New Customers Double Offer

Save up to 30% off and receive 50% in credits with your 1st purchase!

London, 11 July 2022 â€“ The New Customers Double Special has been a heartwarming welcome for those who wanted to discover the riveting world of 3D printing with Gambody. Now it is time for a new Offer!

And as the hot summer days pass by, the bright sun rays promise new beginnings. So there’s no better time to introduce an incredible New Customers Double Offer for the customers planning to make their first purchase on our marketplace starting July 1, 2022, and see for themselves the stunning quality of our models for 3D printing.

New Customers Double Offer

The New Customers Double Offer campaign will allow every customer who registers an account with and makes their first purchase starting July 1, 2022, to get discounts for a good deal of 3D printing models and earn credits back to your account’s balance. What an exciting chance to save money and become a part of the Gambody family!

How do I participate in the ‘New Customers Double Offer’ campaign?

  • Sign up on Gambody marketplace as a new customer starting from July 1, 2022;
  • Delve into the variety of models for 3D printing in our catalogue and pick the ones that take your interest;
  • Add the desired models to your shopping cart and get the discounts the campaign offers; When providing your email address at checkout you will see the discounted amount due on PayPal or Credit Card payment page after pressing the ‘Pay with’ button.
  • Complete the purchase and receive credits back to your Gambody account’s balance.

How does ‘New Customers Double Offer’ work?

  1. The 1st item added to your cart comes with a 10% discount;
  2. The 2nd item comes with a 30% discount;
  3. The 3rd item comes at a full price, but you receive 50% back in the form of credits to your Gambody account’s balance;
  4. The 4th item comes with a 10% discount;
  5. The 5th item comes with a 30% discount;
  6. The 6th item comes at a full price, but you receive 50% back in the form of credits;
  7. The 7th item comes with a 10% discount;
  8. The 8th item comes with a 30% discount;
  9. The 9th item comes at a full price, but you receive 50% back in the form of credits. **

NB: The promotion scheme applies in descending order of value: the less the 3D printing model costs, the higher the percentage of benefits that applies to it.

** The percentage of credits is calculated in accordance with the initial price of the items. The credit balances of the accounts that are inactive for 6 consequent months are nullified.

How do I see the benefits that will apply?

The Amount due on the Checkout page of your first purchase will be automatically calculated with the respective campaign’s discounts already applied. The discounted sum will be indicated as well.

The Ge Credits field will reflect the number of credits you will receive back to your Gambody account’s balance upon completing the purchase:

Gambody credits

What are credits and how can I use them?

1 credit equals $1 and can be used to reduce the amount due when placing your future orders on Gambody. According to the terms of the New Customers Double Offer campaign, you receive the credits immediately after placing your first order:

Gambody order confirmation

As soon as you log in, in the top right corner of the website next to your Gambody account’s name you will be able to see your current credit balance. To track the number of credits received and spent, click on your account’s name and select the tab ‘Earned’. You will be redirected to the ‘My Earnings’ page where your credit history is stored.

To put the credits to use, upon adding the desired models to the cart and proceeding to the Checkout page, in the ‘How will you pay’ tab choose ‘Use my balance’ and enter the number of credits you want to spend in the corresponding field below. The credits you used will reduce the final sum you are to pay, which will be indicated in the Amount Due field:

Use Gambody balance credits

The gifts never stop!

Once you place your first order on our marketplace, you immediately become our Loyal Customer and are to receive even more gainful bonuses! Read more about the Customer Loyalty Rewards here.

We are overjoyed to welcome you on Gambody!

About Gambody

Gambody is a 3D printing marketplace with premium STL files. It brings together a large community of 3D printing enthusiasts by giving them the possibility to have their beloved movie/video game/comic book characters or objects in tangible form, through 3D printing. The marketplace provides highly detailed 3D printing files, optimised for all types of 3D printers and connects virtuality with reality. To learn more visit

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