10 Legend of Zelda 3D Models

Expand your collection of video game-inspired 3D models with a range of Legend of Zelda 3D models. To help you in the quest, we have compiled this list of intricate 3D models, stylized according to the video game characters and items.

As a true Legend of Zelda fan, it is a shame to lack the opportunity of having your favorite character 3D printed. 3D printing knows an incredible popularity boom and more and more enthusiasts are eager to see what it will offer with the advancement of the technology.

Until then, however, enjoy its incredible capabilities even now, when you can 3D print an amazing 3D model, with accurate details and smooth surface, if you know how to correctly configure your 3D printer.

Less talk more action.

Here is our selection of 10 Legend of Zelda 3D models.

Legend of Zelda Character Figurines

1. Legend of Zelda Link 3D Model

Legend of Zelda Link 3D model

The 3D model replicates the courageous boy who takes risky missions to save Princess Zelda. You will see the 3D model is provided with a support base, to facilitate its display on the shelf or desk.

It prints from a single STL file and it will take about 1 day to complete it.

The STL file can be purchased here.

Legend of Zelda Buildings

2. Legend of Zelda Sword Chamber

LoZ chamber of Sword

For those who have a passion for buildings and constructions, the Sword Chamber from Legend of Zelda will be a great piece. Although available for 3D printing in small size, the maker is currently working on creating the files for the replica of the entire temple from the famous video game. Until then, though, indulge into 3D printing this one.

The files can be downloaded for free at Thingiverse.

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Legend of Zelda Weapons

3. Zelda’s Bow with Lights

Legend of Zelda 3D printed bow with lights

Have you ever thought that you would be able to 3D print the actual Zelda’s Bow and incorporate lights into it, for special effect? No? Well, this is to show you that it is possible. The maker of this incredible replica has 3D printed the STL files on his own 3D printer, before uploading the files on Thingiverse. To ease the handling, the maker has broken the bow down into several pieces, which must be glued together after being 3D printed.

It uses neopixels and Arduino for lighting effect.

4. Legend of Zelda Hyrule Shield

LoZ 3d printed shield

This shield is modeled in Maya. The maker recommends printing it vertically with support. The file can be downloaded at MyMiniFactory.

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5. Life-Size Legend of Zelda Master Sword

Legend of Zelda Master Sword 3DP

Here is something for cosplay fans as well. The life-size 3D printed Legend of Zelda Master Sword is an item that you can’t miss having it. The 3D model is broken down into several separate parts that you can 3D print and assemble together.

The files for the sword are available for free at MyMiniFactory.

Legend of Zelda Items, Jewelry and Accessories

6. Legend of Zelda Boss Key

Legend of Zelda 3D printed and painted boss key

The boss key has known many interpretations. This one can be complemented with a jewel, for a more realistic look. This was actually done by a 3D printing enthusiast.

He 3D printed and painted the key, adding a “jewel” in the special slot.

The file can be downloaded over at Thingiverse for free.

7. The Legend of Zelda Triforce Keychain

LOZ triforce 3D printed

Want to show your supremacy? This keychain Triforce accessory will bring you into the spotlight of your friends, fans of the video game. It can be 3D printed in precious metal or plastic. The price also varies depending on the material you choose to have it 3D printed.

Buy it at Shapeways.

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8. Legend of Zelda Navi Necklace

3D printed NAVI Necklace from Legend of Zelda

This necklace is based on the fairies from the Legend of Zelda video game. As the keychain, this necklace can be 3D printed either in precious metal or cheaper material, like plastic. Wear it as a necklace, charm, or keychain – you decide.

Buy it here.

9. Legend of Zelda Inspired Earrings

Legend of Zelda earrings

Now that you have a keychain and a necklace, it’s time to get you a pair of earrings inspired by the video game art.

The earrings are provided with hooks and can be 3D printed in various material. Order your pair here.

10. Dark & Light Triforce Necklace

Legend of Zelda dark and light triforce necklace

Too many accessories never hurt anybody. This necklace is inspired by both the Dark and the Light side of the video game, as they are in A link between worlds. 3D print it at Shapeways in the material of your choice.

To Sum Up

We’re convinced that these 10 Legend of Zelda 3D models will find their happy owner fast. True video game fans don’t wait too long to come into possession of a sylized 3D model.

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