30+ Iconic Legend of Zelda 3D Prints, Props and Figurines

Expand your collection of video game-inspired 3D models with a range of iconic Legend of Zelda 3D print ideas. To help you in the quest, we have compiled a list of epic 3D prints stylised according to the video game characters and items.

3D printing knows an incredible popularity boom. More and more enthusiasts are eager to see what it will offer with the advancement of technology. So, if you have a 3D printer at home or office, it is time to take action. Choose some fantastic 3D printing props, figurines and decor pieces from the iconic video game.

Zelda 3D Print

Japanese users remember the original release of The Hyrule Fantasy: Zelda no Densetsu by Nintendo in 1986. This video game amused everyone with the creativity of Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka.

More than a year later, European and American users got introduced to The Legend of Zelda. And this was when madness over iconic characters started. People wished to play the elf-like boy Link, be Link and own fantastic props introduced in the game.

So, welcome to The Era of Decline, to a small kingdom of Hyrule. You will discover some of the best Zelda 3D models to 3D print, including life-size props for cosplay fans, detailed figurines, unique jewellery pieces, iconic symbols and a chess set.

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Cosplay Zelda 3D Model

Fans of cosplay accessories and the famous video game will love 3D printing Zelda props for Comic-Con events, Halloween parties and other occasions.

Whether you choose to recreate a sword with LEDs, a stunning bow or other weapons, your Zelda 3D print will attract much attention.

1. 3D Printed Master Sword

It could be a tough choice when looking at the Master Sword 3D models for printing. There are lots of stunning STL files on the web. Thus, you are the one to select the best design that could complete your costume or become an excellent addition to your 3D printed weapon collection.

Here is an impressive life-size Master Sword model you can make using your 3D printer. The piece is highly detailed and comes with several parts that you must assemble.

3D printed Legend of Zelda Master Sword
Image: myminifactory

If you prefer adding some gloss to your Master Sword Zelda 3D print, look at the 3D model inspired by Breath of the Wild and the Adafruit guardian sword. This update from the ChaosCoreTech sword will impress you, but you will have to introduce LEDs yourself to make it glow.

Zelda sword 3D print
Sword with LEDs: myminifactory

The length of each part is about 450-525mm, which means you have to downsize them if your 3D printer bed is smaller.

2. 3D Printed Bladesaw Prop

Fans of Breath of the Wild adventures could build a stunning Bladesaw with a 3D printer. This prop looks like the one you see in the video game. While this project is complex and requires over 150 parts, it would turn out fantastic in the end.

The Bladesaw 3D model designed in Fusion 360 will amaze you with details. You can also follow the instructions on doing this project and improving it with LED lights.

3D printed Zelda bladesaw
Picture: instructables

Such Breath of the Wild 3D models usually transform into stunning props. So, start making it today to have an excellent accessory for your future cosplay events.

3. Bow from Zelda STL

Have you ever thought that you would be able to 3D print the actual Zelda’s Bow and incorporate lights into it for special effect? With a 3D printer at home, everything is possible.

The maker of this incredible Zelda bow 3D print used these STL files. The maker has broken the bow down into several pieces to ease the handling. The parts must be glued together after being 3D printed.

Legend of Zelda 3D printed bow with lights
3D printed bow from thingiverse

You can add Arduino and Neopixels to create a stunning lighting effect.

Besides, you can work on a different bow version from the Legend of Zelda video game. It is known as a traveller’s bow, and you can download the bow STL files for free.

Zelda 3D print bow
Pictures: myminifactory

In the game, Link uses it to attack his enemies. And in reality, you will have to 3D print some parts and find an elastic piece to make the bowstring. The piece cannot do much damage, but this type of archery can be a lovely addition to your cosplay or 3D printed Halloween costume.

4. 3D Printed Hyrule Shield

Once you add a 3D printed Master Sword to your collection of Zelda 3D prints, you might also need to make a Hyrule shield. Such a piece will make your cosplay costume look complete.

