Groot 3D Print Models to Make Your Day

Looking forward to the release of the new Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 in 2023, we are thrilled to showcase cute Groot 3D print models we’ve found in the Internet realm.

Each picture of Baby Groot and the grown-up creature will amaze you. You will even see a dancing Groot in a pot and find detailed 3D model STL files to download and work on your planter or figurine.

Groot 3D print

Groot 3D Print

Groot is a tree-like humanoid appearing in the 1st and 2nd Vol. of the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. ‘I am Groot’ is probably one of the most quoted phrases from the Marvel releases. You can’t watch the film without falling in love with the sweet and cute tree-like creature.

So, in this roundup, we decided to show you some of the best 3D printed Baby Groot, Teenager, Adult and life-size models. Please Enjoy!

1. 3D Printed Baby Groot

There are a lot of 3D printed Baby Groot versions that you can easily find on the Internet. However, you will probably guess that our favourite 3D model is below.

Picture of Groot
Picture of Groot by Mitchell Klingler

Herb Haruru worked on the Baby Groot STL files. And since this model’s uploading to the marketplace, it became the instant superstar in just a couple of days. Now, this project is one of the most popular 3D printing models on Gambody marketplace.

Baby Groot 3D print

The model above was split into eight parts. It features interchangeable hands and whips. It stands 20 cm tall if 3D printed in PLA. The stunning figurine on a picture was completed in about three days.

And here is a picture of a stunning model 3D printed by Jiří Chlupáč. The wooden structure, clothes and platform are highly detailed.

Image of Groot
3D print by Jiří Chlupáč

2. Waving Baby Groot 3D Print

An adorable tree monster loves listening to music, especially the tunes of Mr Blue Sky song. Thus, seeing a waving Baby Groot 3D print is nothing unusual. And thanks to 3D designer Herb Haruru you can now recreate the joyful superhero sitting on top of a tape recorder.

You can download the waving Baby Groot STL files to breathe life into this adorable 3D model. Adore a cute 3D printed figurine made by hobbyist Alex Schneider. And when you paint your project, it will become incredible, just like the ones shared by enthusiasts J&K Props and Darren Wilson.

3D print Groot
Pictures of Groot by J&K Props, Alex Schneider and Darren Wilson

Here is another piece you can’t miss. This amazingly detailed 3D model was sculpted by Byambaa, who created the project in ZBrush and made it available for other users. He then 3D printed the figurine on a Makerbot 3D printer and received praise.

The maker created a stunning figure using the 20% infill and no support settings. As for the painting, you can use your imagination or take official Guardians of the Galaxy pictures of Baby Groot as a reference. Below, you can see the model 3D printed and painted by Mike Bogutsch.

baby groot 3d print - Print and paint by Mike Bogutsch

And here is a fantastic upscaled 3D print by Justin Daniel. The hobbyist glued 19 pieces, filled the gaps with body filler and hand-painted the figurine. This life-size project could be a stunning 3D printed gift for a child!

3D printed Baby Groot
Adorable pictures by Justin Daniel

3. Dancing Groot in Pot

Your Groot 3D print could amaze you with fun dancing movements. Cordavi, the modeller behind this sweet 3D model, has based his project on another Baby Groot Thingiverse figurine. But he remixed and put it in a pot allowing the tree-like creature to wiggle when shaken.

Cordavi 3D printed a dancing Groot on pot with PLA. Watch the video below to see the iconic Marvel character in action.

Here is another dancing Thingiverse Baby Groot pot version you can 3D print at home. Watching the different dancing moves can be a lot of fun!

Baby Groot Thingiverse
Thingiverse Baby Groot picture

4. 3D Print Groot Bust

Your 3D printed superhero might be just a bust and not a full-size figurine. You can put this piece next to your computer or on a shelf and admire it while watching Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 in 2023.

Only look at the Groot picture shared by Iarnsky, who 3D printed it on his Anet 8 3D printer in PLA. Doesn’t it look stunning?

