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London, 3 October 2016StarCraft Terran Space Marine 3D Model has been cast to play the leading role in a short video based on a story about… himself. In the film industry, impersonating oneself is probably the most difficult job. But Terran Space Marine managed to plunge into the project and gave the best performance of his life.

Before starting shooting the first scene, Terran Space Marine 3D model underwent serious transformation: make up, dress up, stage movement techniques and other important acting tricks that had to be put in place.

First things first, though, StarCraft Terran Space Marine 3D model had to get his costume ready for the transformation. For this, the suit was tailored and cut to fit the wearer’s body lines, but giving it a degree of bulkiness. The bulkier the suit, the more powerful its wearer looks.

The StarCraft Terran Space Marine 3D model’s suit was modeled and adjusted to the wearer, before being sent to print. The suit was printed in red PLA material, with accurate surface detailing, showcasing the military science fiction design elements.

3DP StarCraft Terran Space Marine 3D ModelPLA printed StarCraft Terran Space Marine 3D Model

Accurately printed Terran Space Marine figurine

Once printed and processed, the suit was sent to the artistic team, to get it painted and ready for the shoot.

The artistic team took the challenge seriously and managed to prepare the suit, just in time for the perfect day scheduled for filming.

They have used regular painting tools, such as painting brushes, acrylic paints, spray paints and the usual hand-painting technique, keeping the production costs to the minimum.

The suit was painted in the video game character’s color palette. After painting, StarCraft Terran Space Marine 3D model looks like the real thing.

Painted 3D printed StarCraft Terran Space Marine 3D modelPainted Terran Space Marine figurine from StarCraft video gamepainted StarCraft Terran Space Marine 3D modelReal-life looking 3dp and painted Terran Space Marine 3D model
You can watch below some behind-the-scenes footage of getting the military science fiction suit ready for the shooting.

Download StarCraft Terran Space Marine 3D model STL files here for $29.99.

All those interested in getting Terran Space Marine 3D model information kit can DOWNLOAD HERE.

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