3D printed shield
Image: myminifactory

Go ahead and download the Hyrule shield STL files. This 3D model was created in Maya, and it is a complex project that requires being printed vertically with supports.

5. 3D Printed Guardian Sword

The list of Legend of Zelda 3D models includes not only Master Sword but also Guardian Sword you can add to your collection. The thing reaches about 34 inches in length, and it will look way better if you add NeoPixels or other LEDs to make it sparkle at night.

Zelda Guardian sword STL files
Picture: thingiverse

Building a massive sword should be much fun. This 3D model was made in Fusion 360, and now you can download the Guardian Sword STL files to recreate the replica yourself.

If you wish the LEDs or NeoPixels to shine through your weapon, make sure to 3D print the sword using translucent filament. The result will amaze you!

6. 3D Printed Ancient Spear

A true Zelda 3D model collection fan will not get past an Ancient Spear. This stunning prop attracts much attention and deserves to appear on your shelf, wall or behind your back.

3D printed Zelda spear
Spear image: myminifactory

The complex project consists of many parts. You will have to assemble the piece using NeoPixels, Ion battery, slide switch, wire and other non-3D-printed parts. It is how to make it stand out among all other Zelda 3D print ideas.

Are you ready to dive into a fantastic ancient 3D printing adventure? Build yourself a spear, and you will remember this project forever!

7. Zelda 3D Models: Helmets

Your Legend of Zelda 3D print could cover your head and turn you into your favourite hero from the video game. For example, you can get STL files of the Thunder helm and feel yourself the Gerudo chief.

You will like this life-size helm because it is relatively simple to assemble and takes approximately 16 hours to 3D print. Make sure to use your 3D printed sword, which compliments this stunning helmet.

Thunder helm 3D print
Helmet 3D print: thingiverse

Another prop you can 3D print is Ravio Helm. This bunny-styled head decor will make you unique, with long bunny ears and two big front teeth.

Get Ravio helm 3D model STL files and bring it to life using a 3D printer. The model is split into six parts, but you can also slice them further if your printer bed is not too big.

Bunny helmet Zelda 3D print
Helm pictures: thingiverse

Glue the 3D printed helmet parts, and you will assemble your stunning video game prop. Paint it pink or a different colour, and enjoy wearing a bunny-like hood over your head.

Zelda 3D Models

Users who love collectables and enjoy crafting unique figurines from Legend of Zelda can use highly-detailed 3D models. You can make Breath of the Wild Link figure, adorable Linkle, centaur-like Lynel beast and other one-of-a-kind projects.

Gambody marketplace has some cute figurines’ STL files for 3D printing, and you can search the web for more brilliant ideas.

8. Legend of Zelda Link 3D Model

The Hero of Winds is a brave boy who loves adventures and fights against evil forces. When playing the video game, you often see Link wielding his way with Master Sword and protecting himself with a shield.

Legend of Zelda Link 3D model

Download Link 3D model STL files on Gambody.com and bring this iconic hero from your computer screen into your room. The courageous boy poses with the sword looking down, and lifts his shield with his right hand.

Zelda 3D model
Link from Zelda 3D print by Walton Harris

The courageous boy who takes risky missions to save Princess Zelda cannot wait to join your vast collection of 3D prints. This project is a single-STL file, which prints pretty fast.

9. Linkle 3D Model

A gifted Cucco shepherd is a female version of Link. This courageous girl fights enemies by firing giant Bomb Arrows; her strong spirit and cute appearance make the character a great 3D model for 3D printing.

Zelda STL
3D printed Linkle and Link by Alex Schneider

Are you willing to obtain a perfect Warrior to your collection? The adorable character is ready to decorate your shelf. Linkle’s signature spin, dual crossbows and ready-to-attack posture make the 3D model super attractive and impressive.

10. Lynel 3D Model

Fantasy creatures make adventures more striking. A centaur-like beast is an enemy, so you do need this 3D printed Zelda figure in your collection to let Link and Linkle fight against Lynel.

