How brands use 3D printing technology

In the minds of many people 3D printing technology is closely connected with progress, future and success. Such associations create a great basis for PR managers to use the image of this technology for proper brand building. This way they manage to kill to birds with one stone: to show the brand keeps up with the enormous pace of life and to equip new technology, which allows cheaper and more sophisticated product production.
3D technology is already actively used by a number of world leading companies :


Take for example Nike, renowned king of sport goods manufacturing. They have introduced a new model Zero Step produced with the help of 3D printer at the latest Superbowl. Nike used 3D technology for manufacturing cleat plate, which is supposed to increase sprinting performance dramatically. Manufacturers have already admitted the success of such production since it not merely costs less, but also allows much faster innovation. This way we can rightfully expect many more 3D oriented models for Nike.

Coca cola

Coca cola also didn’t miss an opportunity to use new technology for their brand building.

They have organized an advertising project in Israel, where they offered Coke users to create an online version of them and take care of it properly in a Tamagochi style. The best users were invited to company office, where they were 360 scanned and then printed by 3D printer. Coca cola reminded us again that 3D printers are not only very useful, but also very entertaining.

NokiaAnd Nokia made the accent on the availability of 3D printers. It has recently provided .STL files for creating a customized cover for Nokia phones. Now you wouldn’t have to order it on eBay or go round dozens of shops looking for a case that you will consider appropriate, just go to Nokia website and download the file you need.
These are not the only examples of brands using 3D technologies for their promotions, but these are vivid examples of the diversity 3D printers can be used for. And in the next few years we can expect many more fresh ideas of 3D marketing.

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