A Roundup of Smite 3D Prints

We return to our weekly reviews of 10 video game 3D printing models, and this week we will showcase 10 Smite 3D prints.

Smite is a video game that abounds in gods and other mythological heroes. In the video game, the player controls a god or goddess and takes part in different combats. Just like any other battle arena video game, Smite features many different game modes.

While the game progresses, the players collect bonuses and abilities that enhance the player’s god.

There are quite a lot of Smite 3D printed models on the Internet. We compiled a list of 10 Smite 3D prints that you can download and print on your own, for your inspiration.

1. Poseidon 3D Printing Video Game Model

Poseidon 3D model STL file joins other Smite 3D prints on Gambody’s marketplace. Recently added on our website, Poseidon is created by the same 3D designer as other Smite 3D printing models on Gambody.

The 3D model is available for 3D printing in a single STL file, repaired in Netfabb.

Poseidon, God of the Ocea Smite 3D prints

Poseidon 3D model stands 14 cm tall.

2. Smite 3D Prints – Thanatos God

The STL file for Thanatos 3D model is created by Paddypaddo and is available on Thingiverse. The 3D designer uploaded a wide range of Smite gods for 3D printing.

Thanatos STL file was printed by a Thingiverse user, who shared the result with the community. According to the user, the model requires a lot of support, due to its overhangs. Although with some defects, the 3D model printed pretty nicely.

Smite 3D prints - Thanatos

3. Bacchus Smite 3D Printed Model

Another god from the same collection of Smite 3D prints is that of Bacchus, the God of Wine.

Smite 3D prints - Bacchus

The Smite 3D model stands 9.6cm tall and it stands on its own feet. Its 3D printing took about 4 hours. Several outer shell details got lost during the 3D printing process. However, if you own a more powerful 3D printer, it is most probably that will allow you to print one of the most accurate Smite 3D prints.

4. Smite 3D Prints – Scylla

Scylla, or the Horror of the Deep, is believed to be a creature made from the nightmares of the men. No ship sailing near her can escape unharmed.

Scylla 3D print file is included in the Smite 3D prints created by Paddypaddo. The STL file was printed in miniature by a Thingiverse user. The model is printed on Robo 3D printer.

Scylla 3D print from Smite video game

Perhaps if printed in a larger scale, the model would come more beautifully.

5. Scylla 3D Model from Gambody

Scylla is shown in the center of four dragon-head tentacles, impersonating the nightmare of the sailors who wander in her waters. The 3D model consists of 5 separate parts. Support is used for overhangs.

Smite 3D models Scylla 3D printed

Buy Scylla 3D model here for $24.99

6. Smite Kukulkan Statue

Kukulkan statue from Smite video game is a low-poly 3D model. It’s divided into several parts, for 3D printing convenience.

Kukulkan Smite 3D prints

Solid_Alexei printed the model in black carbon fiber reinforced SLS nylon and painted the model golden.

7. Apollo 3D Model from Smite Video Game

Apollo 3D model comes in a single STL file created in Autodesk Maya and checked in Netfabb. The model will print for about 1 day and will require 16.4m of printing material. It will stand 14cm tall and will feature fine printing details.

Apollo God for 3D printing

One of the most “musical” Smite 3D prints will make a great addition to your collection of video game figurines.

8. Fenrir – Norse Wolf Pendant

It’s awesome when the 3D designers create jewelry inspired by the video game character. This Norse Wolf Pendant 3D model is inspired by the character Hel from Smite video game.

3D printed pendant of Norse Wolf from Smite Video game

The pendant will look great printed in raw silver with antiquing finishing. The jewelry can be ordered at Shapeways and the cost of printing will depend on the material you want it printed in.

9. Smite 3D Prints – Artemis

The in-game Artemis, the Goddess of Hunt, is armed with a magical bow and is known as a fearless warrior and a focused woman.

The beautiful goddess now has a 3D design for 3D printing that can be downloaded at Thingiverse.

3D design of Artemis Goddess from Smite Game

There’s not yet a 3D printed version of the video game 3D figurine, but we are certain that those who will dare to print it will not regret it.

10. Artemis’ Boar 3D Design

If you want to have Artemis’ boar in physical form as well, be informed that its 3D design is available for free download over at Thingiverse.

3D printing model of Artemis; boar from Smite

11. Thor Video Game 3D Printing Figurine

Probably one of the most recognizable Norse mythology gods, and recently one of the most popular comic books and movies character, Thor joins the 10 Smite 3D prints honorably.

The 3D designer uploaded the STL file for Thor 3D model recently on Gambody’s marketplace. It is a high-poly model, standing 14cm tall.

Thor 3D model Smite 3D prints

The 3D print stands on a support base and holds his Mjolnir.


This roundup of Smite 3D prints features mythological gods and goddesses. 3D print one on your desktop 3D printer and enjoy their “might” in the physical world.

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