling, Zergling, and others.

Top 12 Zerg 3D Print Files

The designs of insectoid aliens from the StarCraft game depict evil-looking, fierce and ready-to-kill monsters. This race in the game can quickly attack and mobilize its powers in dangerous situations. However, your army of 3D printed zergs should constantly grow because one zerg cannot do as much as a group of these aliens.

1. Hydralisk Zerg 3D Print Files

Hydralisks make the basis of the StarCraft alien army. They are not afraid of war and always appear in the first rows of “soldiers” sending fear to their enemies. Thus, Hydralisk 3D printing files are a must to download for any collector who is zerging on a 3D printer.

The design of the Hydralisk 3D printing model offered on Gambody belongs to Herb HARURU. The long body of this Zerg is covered with chitin, and you can see the creature’s muscles, aggressive pose and violent look.

Hydralisk model 3D printed Zergs with STL files
Maker: Orcus Tseng

There are several versions of the Hydralisk, perfect for different types of 3D printers. Choose your version and craft a fantastic alien with claws, severe-looking massive jaws, sharp fangs and worm-like body.

2. Ultralisk Zerg 3D Model to Print

With bone-like scythes on its back, Ultralisk is a huge monster from the StarCraft gaming world. These creatures are crazy. Their killing blades are sharp in the fight and ready to smash anything they meet into tiny pieces.

Anyways, the Ultralisk 3D printing model is a fantastic project to 3D print. These Swarm servants look like monsters from scary movies.

The design offered on Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace was created by Jeffrey Ribeiro, who seems to peer right into the soul of the Ultralisk alien.

Ultralisk 3D print model from Zergs with STL files
Maker: 황수현

The FDM version of Ultralisk model consists of over 40 parts. But such a number should not scare you because the final assembled print will look outstanding.

3. Swarm Host Zerg 3D Model to Print

If you look closer at the Swarm host, you will notice no own weaponry. However, this Zerg kit represents the whole army.

Swarm host 3D printing model offered on Gambody is designed by AA. It is shaped like a huge mushroom. Just this fantasy mushroom comes with legs that help it burry itself under the ground if needed and surprise enemies by unexpected appearance.

Zerg Swarm Host 3D printing model with STL files

In games, this creature is dangerous because of the acidic saliva spit by parasitic symbiotics it creates on-the-go. On your shelf, this creature will be safe to the environment but, still, look menacing.

4. Queen of Blades or Sarah Kerrigan 3D Model to Print

Zergs are like alien bees. They cannot live without a Queen. In the game, Sarah Kerrigan became Queen of Blades after she was captured by the alien race and put in a cocoon.

The rebirth made Sarah Kerrigan more potent than before. Now Hydralisks obey her orders, and she has control over different species of zergs. Turned into the Queen of Blades, Sarah Kerrigan became strong with her massive wings eager to kill and claws willing to cut enemies into pieces.

A beautiful 3D printing model of Queen of Blades is designed by Jeffrey Ribeiro and offered to download on Gambody marketplace.

Queen of Blades (Sarah Kerrigan) 3D print from Zergs collection with STL files
Maker: Tomas Salo

The model comes with a base, joints and up to 20 parts. Once printed, this project can be easily assembled and painted to look like the real Queen of Blades character from the StarCraft game.

5. StarCraft Zerg Hive 3D Printing Model

Since we already compared zergs to bees with their Queen of Blades, it is also a great idea to 3D print their hive along with various characters and primal wurms.

Even home-made, this hive model looks nice. It is not similar to beehives or ant colonies. The Zerg Hive reminds of aliens who built their fantasy house with several entries and zerging sculptures.

Zerg Hive 3D printing model with STL files
Images: Thingiverse

The 3D printing model of this Zerg Hive appears simple to 3D print. It should cause no issues and can become a great addition to your collection of StarCraft objects.

6. Zerg Spire 3D Model to Print

Even though Spire itself is only an equivalent to an aerospace complex, this object can be 3D printed to fulfil your collection of Zergs.

