Your Best 3D Prints 2020: Monstrous Dose of October Inspiration

Monsters go haunting not only on Halloween night. Many of them are hiding in STL files in hope to be 3D printed by you one day. All you need is a good dose of inspiration. The list of the best 3D prints 2020 made by Gambody enthusiasts in October can encourage your next creations.

The variety of 3D printed monsters can give you tons of ideas who or what to turn into figurines and models and display on your shelf. Besides monsters, you will find 3D prints of famous characters, impressive vehicles, spacecraft and robots.

Best 3D prints 2020

Best 3D Prints 2020

You know that monsters are not always mysterious creatures but can also mean villains and metal beasts. It is why this selection of the best 3D prints in 2020 includes both good and horror characters, dangerous robots, starfighters, and cars.

Look at the photos of 3D prints shared by other hobbyists and choose the most impressive projects for 3D printing to make in 2020. There is still time to print something incredible this year.

3D Printed Monsters and Figurines

From cute Halloween characters and monster-fighters to dangerous killers and famous fictional maniacs, these 3D printed monsters motivated many hobbyists in October. You might also like to add these best 3D prints 2020 to your collection. Fans of horror could also enjoy some of the spookiest Halloween 3D printing models.

1. Jack Skellington 3D Prints

The fantastic Jack Skellington and his best buddy Zero can turn your world upside down. These patron spirits of Halloween are one of the best 3D prints to make in 2020.

Three Gambody hobbyists, Richard Turnbull, Kurt Brown and Brian Goldingay, brought the supernatural spirit into life in October. The various colour schemes chosen by these enthusiasts for painting make the same 3D printing model look so different and unique.

Jack Skellington best 3D prints
Makers: Richard Turnbull, Kurt Brown and Brian Goldingay

Download the STL files to add Jack Skellington 3D print to your collection.

2. 3D Printed Spawn Figurine

Not every demonic character can turn away from the evil. But Spawn succeeded. He returned from Hell to live a life like a superhero. He also becomes one of the best 3D prints in 2020.

Hobbyist Michael Amato III recreated the famous Hellspawn. He scaled up the model to 150% and added bright colours to the Spawn figurine to make it look very realistic.

Spawn figurine best 3D prints 2020
Maker: Michael Amato III

Get Spawn STL files to 3D print this impressive figurine.

3. 3D Printed Predator Figurine

Yautja representatives are among the best 3D prints 2020 you can bring to life. These wise creatures are always well-armed and ready to use their razor-sharp wrist blades and teeth in a battle.

Gambody enthusiasts Michael Sapp and Michal Morawski 3D printed and painted highly-detailed Predator figurines. Both look as if they have just stepped right from the movie screen into the real world.

Predator figurine best 3D prints 2020
Makers: Michael Sapp and Michal Morawski

Be inspired by the talented works and download Predator STL files to create your version.

4. Jason Voorhees 3D Printed Figurine

Kids of camp cook-turned-killers often also become maniacs. The famous horror character Jason Voorhees is a son of such a man. He is one of the reasons to be afraid of Friday the 13th.

And yet, Jason looks fantastic as a 3D printed monster. The enthusiasts Jessie Spears, Richard Turnbull and Matt Sharp enjoyed working on this 3D printing figurine a lot.

Jason Voorhees best 3D prints
Makers: Jessie Spears, Matt Sharp and Richard Turnbull

Want the iconic maniac hidden behind the hockey mask to visit your home? Download Jason Voorhees STL files for 3D printing and recreate this character on your printer.

5. Pyramid Head 3D Print

The famous monster from Silent Hill, Pyramid Head, is easily recognized by his triangular metal helmet. His face is completely hidden. And in the character’s hand, you can see the deadly oversized blade.

Hobbyist Ron Horton created a 3D printed monster Pyramid Head on FDM and resin printers. The figurine looks like a perfect Halloween decoration for any fan of horror stories.

Pyramid Head figurine best 3D prints 2020
Maker: Ron Horton

Place the Bogeyman on your shelf after downloading the Pyramid Head STL files and making this model.

6. Freddy Krueger 3D Print

A serial killer who wears a gloved hand with killing razors, Freddy Kruger, is another famous monster who can be 3D printed by you. This nearly invulnerable character can come to your dreams.

Hobbyist Steven David Griffiths started to paint the figurine of Freddy Kruger. The face already looks very realistic.