Bringing Lynel 3D model from the mountainous terrain into the comfort of your home is not complicated. You can paint the creature blue or red and use it on a battlefield.

3D printed Zelda
Lynel 3D print by Gambody

Also, your Lynel could guard the caves and other places of your 3D printed kingdom of Hyrule.

Towers and Buildings

The variety of Zelda STL files contains iconic locations from the video game. And you can 3D print towers, buildings and even islands with filament or resin.

Any of these Legend of Zelda 3D prints could decorate your home, become a part of your tabletop game or surroundings for your video game figurines.

11. Koholint Island

Gamers are introduced to the imaginary island thanks to the Wind Fish’s dream. Koholint Island is a floating made-up piece that can become a reality thanks to your 3D printer and island STL files.

Zelda island 3D print
3D printed island: myminifactory

The island has a cloud ring, and its 3D model also comes with a ring attached to the thing by one spoke. The project comes with six pieces that you should 3D print and then assemble or glue together.

12. Ocarina of Time STL

After playing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time you might be searching for the Death Mountain tower from this game. And you indeed can build it using your 3D printer and Death Mountain STL files.

Using the Ocarina of Time Death Mountain 3D model, you can build a unique dice tower. Use it for your tabletop adventures and family games!

Ocarina 3D print
3D printed Death Mountain: myminifactory

Rolling a dice down such a fantasy tower is a lot of fun. You can scale it up or down, but beware of entering the building yourself unless the king permits you.

13. Sword Chamber

The Sword Chamber from The Legend of Zelda 3D model will be an excellent piece for those passionate about buildings and constructions. Although available for 3D printing in small size, the maker is currently working on creating the files for the replica of the entire temple from the famous video game. Until then, though, indulge in 3D printing this one.

LoZ 3D print
Image: thingiverse

Download the free Master Swords pedestal STL files to recreate this project for your collection. It was inspired by the pedestal from the Ocarina of Time game episodes, and it can be a Zelda 3D print you will be proud of making.

14. Temple of Time

Here comes another Ocarina of Time STL project you can 3D print for your Zelda figurines. You saw the Temple of Time while playing the iconic video game.

Ocarina of Time STL
Temple of Time Zelda 3D print: myminifactory

The 3D model you are advised to recreate is a one-part-print project with many stunning details. Its creator spent many hours designing every element and breathing life into the 3D printing model, which you can 3D print without supports.

Legend of Zelda Symbols

Every popular franchise has well-recognised symbols, and The Legend of Zelda is not an exception. This video game has many fun elements that become excellent Zelda 3D print ideas.

The creations by Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka amaze with eye-catching yet straightforward emblems, which you will like making on a 3D printer.

15. King of Red Lions Boat 3D Model

A talking boat only exists in fairy tales and computer games. In The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, the main character befriends a talking boat known as King of Red Lions.

3D printed Zelda boat
Boat head 3D print: myminifactory

Of course, your 3D printed Zelda boat will not talk to you or let you travel the Great Sea. But it will amaze you with its articulation and simple 3D printing experience. You can mount it on the wall since it is not a full-size boat but only comes as the moving headpiece.

16 The Guitar of Waves

There is no need to be a musician to 3D print a guitar. Look at the impressive Zora guitar called the Guitar of Waves! This 3D model impresses with its fish skeleton shape and lack of strings.

Guitar from Zelda 3D print
Guitar from Zelda 3D print: pinshape

Will you awaken the giant turtle? Or will you prefer playing the “New Wave Bossa Nova” tune just like Link did in the video game? Anyways, your new Zelda 3D print will look fantastic. This project contains 19 parts, which you can recreate with 10% infill. Assemble the pieces and paint your Zora guitar with your favourite colours.

17. Triforce 3D Print

Fantastic Zelda 3D print selection includes Triforce decor. It is a powerful symbol in the video game because Triforce represents three divas that are believed to have created Hyrule.

