Gambody & Сreality Collaboration

Creality Resin 3D printer and Gambody .STL files now come in bundles!

London, 13 May 2021 At the beginning of April our team announced the upcoming collaboration between Gambody marketplace and Creality 3D printer manufacturer. Since then, our teams have joined forces in order to develop the most attractive and lucrative offers that would provide our 3D printing enthusiasts with new exclusive opportunities.

Today we are proud to reveal the first fruits of our international collaboration by announcing the launch of Gambody & Сreality bundles!

Gambody & Creality bundles for 3D printing with Halot-One resin 3D printer

What do Gambody & Сreality bundles comprise?

Excited to facilitate the upgrowth of your 3D printing hobby, the high-quality models for 3D printing meet the new generation of resin 3D printers!

That means that every bundle within the collaboration comprises the brand new HALOT-ONE Resin 3D Printer and several 3D printing models from Gambody’s catalogue.

How do I benefit from purchasing a bundle?

The price of every bundle is fixed and equals the price that HALOT-ONE Resin 3D Printer is sold for on the Creality3D® Official Store. However, in addition to a flagship resin 3D printer, you also receive exclusive access to the STL files of several brilliant Gambody 3D printing models that are already featured in our catalogue or scheduled for the earliest release on our marketplace.

The 3D printing models from the Gambody & Creality bundles comprise the DLP/SLA versions that are specifically adapted to be printed on resin 3D printers. The process of adaptation presupposes that practical aspects of printing the model using the DLP/SLA/LCD technology are taken into account, and the model’s scale and cutting are chosen to ensure an optimum result of printing.

Moreover, every 3D printing model and figurine from the bundle has a DLP/SLA Pre-supported version that is prepared specifically for the HALOT-ONE Resin 3D Printer. This version contains hollowed out parts, these parts have drain holes where needed, and, as it is clear from the title of the version, it has pre-generated support constructions.

Finally, together with the launch of the new flagship resin 3D printers, Creality announced the release of Creality exclusive slicing software. That is why the ‘Printing details’ tab on the page of each bundle will feature printing recommendations for the new Creality slicer.

Where do I learn more about the HALOT-ONE 3D printer?

HALOT Series Resin 3D printers were announced on the 9th of April during Creality’s 7th Anniversary Celebration. Creative team of the Shenzhen manufacturer prepared a detailed overview of the HALOT-ONE model’s technical specifications that you can get acquainted with on Creality3D® Official Website.

All 3D printing enthusiasts around the world now get to enjoy the innovative integral light source and 6-inch Monochrome LCD screen that provide for high precision. The 130 x 82 x 160 mm build volume accommodates a respectable number of printing parts that you can remotely control thanks to newly introduced Wi-Fi Connectivity.

The 5-inch color touchscreen will help you navigate the intuitive system of HALOT-ONE that is powered by a high performance CPU.

Gambody team has already received and tested a sample of HALOT-ONE Resin 3D Printer. Now, you can read our detailed HALOT-ONE review and first recommendations for 3D printing on this machine.

How do I receive the HALOT-ONE I ordered in a bundle?

Having browsed through the bundle options and found the one that sparks your desire to get down to 3D printing right away, you will need to buy the item following the usual purchase procedure on on your chosen bundle’s page, click the green ‘Buy’ button which will add the bundle to your cart, proceed to the Checkout page and pay for your order using the payment method that suits you best.

Checkout page for Gambody & Сreality bundles
Checkout page on

After your purchase is complete, please make sure to contact and provide your shipping details in the following form:

1. The recipient’s full name;

2. Shipping address: flat or house number, street name, name of the city, area or state, name of the country;

3. The recipient’s phone number.

As soon as we receive your shipping details at, they will be delivered to Creality’s representatives, who will schedule the shipping of your very own Halot-One Resin 3D printer and provide the tracking number assigned to your order. And once the Halot-One arrives, it will be ready to delight you with its remarkable quality and fantastic 3D printing results!

How do I receive the STL files of 3D printing models I ordered in a bundle?

Immediately after you purchase the chosen bundle on Gambody marketplace, the DLP/SLA versions of the 3D printing models offered together with the Halot-One 3D resin printer will be pre-ordered by you. When the release dates of your pre-ordered 3D printing models stated in the item’s ‘Description’ come, the high-quality and fully optimised STL files will become available for download on the page of your chosen bundle, in the ‘Source Files’ tab.

If some of the models comprising your chosen bundle had been fully released on Gambody marketplace before your purchase, the DLP/SLA versions of the models’ STL files will be available for download on the bundle’s page, in the ‘Source Files’, right after you complete your order.

Source files for 3D printing on Gambody
Source files

Where can I find all available bundles?

All the available bundle options are listed on the main page of Gambody’s website,, in the corresponding ‘Creality & Gambody Bundles’ section, as well as in the ‘3D printers’ category that you can find the drop-down menu in the left top corner of the page.

Creality & Gambody collaboration 3D printing bundles with Halot-One resin 3D printer
Creality & Gambody bundles for 3D printing

The selection will continue to grow and will contain the 3D printers of Gambody’s current and future partners along with the splendid 3D printing models offered on the marketplace by enthusiastic 3D artists from all around the world!

Be on a level with the highest 3D printing world standards!

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