Freddy Krueger figurine
Maker: Steven David Griffiths

Do not let the monster to haunt you in your dreams. Get Freddy Krueger STL files and 3D print this figurine. This one of the best 3D prints of 2020 is not dangerous.

7. 3D Printed Pennywise

An ancient eldritch monster Pennywise, also known as The Dancing Clown or IT, is a perfect spooky addition to Halloween and horror parties. No wonder, Gambody hobbyist Mike Pigg chose to recreate IT’s bust in October.

The enthusiast scaled the Pennywise 3D printing figurine to 150% and painted it impressively. Finding him on the shelf at night could be scary.

3D printed monsters Pennywise bust
Maker: Mike Pigg

You can also add a 3D printed IT the Clown to your collection of best 3D prints 2020. Get Pennywise STL files on Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace and enjoy working on this project.

8. Alien Xenomorph 3D Prints

Alien Xenomorph is one of the most impressive and best 3D printed monsters you can imagine. This fantasy creature looks scary as a bust or figurine in a diorama with Ovomorphs.

Hobbyists Artjoms Sivickis, Carlo Carvalho and Kevin Valentine created realistic scenes from the Alien universe. Each diorama looks unique, and the painting job wows.

Best 3D printed Alien Xenomorph with eggs figurines 2020
Makers: Artjoms Sivickis, Carlo Carvalho and Kevin Valentine

Enthusiast James Fitz-Costa chose to make Alien bust. He created a unique platform that lights up and reminds of an illuminated pool on an alien planet.

Alien Xenomorph bust with lights best 3D prints 2020
Maker: James Fitz-Costa

If you are impressed with some of the best Alien 3D prints 2020, choose your Alien Xenomorph STL files for 3D printing and bring these monsters to life.

9. 3D Printed Ellen Ripley Figurine

If you wish to save the world from 3D printed monsters, you should 3D print Ellen Ripley. This famous fictional character knows how to fight with aliens and fears no monsters.

Hobbyist Mark Furlong made a life-like figurine of Ellen Ripley. He depicted this strong-willed woman with the Flamethrower captured by the 3D artist as in one of the most iconic fights in sci-fi history.

Ellen Ripley figurine best 3D prints
Maker: Mark Furlong

Complete your Alien diorama by downloading Ellen Ripley STL files for 3D printing.

10. Garrosh Hellscream 3D Print

Cruel and powerful, the famous warmonger from the WoW universe boasts monstrous muscles. Garrosh is willing to lead the war against Lich King. He only needs to be 3D printed by you to complete his mission.

Hobbyist Mert Can Kurt made an impressive Garrosh figurine.

Garrosh Hellscream 3D print
Maker: Mert Can Kurt

And you can add this character to your best 3D prints of 2020. Simply get Garrosh Hellscream STL files for 3D printing and finish this project.

11. 3D Printed Durotan Figurine

One of the mightiest warriors from the WoW universe, Durotan, is one of the best 3D prints 2020 you can add to your shelf. This orc is not afraid to fight with Gul’dan, so if you have one, make sure to recreate the epic fight between the two using your 3D printer.

Hobbyist Armin Kessler downscaled the figurine to 66%. The added colours breathe life into the famous orc.

3D prints of Durotan WoW figurine
Maker: Armin Kessler

You can download Durotan STL files on Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace.

12. 3D Printed Orc Bust

Fans of orcs from Dungeons & Dragons, Warcraft and other famous universes will enjoy working on an impressive bust of Orc The Executioner. This creature has an angry face, and it could look stunning as one of the 3D printed monsters on your shelf.

Enthusiast Felixx Welliver made the Orc Bust on Saturn 3D printer. The model has not been painted, but it looks highly-detailed and wows at first sight.

Orc The Executioner 3D printed monsters
Maker: Felixx Welliver

You can tame the violent beast by getting Orc The Executioner STL files for 3D printing.

13. 3D Printed Sauron Figurine

Fans of the fantasy world created by J.R.R.Tolkien will love to make Sauron, one of the best 3D prints of 2020. The Lord of the Rings figurine boasts so many intricate details and, of course, the famous One Ring.

Enthusiast John Hess made a smooth Sauron figurine on Creality Ender-3 printer. He used PLA Gloop to smooth out the texture on Sauron’s torso and helmet.

Lord of The Rings Sauron best 3D prints 2020
Maker: John Hess

Enjoy making The Dark Lord! Get Sauron STL files for 3D printing on Gambody marketplace.

