3D Printed and Painted Lara Croft – Press Release by Gambody

The making-of of the sex symbol

London, 2 August 2016 – 3D printed and painted Lara Croft joins God of War Kratos 3D printing figurine in Gambody’s painting workshop. The mood in the room is more fun now, as the two will challenge each other with missions that are impossible to accomplish for us, humans.

Lara Croft 3D model has undergone the same process as Kratos but in a more special approach. After all, Lara is a sex symbol and special attention and treatment were provided to her transformation process.

PLa printed Lara Croft 3D figurine

Printed in green PLA material, the 3D printing gaming miniature is static. It was modeled by Olga Rudi in three separate STL files: bow, ax and the figurine itself.

Like all other models that are uploaded on Gambody marketplace, Lara Croft 3D printed miniature files were checked and corrected in Netfabb, to ensure error-free and seamless printing.

Lara Croft 3D model was displayed in Gambody’s office for more than 3 months in plastic disguise. Until last week, when the time came to give her expressive face and body features.

The plastic figurine was base coated with white primer, to facilitate paint adhesion. To cover the color of the plastic, 4 white-as-snow coats of primer were applied and the figurine was left to dry overnight.

White primer was used to cover the 3D model's PLA green color prior to painting

Painting began on the crop top of the 3D model, applying the lightest hues first, working the way down to the camouflage pants and boots. Then, layer by layer, additional, more intense hues, was added to reproduce the model’s cloth folds and the shadows.

Painting Lara Croft 3D printing video game character

Lara Croft 3D model Painting

Her hunger for adventure can be witnessed by her multiple body injuries, obtained from the countless risky trips.

Lara Croft 3D model painted

Painting Lara Croft 3D model
All these small, but significant details count when wanting to recreate a video game character in the real world using a 3D printed model and paint.

Watch below the entire painting process of Lara Croft 3D print model.

Lara Croft 3D printed miniature files can be downloaded here for $24.99.

All those interested in getting 3D printed and painted Lara Croft 3D print information kit can DOWNLOAD HERE.

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