Gambody 3D Models’ Year End Review

Here we are at the end of 2016 – a year full of new beginnings and achievements. We started with big expectations. We didn’t hope to have such a large audience reach but we are happy to say that thanks to you, our community, our expectations have been surpassed.

This post is all about you, your 3D models you printed and shared during this year. It’s inspiring to see your enthusiasm; this pushes us forward to create even better and cooler 3D models. For you!

These 10 3D models are those that you’ve shared on Gambody’s official Facebook page and in the Gambody’s Facebook official group.

So, let’s get the party started!

1. Catapult and Marauder 3D Models

We will start with Alexei Bruton who is “guilty” of launching the MechWarrior madness with the awe-inspiring 3D printed and painted Catapult 3D model. It was the first time when one of Gambody’s customers 3D printed and painted a 3D model and shared the result with us and with the entire 3D printing community. The news about the Mech replica was taken over and featured on numerous online media outlets and the 3D model, in particular, and Gambody marketplace, in general, reached a high popularity.

Alexei painted the Catapult in the video game palette, giving it a degree of rust, wear, and battle damage.

Realistic 3D printed and painted MechWarrior Catapult 3D model

Alexei has lately been working on Marauder 3D model which he scaled down.

Scaled down 3D printed Marauder 3D model

We’re looking forward to seeing what this miniature will look like when painted.

2. Atlas 3D Model

Thkdesign has been working on 3D printing a scaled up Atlas Mech. His Atlas has been upgraded. He inserted magnets into the joints of the 3D model.

3D Printed Atlas

At this stage, Thkdesign is priming the model and preparing it to be painted.

3D Printed MWO Atlas

3. 3D Printed Catapult with Weapons

Another version of Catapult, this time with weapons, has recently been 3D printed by David John Sloan. He says he’ll paint the bipedal vehicle after the winter holidays.

3D printed Catapult 3D model with weapons

4. Timber Wolf 3D Model

Frederick Lim scaled down and 3D printed Timberwolf 3D model at 75% of its original scale.

3DP Timberwolf 3D Model

5. Marauder 3D Printed Figure

The 3D Printed Marauder 3D model of RK Designs Studio is still in progress. They have managed to prime coat it and are getting ready to paint it. Until then, here’s how their Marauder looks like.

3D Printed Marauder 3D Model

6. Chaplain, Tesla, MechWarrior Battlemaster 3D Models

Christopher Keye is a passionate 3D printing enthusiast who doesn’t let his 3D printer in standby mode too long. So far, Christopher 3D printed and painted more than 5 3D models purchased at Gambody. Here are 3 of them.

Chaplain 3D Model from Warhammer 40k

Chaplain 3D model

Tesla Power Armor 3D model from Fallout

Tesla 3D Model from Fallout video game

3D Printed BattleMaster 3D Model

And of course, one of the Mechs. Christoper chose to 3D print and paint the bad-ass BattleMaster.

7. Eve Online Rifter 3D Model

One of the first spaceships that have been 3D printed and painted is that of Rifter from Eve Online. Those from Targstoys painted it in a darker palette than the one from the video game. Nevertheless, the result is awesome. What do you think?

Eve Online Rifter 3D model

8. 3D Printed and Painted T-62 Tank

Emanuel really got us all speechless when posted the pictures of his 3D printed T-62 tank model. He went as far as painting the interior layout of the tank. Although not finished yet, the 3D model already proves to be a killer miniature of the soviet tank.

3D Printed T-62 tank 3D model

9. Reinhardt 3D model

Sercan’s 3D printed Reinhardt model blew our minds away when he posted the pictures in Gambody’s official Facebook group. We have had an idea that the 3D model will prove to be mighty, but our expectations have been exceeded.

Reinhardt 3D model from Overwatch

Reinhardt 3D Model

Sercan 3D printed the model in ABS. It took him about 50 h and 300 g of printing material.

10. McCree 3D model

And last, but not the least, Jesse McCree 3D printed by Boon Kheng Tang.

Jesse McCree 3D model from Overwatch

Ring in the New Year 2017 with Gambody. Join us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and stay up-to-date on everything that we’re up to. We’re happy to see each and every one of you.

Happy New Year from Gambody!

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