14. 3D Printed Hellboy Bust

Bringing Hellboy from Hell to Earth for new adventures is something you can do if you have a 3D printer. Add his bust to your collection of 3D printed monstrous creatures and do not be afraid of his explosive character.

Hobbyist Thomas Kunert finished his life-like Hellboy bust figurine and shared this outstanding work with Gambody community.

3D printed Hellboy bust best 3D prints 2020
Maker: Thomas Kunert

Wanna do the same project? Get Hellboy Bust STL files and team up with this unusual creature.

15. Balrog 3D Printed Demon

A vast fiery demon, Balrog, is definitely on the list of the best 3D prints 2020 you can not just bring to life, but also set on fire.

Hobbyist Onur Şimşek created a fantastic plastic version of the most famous Maiar. The model lights up, creating an illusion of real Hell on your shelf in the room.

Balrog 3D printed demon monster
Maker: Onur Şimşek

You can also add some fire to your demon. Download Balrog STL files and do a stunning project on your 3D printer.

16. Lord of Terror Diablo Figurine

Diablo is among other 3D printed monsters you can add LEDs to. The Lord of Terror is mighty and can be a living nightmare even to other demons.

Gambody enthusiast Dénis Lacerda Vitorino printed this figurine in PLA filament and introduced a 12v LED strip into the model’s platform. The lighting effect is powerful.

Lord of Terror Diablo figurine best 3D prints 2020
Maker: Dénis Lacerda Vitorino

You can find STL files of Diablo figurine for 3D printing on Gambody – Premium marketplace.

17. Leatherface 3D Printed Figurine

The best horror 3D prints 2020 should include the iconic slasher character Leatherface. This member of the insane cannibal Sawyer family can be a perfect addition to your Halloween collection or an example of the worst human monsters that ever existed.

Hobbyist Adam Blythe spent approximately a month to complete his version of the Leatherface figurine.

Leatherface 3D printed human monsters
Maker: Adam Blythe

Real fans of slasher genre can download Leatherface STL files for 3D printing on Gambody marketplace.

18. Norris-Thing 3D Printed Figurine

Creepy 3D printed monsters that haunt every living creature can become some of the best horror 3D prints. For example, Vance Norris assimilated by the Thing from the 1982 movie can send chills down the spine of your guests when displayed on a shelf.

Enthusiast Bill Mattes created an impressive Norris-Thing figurine in PLA.

Norris-Thing 3D printed monsters
Maker: Bill Mattes

And you can work on the same project after getting Norris-Thing STL files for 3D printing.

19. Chaplain 40K Dreadnought

Even though the appearance of cybernetic combat walker casts horror and fear on everyone, Chaplain is not a monster in his soul. This spiritual leader of Space Marines fights alongside his brothers Marines and offers prayers to the Emperor.

Hobbyist Sebastian Behrens 3D printed Chaplain figurine on Creality Ender-3 and Photon 3D printers. The finished model is stunning.

Chaplain 40K Dreadnought best 3D prints 2020
Maker: Sebastian Behrens

You can download Chaplain STL files to add the Dreadnought to your collection of best 3D prints 2020. Also, learn how to paint the Chaplain 40K model from the interview shared by Dave English.

20. Deathwing Dragon 3D Print

The list of 3D printed monsters from the World of Warcraft universe indeed includes the mighty Deathwing. As he became the Aspect of Death, his monstrous heart got filled with magma, and he got four armour plates.

Hobbyist Alex Simard recreated an impressive scene with Deathwing hanging over the remnants of the Stormwind City castle in resin.

Deathwing dragon best 3D prints 2020
Maker: Alex Simard

You can recreate this stunning model after getting Deathwing STL files for 3D printing. Also, the interview with Jipé 3D can give you tips on how to print and paint the Deathwing figurine.

Best 3D Printed Robots of October

This October, hobbyists chose to recreate some of the cutest robots and famous robotic models from the collections offered on Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace. All these 3D printed robots will look fantastic in your room if you are a fan of Star Wars, MechWarrior Online, Matrix and other universes.

1. Timber Wolf Mech Model

The BattleTech Universe is rich on some of the best 3D prints to make in 2020. Timber Wolf or MadCat is a popular 3D printing model to decorate your shelf.

Hobbyist Scott Murphy made his version of Timber Wolf model in blue colours. The heavy bipedal vehicle seems to be ready to fight in the battles.

Timber Wolf mech best 3D prints 2020
Maker: Scott Murphy

Build your mech after getting Timber Wolf STL files for 3D printing.