Thingiverse Groot
Thingiverse Groot bust

Also, don’t be afraid to go life-size and resize Groot STL files. Doing the life-size bust could give you many exciting moments. Thanks to the frowned expression, this replica of the tree-like humanoid from the Guardians of the Galaxy shows the character’s dark side.

Life size Groot printable

5. Teenager Groot 3D Model

Teenagers love playing computer games, and so does our Teenager hero 3D print. You will find Groot STL files with this stunning 3D model on Gambody marketplace.

The project is worth your attention. Firstly, the Teenager creature is highly detailed, and its tree bark texture looks very realistic. Secondly, the standing figure is holding his favourite video game.

Here are images of impressive figurines 3D printed by Gambody hobbyists.

3D printed Groot
Pictures shared by Joe Broggio, Andreas Schmidt and Je Kwon Im

6. Large Groot Planter

You can transform a Baby Groot printable 3D model into a stunning home decor piece. If your window sills are blooming with flowers, you can 3D print Guardians of the Galaxy planter and make it a fantastic pair to a 3D printed Hobbit House bonsai pot.

Integrating a 3D printed Groot into your interior design is a fantastic idea for many 3D printing hobbyists.

Baby Groot 3D Print plant pot

Turning a superhero head into a printable planter is a lot of fun, especially when you have a choice of plant pot 3D model STL files to download. Here is a cute Baby Groot 3D print design you can integrate into your interior. The head becomes an adorable planter, and it is hollowed out to let you fill the pot with the soil and plant a beautiful flower.

7. Adult Groot STL

While your home is not Planet X, it indeed has enough place to host the iconic race of tree-like creatures. Thus, you can go ahead and download Adult Groot STL files to 3D print this figure.

Groot 3D model
Detailed 3D prints by Dominique Demers and Matthias Stolz

No matter how old this character is, baby or grown-up, the only thing this creature can say is only one phrase, “I am Groot.” And yet, you will not hear even this phrase, because a 3D printed model is silent.

Use your fantasy while working on the details. For example, you can refine your figure with moss and use a mix of styrene filling residue and acrylic paint for creating realistic leaves.

8. Baby Groot 3D Print

Who could imagine that a cute character could grow and conquer the world with his charms from a tiny sprout? Here is another stunning version of the baby tree you might like to add to your collection of 3D Printed Baby Groot figurines.

Marvel fans who love 3D printing highly-detailed projects and then taking pictures of their 3D prints will find this 3D model very attractive. Its giant eyes and facial grin make it looks more like a teenager than a baby.

Baby Groot STL
Pictures of Baby Groot 3D prints by Robert Salvador and Damien Faguier

9. Rocket and Groot 3D Model Download

This Rocket 3D print scene materialized following overwhelming attention to the younger character and the unfair ignorance that Big Groot started receiving due to its baby self.

Rocket and Groot 3D Print Bust

This bust depicts the two friends being in jail. It took the maker about 7 hours to recreate this project. All STL files were printed in ABS and PLA.

3D Printed and painted Rocket and Groot Bust

And, if you only need to 3D print Subject: 89P13 3D model for your Guardians of Galaxy collection, download the Rocket Raccoon STL files. This intelligent character is not only a good friend but also a creative and compassionate team member. Here is a great picture of Raccoon 3D printed on FDM and SLA printers.

Rocket Raccoon 3D printable
Pictures by Gianluca Falcier

10. 3D Printed Groot

Here is another replica of the sweet Baby Groot that requires no support for 3D printing. The maker managed to 3D print it on its Ultimaker 2 3D printer in PLA material at 0.15 mm layer height.

Baby Groot 3D Printing model

Do you see triple? Don’t worry; it’s just another cute 3D print featuring not one, not two, but three Groots in a single model. It is a perfect decoration piece for your room if you are a Marvel fan and love Guardians of the Galaxy films.

Triple Baby Groot 3D print decoration

This 3D model prints without support. It will take about 16 hours to finish.

Do you like this selection of Groot 3D print models? Also, check these stunning 3D prints inspired by the Guardians of the Galaxy movies and follow a tutorial on painting the Baby Groot figurine. Join Gambody Community on Facebook to show your 3D printed models to other enthusiasts and find inspiration for your following projects.

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