Triforce 3D print
Triforce piece: myminifactory

Triforce 3D model is a quick easy-to-print project which can decorate your shelf. It looks cute, especially if painted according to the game colours.

18 Hylian Shield Case

If you have many video game cartridges, it is best to 3D print Zelda style case to keep your games all in one place. It is convenient and cute.

Get Hylian Shield case STL files. The top part of the box can be printed with colourful filament. This way, you won’t need to paint your case.

Legend of Zelda 3D print
Game case: thingiverse

Since the case is designed for 12 games, you might need more than one 3D printed Zelda case for more cartridges.

19. Zelda Pen Holder

A fabulous Zelda 3D model could be used as your pen holder. It can be an excellent 3D printed gift idea for The Legend of Zelda fans, or you can use it for your child’s school belongings.

3D printed Zelda pen holder
Pen holder: myminifactory

The unique pen holder comes with an iconic Triforce decor. This Zelda 3D print is straightforward, and it won’t require much filament or many hours of 3D printing. Paint it brightly and put it on your table.

20. Great Deku Tree

Symbols have their special meaning and value to video game players. Some of your favourite symbols can become your guardians in real life. For example, you can 3D print the Great Deku Tree 3D model and make it your bonsai tree planter or a flower pot.

Legend of Zelda 3D models
Tree from Zelda 3D print: thingiverse

Your new creation can protect the spirits of your home. The project comes with unique drainage holes, so your plants will feel comfortable in their new 3D printed pot.

21. Glow in Dark Stamina Vessel

Fans of Breath of the Wild can decorate their room with a lovely Zelda 3D print in the form of a stamina vessel. This 3D model STL files let you print several parts and assemble them, introducing glow in dark lights inside.

Cool Legend of Zelda pictures
Cool Legend of Zelda pictures: thingiverse

Some pieces require support; others don’t. But you can make the decisions yourself after slicing the model while preparing it for 3D printing.

22. Heart-Shaped Container

A heart-shaped container is another cute Zelda 3D print you can turn into a unique Valentine’s Day gift or home decor. Turn the container STL files into a physical product and use different filaments for the outer shell and inside filling.

3D printed heart
Heart container: thingiverse

The final model can impress everyone if you add LEDs, make it glow in the dark or use unique filament (rainbow, transparent, etc.).

23. Zelda Chess Set

Some Zelda models can give you many hours of the intelligent game. We are talking about a stunning chess set you can 3D print for yourself or your friends.

Chess Zelda 3D print
3D printed chess: thingiverse

Every chess piece is styled just like in the Ocarina of Time game. These chess STL files will let you recreate unique figures, including King as young Link, Queen as Zelda, Knight as Epona, Bishop as Ruto of the Zora. Stylish pawns looking like Navi the fairy will complete the set.

24. Zelda Nintendo Switch Case

Nintendo users who like to make one-of-a-kind cases for their game console can 3D print the Zelda Nintendo Switch case using these STL files.

3D printed Nintendo Switch case
3D printed Nintendo case: thingiverse

The designer of this 3D model warns that it is not a protective case for your device. It is only a decorative piece that can make any Legend of Zelda fan happy.

25. 8-Bit Heart 3D Model

Whether for St. Valentine’s Day or another holiday, you can 3D print Zelda 8-bit hearts. These small pieces look like they jumped from the 8-bit game screen right onto your table.

3D printed 8-bit hearts
8-bit hearts: myminifactory

These heart Zelda 3D models are straightforward. They print fast. Although they cannot fulfil your life, they look cute and can be a fun decoration for your home, toys for children or an excellent, inspiring prop for players.

26. 3D Printed Rito Harp

Even if you don’t want to awaken Medli or restore your Link’s Master Sword, you can work on a new Zelda 3D print shaped as the Rito Harp instrument.

Zelda models
3D printed Rito Harp: myminifactory

The Rito Harp STL files let you 3D print a quick project without support. Position the model flat on the bed, and you should experience no issues. The two parts require assembly and make sure to polish your model to give it its magical powers.

