Top 10 3D Printed Helmet Cosplay Props

3D printed helmet props from video games and movies that have become classics are very popular among 3D printing enthusiasts. Customized to meet even the most exigent tastes, these 10 3D printed helmets are simple 3D printing projects of people who enjoy the advancement of this technology and are eager to see what it can deliver to its followers.

The 3D designs of these 10 3D printed helmet cosplay props are inspired by popular video game, movie, and comic book characters, admired by a legion of fans all over the world.

Be it a holiday assignment or a surprise project, the helmets are truly amazing and deserve to be featured in this top 10.

1. Avengers Ultron 3D Printed Helmet

Who hasn’t got the chance to see the Avengers: Age of Ultron movie? Few are those who don’t know anything about the blockbuster and are not acquainted with the hugely popular list of characters that are featured in the movie. And since the movie is based on the comic books, it is no surprise of its fan base.

Now that the spirits have calmed down and fans are in the anticipation of a new movie, you can look for stuff that people create based on the movie and its characters, both heroes and villains.

This fully wearable Ultron Helmet was inspired by the movie’s supervillain character. The mask was modeled in 4 separate parts, to facilitate its printing: the jaw, the main face, the top of the helmet, and the ears. Printed at 0.15-0.2mm layer height, the printing of the entire Ultron Helmet took about 80 hours of work.

3D Printed Avengers: Age of Ultron Helmet

Once printed, the parts had been assembled together, and the part lines had been filled with car bondon.

2. Iron Man 3D PRINTED Helmet

For this hero helmet, there’s a detailed Instructable, from modeling to printing.

3D Printed Helmet of Iron Man

Recent films, featuring the Iron Man, have catapulted the character to incredible popularity. Wearing an Iron Man Helmet gives the wearer that movie character allure that we’re all familiar with.

There are various 3D printed helmets of Iron Man on the Internet. We have chosen to feature this one because the creator chose to share the step-by-step instruction with all those who intend to make one.

Iron Man 3D printed and painted helmet for cosplay

The creator provided both the STL and OBJ file formats for the helmet.

3. Mandalorian 3D printed helmet

Star Wars is an insatiable source of inspiration for every cosplayer in the world. With the multitude of fictional characters, badass droids, and soldiers, a new inspirational cosplay prop appears every year.

It is more likely for any cosplayer to create or 3D print the well-known Darth Vader helmet, or Luke Skywalker’s light saber. But jstayton26 has alienated himself from the over-replicated props and created the builds for the Mandalorian helmet. The cosplay helmet is split into 8 separate pieces, which you can recreate using 3D printing and paint it according to your liking.

Mandalorian helmet. The cosplay helmet is split into 8 separate pieces, which you can recreate using 3D printing and paint it according to your liking.

Mandalorian Helmet 3D Printed and Painted

Download the Mandalorian 3D printing helmet STL files at Thingiverse.

4. Fallout 3 T-51-b Power Armour Helmet

Another source of endless inspiration for cosplayer is the Fallout video game. From helmets to entire power armor suits, it might seem that every bit of the video game cool content has already been replicated for cosplay. But, there’s still room for imagination and own approach.

This T-51-b Power Armour Helmet was created for 3D printing by Daniel Lilygreen and the files can be downloaded on MyMiniFactory.

The 3D printed helmet consists of 12 separate parts which, according to the creator’s advice, must be glued together, to hold the entire weight.

Fallout 3 3D printed helmet

5. Storm Trooper 3D PRINTED Helmet

Another Star Wars-inspired cosplay prop, the Storm Trooper Helmet, is probably one of the most recognized Star Wars items. With the reboot of the space opera series and the release of the most recent Episode VII, this item reborn more powerful than ever.

Star Wars Star Trooper 3D Printed Helmet

The Storm Trooper 3D printing helmet was created using Blender software and consists of 22 parts. The parts must be super glued together and painted, to make it look like the movie helmet.

6. Halo 4 Master Chief Helmet

This Halo 4 3D printed helmet is available in sizes for adults and children at Thingiverse. The helmet is the close replica of the video game helmet. The Halo helmet makes a perfect cosplay item.

Halo 3d printed helmet

It will take about 60 hours to print it at 0.2mm layer height with 5% infill.

7. Kylo Ren 3D PRINTED Helmet

Again a Star Wars-inspired cosplay prop. The Kylo Ren helmet is recreated from the Star Wars Episode 7. This is the miniature version, while a wearable helmet is still in the making.

Mini Kylo Ren 3D Printed Helmet

Support is required to print the helmet.

You can download the files for the mini Kylo Ren Helmet at MyMiniFactory.

8. Star-Lord Helmet

If you’ve seen the acclaimed Guardians of the Galaxy movie, you will definitely find this helmet a cosplay prop to behold.

The helmet was created by the RPF member Helagak, who provides complete 3D printing instructions.

Star-Lord 3D Printed Helmet for Cosplay

Download the files here.

9. Daredevil Helmet

The Daredevil helmet for 3D printing is built for a 6inch tall person. However, according to the creator, the helmet can be scaled either down or up, depending on the wearer.

3D printed helmet of Daredevil

The 3D printing helmet is available for download in multiple file formats, compatible with many 3D printers.

10. Cyberman 3D PRINTED Helmet

Are you a Doctor Who kinda guy? Then this 3D printed Cyberman Helmet is exactly for you. Having been a project for Halloween for a father and a son, the helmet 3D model was created entirely in ZBrush modeling software and printed on MakerBot Replicator 2.

The guy behind the epic Cyberman helmet has shared the entire process of modeling and printing here, and some pictures of the printed and painted helmet.

Cyberman cool 3D printed helmet

Cool, huh?


These 10 inspiring 3D printed helmet cosplay props will put you in the Halloween thrill, as the holiday is getting closer. Or, you will probably be inspired to create something of your own and want to share it with everybody. Don’t hesitate. Pre-Halloween preparation is the perfect time to boost your creativity and craftsmanship.

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