Painted MK Scorpion 3D Model – Press Release by Gambody

Mortal Kombat wouldn’t be the same without him!

London, 30 September 2016MK Scorpion 3D model is the replica of the player character that has been appearing in almost all Mortal Kombat video game instalments.

As an undead ninja spectre, Scorpion is constantly seeking vengeance for being killed by a member of a clan of Chinese assassins called Sub-Zero. His quest for revenge is amplified by the killing of his wife and child and the destruction of his clan.

Dressed in a ninja-like costume, Scorpion seeks to avenge his family and clan, involving in fights with the enemy where he displays skilful fighting abilities.

MK Scorpion 3D model features the video game character’s yellow colour palette, signifying fire.

This model is static, consisting of a single STL file that has been printed in Silver PLA material. The printing took about 24 hours. Supports were used for the overhangs.

The post-printing processing consisted of removing the support material and smoothing out the parts where the support attached to the actual 3D model.

MK Scorpion 3D model was painted using hand painting technique, in acrylic paints, with regular painting brushes of various sizes. But, first thing, the model has been primer coated, to cover the plastic material’s colour and even out the outer shell. Also, the primer ensures paint adhesion to the model.

The painted model sticks to the video game character colour palette. Predominant colours are yellow, black, and silver.

mk scorpion 3d printed painted

Painted MK Scorpion 3d model

MK Scorpion 3d model painted

MK Scorpion 3d model painted

We’ve filmed a short video of the entire painting process. Watch it below!

Mortal Kombat Scorpion 3D model STL file can be downloaded here for $24.99

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