12 Christmas-Inspired 3D Models

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… Isn’t it? To amplify the holiday spirit, here’s our selection of Christmas-inspired 3D printing models. From décor items to ideas of holiday gifts, these 12 3D printing models are carefully chosen to bring more cheer into your lives.

3D Printed Christmas Decorations

1. C-3PO Flake Decoration

We couldn’t miss this cute Star Wars-inspired snowflake for 3D printing. The tree decoration is perfect for those who are under the power of Rogue One frenzy.

3D Printed snowflake from Star Wars

The easy part is that the C-3PO snowflake will print in only 25-30 min and will use little material – about 15 g. A good idea would be to print them in a glowing-in-the-dark material. Your Christmas tree will look very fancy.

Where to find the STL files: MyMiniFactory

2. Christmas Flame Tree Topper

Dress your tree in out-of-the-ordinary decorations.

Star toppers are common. A flame topper is a new approach to tree decoration. The maker recommends printing it in two different colors, which will make it more realistic.

3D printed Christmas tree topper

Where to find the STL files: MyMiniFactory

3. LED Christmas Tree

This 3D printed LED Christmas tree might seem tricky to build, but it actually isn’t. You will need to 3D print the tree and buy 24 small LED lamps of different colors, a switch, and a power supply.

3D printed Christmas Tree with LED lights

The tree decoration will print in about 700 minutes and you will need about 100 g of printing material.

Where to find the STL files: MyMiniFactory

4. Foldable Christmas Ornament

This decoration is foldable, allowing you to hang it both unfolded and folded. You got two different tree decorations in one.

Martin Ness, the maker of this cute ornament, has put up a time-lapse video of the modeling and printing processes.

Where to find the STL files: MyMiniFactory

5. USB Christmas Star + LED Holes

The star consists of 11 points, printed separately and assembled together. Each point hosts a small USB LED lamp.

3D Printed Christmas Star with USB LED lamps

Where to find the STL files: Thingiverse

6. Chrystal Napkin Ring

Christmas is all about family gatherings and delicious dinner. To make your dinner table look festive, the perfect accessory can now be 3D printed and used to give a pinch of sophistication to the table.

3D printed Christmas table napkin holder

The crystal ring, inspired by ice forms, is the perfect accessory for winter dinners.

Where to find the STL files: Thingiverse

7. Christmas Candle Holder

The candle holder can be used both as an accessory on the dinner table or as a decoration, on the mantelpiece.

3D printed candle holder

Where to find the STL files: MyMiniFactory

3D Printed Christmas Gift Ideas

What makes a better winter holiday present than some jewelry? Probably, 3D printed jewelry.

8. Christmas Star Earrings

These cute star earrings can be 3D printed in precious metal, the price depending on the material chosen.

3d printed earrings

Where to order: Shapeways

9. Christmas Tree Pendant

Wear a Christmas tree miniature as a pendant during the winter holidays. Brings joy and puts you in the right holiday spirit.

3D printed Christmas tree pendant

Where to order: Shapeways

10. Star Pendant

The star pendant will go well with those star earrings we mentioned above.

3D printed Christmas star pendant

Where to order: Shapeways

11. Christmas Box Ring

Are you out of ideas what present to give to your daughter or friend? The box ring will always remind them of the holiday cheer.

3D printed ring

Where to order: Shapeways

12. Video Game Inspired 3D Models

For avid video gamers, there’s a wide selection of 3D printing video game characters, vehicles, robots and other content. From simple to complex 3D models, from small scale to large scale spaceships, everybody will find something to make the holiday merrier.

Christmas 3D printing video game 3D models

Where to find the STL files: Gambody

Now that you have ideas of decoration items and gifts, don’t waste your time. Christmas is coming in just a few days.

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