8 Titanfall 3D Models

Titanfall is a first-person shooter video game in which the players control a mech-like machine, also known as Titan. Knowing video game’s fans passion for Mechs and robot-like machines, this roundup of Titanfall-inspired 3D models will please many of you.

Here we go.

1. Titanfall Atlas 3D Action Figure

The Atlas Titan available on Gambody features ball joints. It will take you about 1 week to have it 3D printed. The 3D model features ball joints increasing the workability of the figurine. Here are several 3D printed parts of the model.

3D printed parts of Atlas Titan

Atlas Titan 3D model 3D printed partsAfter being completed, Atlas Titan will stand 35 cm tall. The artist is doing some add-ons to the model that will be available for purchase shortly.

Where to get the files: Gambody

2. Smart Pistol Mk5

Based on the reference art for Titanfall, the artist recreated the video game pistol. The project features LED lights and working audio effects and trigger.

Titanfall 3d printed pistol mk5

Where to get the files: MyMiniFactory

3. Titanfall 3D Model – Titan Stryder

We’ll start with this low-poly Titan Stryder 3D model. The action figure features joints. This means that the 3D model has workable legs and arms. The artist recommends printing the 3D model at 20% infill.

Titanfall Stryder 3D printed modelWhere to get the files: Thingiverse

4. Titanfall Wingman

We already know that 3D printing and cosplay go hand in hand. This pistol can be your next 3D printing cosplay thing. If you’re a Titanfall fan, the weapon is a must for your cosplay adventure. Impress your friends with a mind-blowing replica of the video game Wingman pistol.

3D printed Titanfall wingman pistolWhere to get the files: MyMiniFactory

5. Arc Grenade

Wingman pistol goes well with this arc grenade. The 3D models are made by the same artist.

3DP Titanfall arc grenadeWhere to get the files: MyMiniFactory

6. Titanfall Data Knife

The Data Knife 3D model is not an exact replica of the knife appearing tin the video game. However, it has specially designed hollow areas to fit the electronics. This one can be switched on to show play a sound with lights.

data knofe 3d printed from TitanfallWhere to get the files: MyMiniFactory

7. Titanfall Pilot Helmet

If you’re skeptical on 3D printing the figure of the pilot, you can start by printing his helmet first. This 3D model uses as little as 73 g of filament and it is recommended to print at 0.2 mm layer height with 10% infill.

Titanfall pilot helmet 3D printedWhere to get the files: MyMiniFactory

8. V-47 Flatline Rifle

Video game attributes can now easily be replicated with the help of 3D printing. Most of them are used for cosplay. The replica of the Flatline Rifle showcases incredible detail.

See it in action.

Where to get the files: cgtrader

Do you know about any other Titanfall 3D models? Write a comment below.

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