2. T-60 Power Armor 3D Printing Model

If you like to spend time in the wastelands of Fallout 4, your best 3D prints 2020 would include T-60 Power Armor 3D printing model.

Enthusiast James Rooke scaled the model to 150% and printed it on several machines, including Sidewinder X1, Longer LK4 Pro, Prusa MK3s. The project took approximately 197 hours to complete.

T-60 Power Armor best 3D prints 2020
Maker: James Rooke

Get STL files for the T-60 Power Armor 3D printing model.

3. Sentinel Matrix Model to 3D Print

The multi-tentacled killing machine used in the Matrix universe might look like a complicated 3D printing project. Still, the result is worth all the time, and your Sentinel model could easily be one of your best 3D prints made in 2020.

Enthusiast Quentin Machiels created a fantastic FDM version of the deadly machine upscaled to 115%. He added a bendy wire inside the tentacles to pose them.

Sentinel Matrix 3D printing model
Maker: Quentin Machiels

If you are looking for 3D printed robots to patrol your shelf, download Sentinel STL files and make this impressive model.

4. The Iron Giant 3D Printed Robot

Incredible 3D printed robots live in the distant cosmic galaxy. And once in a while, they come to Earth and could attack those who attack them. Still, such robots as the Iron Giant are kind and willing to save the world from evil.

Enthusiast Gary Hendricks printed the Iron Giant model on his Creality Ender-3 machine. He added the dent to the robot’s head and Superman symbol.

The Iron Giant 3D printed robots
Maker: Gary Hendricks

You can also make a monument to the Giant after getting the Iron Giant STL files on Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace.

5. AT-ST Walker Model

A famous fictional two-legged Walker robot from the Star Wars universe can look incredible in your room. You can even place it on the tallest shelf in your apartment, near the ceiling, as done by enthusiast James Rooke.

This hobbyist upscaled the AT-ST Walker to 200% and spent over 200 hours to recreate a fantastic project on his Sidewinder X1, Longer LK4 Pro, Prusa MK3s printers and paint it with a mixture of acrylics and rattle can.

AT-ST Walker best 3D prints 2020
Maker: James Rooke

Bring this one of the best 3D prints 2020 to life by downloading AT-ST Walker STL files on Gambody marketplace.

6. WALL-E 3D Printed Robot

WALL-E is a famous sensitive robotic trash compactor which can be one of your best 3D prints 2020 if you choose to add it to your collection.

Hobbyist Levi Riel started working on a cute 3D printed WALL-E robot model. The project looks beautiful, even without being painted.

WALL-E best robot 3D prints 2020
Maker: Levi Riel

You can download WALL-E STL files on Gambody.

7. Bender Futurama 3D Printed Robot

A comic anti-hero Bender can be a fun 3D printed robot to make. But beware, as this character from Futurama loves to cook life-threatening food.

Enthusiast Piotr Apanowicz upscaled the robot to 200% and created a fun project.

Bender Futurama 3D printed robot
Maker: Piotr Apanowicz

If you wish to add this robot to your list of best 3D prints 2020, get Bender Futurama STL files.

Best 3D Printed Starship Models

The list of the best 3D prints 2020 will never be complete without stunning aircraft models. Many 3D printing hobbyists love to breathe life into the fighters Viper MK II, TIE Interceptor, Raptor, spaceship Serenity, gunship Razor Crest and starship Normandy SR-2.

1. Viper MK II Model

This space fighter loved by the Colonial Fleet has become an icon for many sci-fi enthusiasts and one of the best 3D prints 2020. Viper MK II model boasts rear-facing engines, 30 mm cannons, opened connections and other significant details.

Hobbyist Welder Cabrera recreated the famous fighter along with an exclusive lighted up launch tube. A “neopixel” stripe with 21 LEDs creates a fantasy effect every fan of the space drama will love.

Viper Mk II starship best 3D prints 2020
Maker: Welder Cabrera

Download Viper MK II STL files to bring to life the scenes from the Battlestar Galactica.

2. BSG Raptor 3D Printed Model

You can enhance your Colonial Fleet of the Battlestar Galactica with another incredible spacecraft. The BSG Raptor 3D printing model can assist your fleet and investigate the areas of space at your home.

Hobbyist Quintin-John Smith enjoyed printing and now loves painting this model. He used transparent thin plastic sheets to recreate the clear canopy.