27. 3D Printed Bomb Prop

Halloween and costume parties often require some unique props. A 3D printer at home makes it easy and fast to 3D print whatever you need, even styled like the props in different video games.

3D printed bomb
3D printed Zelda bomb: myminifactory

A cartoon-like bomb 3D model contains three 3D printing parts. The prop looks great, and it is not dangerous at all, even if you throw it down. The project can be printed without support.

Jewellery and Accessories

Grow your Zelda 3D print collection with cute accessories and jewellery pieces. All needed are STL files, your time and your creative mind.

3D printed jewellery styled or shaped like game elements will make your collection shine and sparkle.

28. Skull Chest Jewellery Box

Before you start recreating beautiful jewellery with your 3D printer, you might want to make a unique box where all your pieces can be stored. The best part about this Zelda 3D print is the availability of Skull Chest STL files that require you to kill no monsters.

3D printed Zelda box
3D printed Skull box: thingiverse

A 3D printed box will boast a nice size. You can keep inside your most beloved treasures, game cartridges and small Zelda models.

29. Zelda 3D Printed Necklace

Depending on your tastes, you can 3D print not one but several necklaces from the video game. Thanks to multiple STL files shared online and ready-to-ship products, you can find cute designs and choose the best jewellery pieces.

3D printed Zelda necklace

Here are examples of 3D printed Navi and Triforce necklaces. Each piece can fit into your jewellery box and fit your collection of Zelda 3D print projects.

Legend of Zelda Triforce necklace 3D model

The Triforce necklace is inspired by the Dark and Light sides of the video game, as they are a link between the worlds. And Navi necklace is based on the fairies from the Legend of Zelda video game. As the keychain, this necklace can be 3D printed either in precious metal or cheaper material, like plastic. Wear it as a necklace, charm, or keychain – you decide.

30. Zelda Earrings

Among pretty Legend of Zelda 3D models, you might adorn game-inspired earrings with hooks. If you have a similar necklace, adding a pair of unique earrings could be a neat idea.

Legend of Zelda 3D print earrings

Users who can’t design their own Zelda-inspired earrings 3D model can ask another company to make and print it for them. Shapeways, for example, allows recreating this jewellery piece in silver, gold stell, plastic and other materials.

31. Boss Key

Would you like to be boss? Make yourself a personal Boss key from The Legend of Zelda using key STL files and your 3D printer.

Owing a Boss Key is a lot of fun if you represent it as a jewellery piece. It could be a part of your necklace or a separate piece for fun gameplays with kids and other Zelda fans. By the way, the Boss Key 3D model is a free project anyone can bring to life.

Legend of Zelda 3D print boss key

There is another version of Boss Key for 3D printing. Being inspired by Twilight Princess, it looks like a great piece to make yourself. A neat idea is to 3D print all parts in one filament except the orb. Make it a different colour, and it will catch all the attention!

3D printed key

32. Triforce Keychain

Want to show your supremacy? This 3D printed keychain Triforce accessory will bring you into the spotlight of your friends, who are also fans of the video game.

LOZ Triforce 3D print

It can be 3D printed in precious metal or plastic. The price varies depending on the chosen material.

33. 3D Printed Bottle

Small bottles can be helpful at home. You can use them for multiple purposes, and if a bottle looks like a magic bottle from your beloved video game, it is fantastic!

3D printed bottle

Use these bottle STL files for 3D printing your magic Zelda 3D print. The model will be under 8 cm tall if you don’t upscale the files. It comes with a cork, so you can close your bottle if needed.

We believe that the incredible Legend of Zelda 3D print models above will find their happy owners fast. True video game fans with a 3D printer at home usually don’t wait too long to possess a stylised 3D model. So, begin your new Zelda-inspired adventures and join Gambody Community on Facebook to share your fantastic 3D printed figurines, buildings and accessories.

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