10 3D Printed Superheroes

Ever wondered how you can gather all your favorite superheroes in one place? We have the answer – with the help of 3D printing.

3D printed superheroes are a great gift idea. If you run out of inspiration for your nephew’s birthday surprise, know that 3D printed comic book characters are always a good idea. The advantage of this is that the characters can be stylized and showcase interesting 3D modeling approach.

We have collected below 10 amazingly created 3D printed superheroes.

1. Hulk 3D Model

We’ll start with the green man Hulk. Just a normal, sensitive guy in the day-to-day life, Bruce Banner turns into the green-skinned Hulk feared even by his superhero friends. His incredible physical strength makes a great ally in the fight for a good cause. Emotional stress is what drives and turns on his superpowers.

Hulk 3D model for printing

The Hulk 3D model is inspired by the comic book character. The model is part of a 5 set of superheroes. The model is provided with a puzzle-like support base to help you put all the models together in a single complex scene.

Where to get the files: Gambody

2. Hulkbuster Action Figure

Hulkbuster is the suit that Tony Stark created for his fight with Hulk. The suit is enhanced with maximum strength. The action figure for Hulkbuster was designed by Alex Cambrain just in time for the Avengers: Age of Ultron release.

Hulkbuster 3D Printed Superheroes

Where to get the files: Shapetizer

3. Iron Man 3D Model

This 3D print is a fully poseable model, using no supports. The model features ball joints.

Where to get the files: Thingiverse

4. Low Poly Captain America

For the low poly figure of Captain America, the 3D designer BIGLiLDesign used the low poly male figure as the base. The 3D model is printed with white filament and hand-painted.

Captain America 3D Printed Superheroes

Where to get the files: Cults3D

5. Stylized Batman for 3D Printing

The Batman figurine available at Gambody is a stylized version of the well-known superhero. It comes in a kit, consisting of 40 separate parts. The 3D printed superhero stands 16 cm tall. The lighting is not included in the kit.

Batman Kit for 3D Printing
Where to get the files: Gambody

6. Superman 3D Model

Frankie de Rosa managed to sculpt a beautiful 3D model of one of the most loved superheroes in the history.

Superman Model for 3D PrintingHis Superman is a high-poly 3D model made for a collectible statue.

7. 3D Printed Minimal Superman Figurine

If you’re a fan of tabletop games, you must 3D print a minimal Superman figurine.

Mini Superman Figurine for 3D Printing
The same artist has sculpted the minimal version for Batman figurine.

Where to get the file: Pinshape

8. Low Poly Spider-Man

Spider-Man low-poly figurine is created by the same artist as the low-poly Captain America figurine. The artist recommends printing the model at 0.1 mm layer height. It is 3D printed in PLA material and hand-painted.

Spiderman 3D printed superheroes
Where to get the files: Cults3D

9. Deadpool Feel the Love Magnet

Although this is not an actual figurine of the comic book character, the magnet will find its place in your home. The little item prints at 0.1 mm layer height for about 1 h.

Deadpool Feel the Love Magnet 3D printedWhere to get the file: Pinshape

10. 3D Printed Superheroes Hands

e-NABLE and Marvel Superhero Live teamed up to create incredible prosthetics for 6 lucky kids from Dallas, Texas. Immediately as the hands had been assembled, the kids were shown how to operate them and even stroke some superhero poses with the Marvel Superhero Live and e-NABLE staff.


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