BSG Raptor ship best 3D prints
Maker: Quintin-John Smith

You can also make BSG Raptor 3D printing model a heart of your collection of the best 3D prints 2020.

3. Razor Crest 3D Printed Gunship

A collection of incredible Mandalorian 3D printing models includes the iconic Razor Crest gunship. This spacecraft allows the Mandalorian to enjoy all the dangerous adventures.

Enthusiast Shaun Allen not just printed and masterfully painted the Razor Crest gunship. He also added lighting, reverse thrust brakes and some interior details as well as beefed up the landing gear.

Razor Crest best 3D prints 2020
Maker: Shaun Allen

If you have one of the cute Baby Yoda 3D printing figurines, you should get Razor Crest STL files to add it to your collection of the best 3D prints 2020.

4. TIE Interceptor 3D Print

Even though the Battle of Endor does not occur in your backyard, you can still reinforce the protection of your house by 3D printing an iconic TIE Interceptor model.

Enthusiast James Rooke hanged the stunning fighter in his backyard to create fantastic photos of this project. He upscaled the model to 200% and spent over 280 hours on making a life-like TIE Interceptor fighter.

TIE Interceptor spacecraft best 3D prints 2020
Maker: James Rooke

Fans of Star Wars can download TIE Interceptor spacecraft STL files to make this one of their best 3D prints in 2020.

5. Normandy SR2 Model for 3D Printing

If you love playing Mass Effect game, you should love 3D printing the iconic Normandy SR-2 starship. This massive ship is a jewel to print and paint.

Enthusiast Levian Hawk has started working on this stunning ship and printed its main parts.

Normandy SR-2 starship model for 3D printing
Maker: Levian Hawk

You can also enjoy this adventure once you download the Normandy SR-2 starship STL files for 3D printing.

6. Firefly Serenity Ship Model

The Firefly Serenity 3D printing spaceship is also a great project to turn into your best 3D prints 2020. Its unique design and powerful features give freedom to your imagination while painting the model.

Hobbyist R James Ashton works on Serenity printed by Rich M Wright on Anycubic Mega X 3D printer in PLA filament. Its length is 56 inches (142 cm).

Firefly Serenity best ship model for 3D printing
Makers: R James Ashton and Rich M Wright

You can download the Serenity STL files and upscale this model to 1/50 if you wish. Also, learn how to paint Serenity ship by following tips shared by maker Gregory Belland.

Best 3D Printed Vehicles of October

If you love fantasy movies and thrillers, both DeLorean car from Back to the Future and the War Rig from Mad Max will amaze you. Siege Tank, the heavily armed and armoured combat vehicle, is also one of the best 3D prints to enjoy in 2020.

1. War Rig 3D Model for Printing

An iconic Furiosa’s War Rig is one of the best 3D prints 2020 to recreate. This super-charged tanker truck has many details you will love to paint.

Enthusiast Robert Salvador spent six weeks, 4 kg (8.8 lbs) of PLA and 0.4 kg (0.9 lbs) of TPU on printing this vehicle.

War Rig best 3D prints 2020
Maker: Robert Salvador

Hobbyist Michael Webb upscaled the project to 170% and made a video of the process:

War Rig model made by Michael Webb

Download STL files of War Rig and its Tanker to 3D print this incredible vehicle.

2. DeLorean 3D Printed Vehicle

One of the best cars in fictional history, DeLorean time machine, is a fantastic project to add to your list of the best 3D prints 2020.

Enthusiast Carlos Díaz almost finished the outstanding DeLorean model with added lights and many redesigned parts.

DeLorean time machine 3D printed vehicle
Maker: Carlos Díaz

Hobbyist Diorama Coleccionables also began 3D printing a famous time machine model.

DeLorean car best 3D prints
Maker: Diorama Coleccionables

Decorate your shelf with the iconic vehicle as well. Get DeLorean STL files for 3D printing now.

3. Siege Tank Model

A fighting machine that supplies Terrans with firepower, Siege Tank, is a deadly enemy on the battlefield.

Enthusiast Eloy Fdg chose Siege Tank as his first 3D print, and it turned out great.

Siege Tank best 3D prints vehicle
Maker: Eloy Fdg

Download Siege Tank STL files to 3D print this fantastic model.

These best 3D prints 2020 are a fun way to prepare for the upcoming Christmas holidays and celebrate the New Year 2021. Enjoy turning your dreams into printed figurines and models. Join Gambody Community where other 3D printing enthusiasts share their impressive works and show your new masterpieces.

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