Spire reminds of an alien tower on long thin legs that are like mantis pieces that will bend in a strong wind. Such towers are used to support mutalisks.

Zerg Spire 3D printing model with STL files
Images: Thingiverse

A 3d printing model of Spire is home-made but still looks like a fun project to make on a 3D printer.

7. StarCraft Primal Wurm 3D Printing Model

Primal zergs are also known as primal wurms. They can tunnel out of the group and surprise their enemies by an unexpected attack.

Primal wurms are not exactly worms. They do remind of long cylindrical animals, but their skin and head have nothing similar with the species found on the Planet Earth. The fantasy wurms are aliens that look like a combination of dragons, snakes and monsters.

StarCraft Primal Wurm 3D print with STL files Zerg model
Image: CGTrader

You can download 3D printing model of wurm and craft this figurine for your collection of Zergs.

8. StarCraft Zerg Drone 3D Printing Monster

Drone reminds of a crab mixed with a spider. This alien monster can give his life to building any Zerg structure.

These basic worker units can fight with Probes and SCVs and win, attack Zergling and make Spine Crawlers.

Zerg Drone 3D printing model from StarCraft game with STL files
Image: CGTrader

Anyways, a 3D printing model of Zerg Drone is a stunning project to do. This creature looks fierce, monstrous and fun to craft on a 3D printer.

9. Zergling Zerg 3D Printer Design

Being a basic zerg warrior, the Zergling represents the Swarm’s frontline troops. These creatures are comparatively small, about the size of a big dog. They look dangerous with their incisor teeth and sickle limbs.

You can download Zegling 3D printing model and craft this unit of zerg for your collection of StarCraft figurines. Zerglings are not as big as Queen of Blades or Ultralisk, but they are great warriors for a table game.

Zergling units from StarCraft game 3D prints with STL files
Images: Thingiverse

It is an excellent idea to display Zerglings on your shelf. If in the game these monsters can climb vertical surfaces and move extra fast, 3D printed figurines are immobile and will send no chills down your spine.

10. Baneling Zerg Unit to 3D Print

If you have 3D printed the Zergling, it is time to continue with crafting a model of Baneling. This zerg unit is evolved from the Zergling. Gamers call it a suicide bomber unit.

These alien monsters come with a swollen sac growing on their backs. It contains volatile chemicals inside. Besides, the creatures boast withered claws and corrosive acid that can kill nearly anything when bursting.

Baneling Zerg 3D printed model with STL files
Images: MyMiniFactory

The Baneling 3D printing model you can download and craft on a 3D printer resembles the creatures from the StarCraft games very well.

The painting process can be a lot of fun. You choose to make the swollen sacs of green colour or use glowing-in-the-dark paint instead.

11. Zerg Logo 3D Model Files to Download

StarCraft players who 3D print figurines and accessories related to their favourite game might like to craft the Zerg logo.

There are many different projects related to the Zerg logo 3D model. You can create a lovely Zerg necklace, make giant wall symbols, 3D print a tailgate emblem for your truck or do something unique using the Zerg logo 3D printing models found online.

Zerg logo 3D model to 3D print for necklaces, belt bucket, wall sign
Images: MyMiniFactory; Thingiverse; Cults

Adding the Zerg logo into various handmade crafts and designing new 3D printing accessories can be a lot of fun.

12. Zerg Chess Set 3D Printing Figures

Fans of StarCraft games, who already have various monsters and aliens 3D printed and still think of creating something unique, might like one chess set. If you play chess or have friends who love this game, it might be stunning to 3D print your favourite game characters as chess figures.

Zerg chess set 3D printing models with STL files
Images: Thingiverse

Some of the 3D printing Zerg models as chess set figures can be downloaded online.

Others can be scaled down from the StarCraft 3D printing models offered on Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace.

It is time to 3D print fantastic StarCraft models. May your collection of 3D printed Zergs count impressive figurines way beyond the Queen of Blades, Zergling, Drone, primal wurm, Hydralisk, Ultralisk and others. Just always remember to share your best prints with Gambody community on Facebook. Start zerging now!

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