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London, 30 July 2022 – Gambody Marketplace has been providing a platform for skilled 3D artists from all over the world for over 8 years. All the publications were carefully reviewed and moderated by a team of Gambody professionals. But it was high time we opened our doors wider and invited the 3D artists to publish their works more freely on our platform through Gambody’s Stock category!

Stock category Gambody 3D models

What is the Stock category on Gambody?

The new Stock category on Gambody is a separate category in our website’s menu.

Stock 3D models

The models published in the Stock category are preserved as created by the Author – the design, cutting of the model, and the STL files provided are not moderated by Gambody. The growing Stock selection will be updated independently from the usual release schedule of Premium STL files moderated by Gambody Team. So make sure to keep an eye on the latest additions!

Stock 3D printing models not moderated

How do I purchase models from the Stock?

The models from the Stock section can only be purchased in an order separate from the Premium STL files by Gambody. If a Premium model is added to the Cart, the Stock models are deleted automatically, and vice versa.

Kindly note that Gambody running campaigns and offers do not apply to the models from the Stock section unless an offer is announced for the Stock selection specifically.

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How do I reach out to the Author of an item?

If you have any feedback, questions or complaints about a model from the Stock segment, you can leave them directly on the page of the item, in the comments section. The consideration of the provided feedback is left up to the Author.

How to reach out to the Author of stock 3D models

Does Gambody Technical Support apply to the Stock items?

The models published in the Stock section are not subject to technical support by Gambody, and we do not offer any guarantees on the 3D printing results. The Authors can provide technical support if they wish.

Can a Premium version of a Stock model be published on Gambody?

Gambody always takes the wishes of our customers into account! If there’s an item from the “Stock” section that you would like to see moderated by Gambody, you can leave your request in the comment section on the page of the item. The more votes the item gets, the sooner the Premium version of the model with Gambody improvements, smart-cutting, and technical support will be released!

The Premium version will be published separately in a thematic category of our catalogue, and every interested hobbyist would need to purchase it for full price.

I am a 3D artist, what will this change for me?

All submissions to Gambody will now go through a fast publication process and appear in our “Stock” section! If you would like to offer your 3D model or figurine for purchase on our website, you can sign up as an Author and submit your work through the standard “Upload” form.

The submission must contain files in STL format, a maximum of 100 MB each, preferably with the model cut into assembly parts. If your submission meets these criteria, you will see your model in the “Stock” section soon! More useful information for our contributing 3D artists can be found in our Knowledge Base.

N.B.: If a model receives a lot of negative feedback that is not addressed by the Author, the item will be deleted from the website.

How much will I earn as the Author?

For every purchase of your item from the “Stock” section, you will receive a 70% profit share. If your model from the “Stock” section receives a separate Premium version moderated by Gambody, you will continue receiving a 70% profit share for the sales of your Stock item and start receiving a 50% profit share for the sales of the Premium item as per the usual cooperation scheme with Gambody contributors.

Enjoy the extended selection and your new 3D printing projects!

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