14 Mass Effect 3D Models

This week’s roundup is about Mass Effect 3D models.

Mass Effect is a science fiction video game that puts the player in the middle of the fictional version of the Milky Way of the year 2183. The video game revolves around a soldier – the Commander Shepard – who has the difficult task to save the galaxy from Reapers, a mechanical beings race.

So far, there have been released three Mass Effect video game installments that have been hugely popular among gamers with a fourth one in the making that is expected to hit the market in 2017.

Until the next installment, though, here’s a roundup of some of the best Mass Effect 3D models.

1. Resurrected Garrus Vakarian

If you’re just starting to get to the grips with 3D printing, start by printing a miniature action figure of Garrus Vakarian Mass Effect video game. The files are available for download on Thingiverse for free. As reassurance of the 3D model’s printability, the user who created the files, managed to print them and assemble. And here is how the Garrus Vakarian Mass Effect 3D model looks.

Garus Vakarian Mass Effect 3D models

2. M8 Avenger Rifle Mass Effect 3D Models

Very often the protagonist, Commander Shepard, has to make use of the M8-Avenger assault weapon to take down his foes.

As one of the most famous weapons in Mass Effect, M8-Avenger rifle couldn’t have escaped one 3D designer’s will to have it in 3D printing form. The French 3D modeler created a 30-part 3D model, which he 3D printed and painted just like the video game prototype.

M8 Avenger Rifle - Mass Effect 3D Models

It is recommended to use glue with the pins, to make the 3D model stronger.

If you want to give it a try and 3D print it, here you can get the files.

3. 3D Printed Geth Rifle from Mass Effect

The good thing about being able to 3D print things and items from video games is that you can use them as props for cosplay. Mass Effect 3D models are no exception.

This Geth Rifle is perfect to make an impressive appearance at a cosplay contest or reunion.

Mass Effect 3D models - Geth Rifle

It requires 1240g of printing material and about 6200-6600 minutes of work of your 3D printer.

4. Mass Effect Salarian 3D Bust

Mass Effect 3D models are represented not only by rifles for cosplay but also by busts of the video game races and species. One such race is the Salarian.

3D printed Mass Effect Salarian

To 3D print the bust, you will need 13.7g of printing material and about 69 minutes only. Warm up you 3D printer now, because the file can be downloaded for free at MyMiniFactory.

5. N7 Commander Shepard 3D Printing Model

One of the no cosplay-related Mass Effect 3D models is that of N7 Commander Shepard. The 3D model prints in 4 separate parts which are later assembled. The 3D model requires from 380 to 760 minutes and 48G of material to 3D print.

Mass Effect 3D printed N7 Commander Shepard

Download the files here for free.

6. Garrus 3D Figure

There are never too many Mass Effect 3D models. Even though we have talked about the Resurrected Garrus Vakarian, this one is a new representation of the video game character.

3D Printed Garrus Figurine - Mass Effect 3D models

The 3D model can be purchased at Shapeways and the price varies depending on the material to 3D print it.

7. Mass Effect-Inspired Pendant

If Mass Effect 3D models target more the male part of the Earth, this Mass Effect pendant could be a great accessory for girls. The pendant can be printed in any precious material, and the price depends on the material you chose to have it 3D printed.

3D Printed Mass Effect Pendant

The Mass Effect pendant can be purchased here.

8. 1/2500 Mass Effect SSV Normandy SR1

The 1/2500 miniature of SSV Normandy SR1 is perfect for those who collect video game miniatures. The model is 3D printed in translucent plastic and stands 6.2cm tall only, but features fine and intricate detail.

Mass Effect 3D Models - SSV Normandy

You can get your hands on this great ship at Shapeways.

9. Mass Effect Commander Shepard Ring

Another accessory for 3D printing is the Commander Shepard ring. The ring is customizable, with the outer and inner message, and is available in size 18. The ring file can be downloaded at Thingiverse.

3D printed Mass Effect Commander ring

10. Mass Effect 3D Printed and Painted Garrus Vakarian Mask

Cosplayers, rejoice! If you’re a Mass Effect fan, this Garrus Vakarian 3D printed and painted mask will leave you speechless.

It is designed by Red Nebula Studios and painted by Galaxara.

11. 3D Printed Mass Effect Carnifex

We’re amazed at these impressive Mass Effect 3D models that people design and recreate with a 3D printer and some paint.

Mass Effect Carnifex 3D printed model

This item can make you stand out from the crowd at any cosplay reunion or Comic Con event.

12. 3D Printed Mass Effect Omni Tool Ring

Mass Effect Omni Tool Ring 3DP

Because accessories are never too many.

Gambody’s Mass Effect 3D Models

13. Mass Effect Legion 3D Model

Mass Effect Legion character can now be 3D printed on your desktop 3D printer. The model features accurate fine and intricate details and can be downloaded in a single STL file.

Mass Effect 3D models - 3DP Legion

Legion 3D model is one of the two Mass Effect 3D models available on Gambody. The 3D model has been 3D printed in PLA on Ultimaker2 3D printer and painted with acrylic paints.

Mass Effect 3D models Painted Legion

The file can be purchased here.

14. Mass Effect Female Shepard 3D Model

The last, but not the least Mass Effect 3D model for this roundup is a reproduction of the Female Shepard character. There are two different representations of the video game character: with and without the helmet.

The 3D models are provided with a support base to facilitate their display on the shelf or desk.

Female Shepard 3D model is 3D printed at 0.1mm layer height.

Mass Effect 3D models - Female Commander Shepard

3d printed Mass Effect Female Shepard

The 3D printing files for Mass Effect 3D models of Female Shepard can be downloaded at Gambody.


Get your hands on one of these Mass Effect 3D models and start printing it. Who knows, maybe this will be the beginning of a beautiful collection of 3D printed models.

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