Groot 3D Print Models to Make Your Day

With the release of the new Guardian of the Galaxy Vol. 2, we’re thrilled to showcase 10 incredibly nice and cute Groot 3D print models we’ve found in the Internet realm.

For those who don’t know, Groot is a tree-like humanoid appearing in the 1st and 2nd Vol. of the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. ‘I am Groot’ phrase is probably one of the most quoted phrases from the movies recently. You can’t watch the movie without falling in love with the sweet and cute Baby Groot.

In this roundup, however, we will show you 3D prints of both Baby Groot and Big Groot.


1. Baby Groot 3D Print

There are a lot of 3D printed Baby Groots that can be easily found on the Internet. However, you will probably guess that our favorite one is the one below.

Baby Groot STL files are created by Herb Haruru and since its upload the marketplace, it became the star in just a couple of days. Now, Baby Groot is one of the most popular 3D models on the website.

The model is split into 8 separate parts and features interchangeable hands and whips. It stands 20 cm tall, it is 3D printed in PLA and it took about 3 days to complete.

Baby Groot 3D print

Where to find the STL files? Gambody

2. Baby Groot 3D Print

Who’s in for a 3D printed Baby Groot? Yeah, that’s what we thought. You can’t miss this amazingly detailed 3D model of Baby Groot. The modeler, Byambaa, created the model in ZBrush and made it available on Inov3D. The high detail model was originally 3D printed on a Makerbot 3D printer and received a lot of praise.

There are two versions of the model: high- and low-detail. If you’re up for intricate details, you are to be printing the high-res STL files. Use 20% infill and no support. As for the painting, you can use your own imagination or take an official Guardians of the Galaxy picture of Baby Groot as a reference.

Below, you can see the model 3D printed and painted by Mike Bogutsch.

baby groot 3d print - Print and paint by Mike Bogutsch

Where to find the STL files?: Inov3D

3. Dancing Baby Groot 3D Print

A 3D printed dancing Baby Groot is more than you could have hoped for. Cordavi, the modeler behind this sweet print, has based his model on another Baby Groot figurine but remixed and made it suit his own Groot love. He put it in a pot allowing him to wiggle when shaken.

Cordavi 3D printed Dancing Baby Groot with PLA. Watch the video below to see Groot in action.

Where to find the STL files? Thingiverse

4. 3D Printed Groot Bust

The 3D printed Groot Bust is made by Iarnsky on his Anet 8 3D printer in PLA.

3D printed bust of Groot

Where to find the STL files? Thingiverse

5. Rocket and Groot 3D Print

This Rocket and Groot 3D print materialized following an overwhelming attention to Baby Groot and the unfair ignorance that Big Groot started receiving as a result of its baby self.

The bust depicts the Big Groot and the Rocket in the jail scene.

The bust required about 7 hours to 3D print and the files are printable both in ABS and PLA.

Rocket and Groot 3D Print Bust

3D Printed and painted Rocket and Groot Bust

Where to find the STL files? cgtrader

6. Baby Groot 3D Printed Plant Pot

One of the best ideas to integrate Baby Groot in the interior design is achieved by this 3D print that transforms Groot’s head into a plant pot. The head is hollowed to fit in the soil.

Baby Groot 3D Print plant pot

Where to find the STL files? MyMiniFactory

7. Dancing Baby Groot

This Groot can be easily associated with the one we’ve showcased above. However, this one features different ‘dancing moves’.

Dancing Groot 3D print from the Guardians of the Galaxy

Where to find the STL files? Thingiverse

8. I Am Baby Groot 3D Print

This replica of the sweet Baby Groot requires no support for 3D printing. The maker managed to 3D print it on its Ultimaker 2 3D printer in PLA material at 0.15 mm layer height.

Baby Groot 3D Printing model

Where to find the STL files? Pinshape

9. Life-Size 3D Printed Groot Bust

If you are up for a big print, we recommend doing the life-size Groot bust. This replica of the tree-like humanoid from the Guardians of the Galaxy shows the dark side of the character, thanks to the frowned expression.

Life size Big Groot Bust 3D printed

Where to find the STL files? not available

10. 3D Printed Baby Groots

Seeing triple? Don’t worry, it’s just another baby Groot 3D print featuring not one, not two, but three Groots in one single figurine. It is a perfect decoration piece for your room.

The model prints without support. It will take about 16 h to finish.

Triple Baby Groot 3D print decoration

Where to find the STL files? MyMiniFactory

That’s it with the Groot 3D print models. Check our blog next week as we are going to showcase 20 3D prints inspired by the Guardians of the Galaxy movies and will post a tutorial on painting our Baby Groot.

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