Daring Chaplain 40K Model 3D Printing and Painting Secrets: Interview with Dave English

Being chosen of the Emperor and serving him loyally unto death brings danger and threat to anyone who is Emperor’s enemy. The life of Space Marines is full of battles and deadly adventures because they rejoice only in the glorious act of war. At the same time, Chaplain 40K model for 3D printing makes an outstanding piece of art which you can 3D print, paint and display in the praise to the Emperor.

Among many stunning 40K Chaplain models, the spiritual leader of the Chapters of Adeptus Astartes is probably the most impressive figurine to make. Its human skull that replaces the face, highly-detailed armour, skeletal décor and laser weapon make him a fantastic figurine for fans of wargames, Space Marines and the Warhammer universe.

Chaplain 40K 3D printing figurine from Warhammer

Chaplain 40K Model for 3D Printing

You can download Chaplain 40K figurine STL files for 3D printing on Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace.

And the interview with a talented maker Dave English can be your guide to turning one of the most impressive 40K Chaplain models into life.

Listen to what Dave has to say about the spiritual leader of Space Marines who loves to be at the forefront of the Chapter’s battlelines awe-inspiring warriors for unforgettable deeds of bravery and devotion.

1. Can you please introduce yourself and tell us more about your 3D printing hobby (when it began, how you found out about it, your first 3D printer, etc.)?

Hey everyone! My name is Dave. I live in Brisbane, Australia.

I’ve always been heavy into pop culture, TV/Movies/Music/Gaming. I’m in my mid-30s and still massively young at heart. I’m paying off a mortgage now and have my dream geek den in my apartment. I’ve always wanted a room with a showcase of models/figures, but I’ve never been able to find the ones I really want.

Then I stumbled onto 3D printing and figured I’d just get what I want myself! I’ve discovered a hobby that is just ‘Me’!

I’m currently printing on the Ender 3 3D printer and achieving amazing quality. However, I want to upgrade to Resin Printing soon. I am just getting over the ‘entry-level’ printing before I upgrade.

Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace by far has the best 3D printing models accompanied with printer settings to help achieve amazing results. I recommend them as much as I can for people new into the scene!

40K Space Marine chapter 3D printing figurine
Maker: Dave English

2. Are you a fan of Warhammer 40K board game or computer games? Are you on the side of the Space Marine Chapter in battles?

Honestly, I’ve never played Warhammer. But I’m a MASSIVE fan of the Warhammer 40K lore and just the overall design of their models (I really hope they make a TV series on 40k!)  

3. What attracted you in Chaplain 40K model for 3D printing, which was inspired by Pavel Zolot’ko’s concept art?

This was more a commission for a friend. He loves the beefy/chunky designs and concepts of Warhammer 40K Space Marines.

3D printed Chaplain 40K figurine front and back
Maker: Dave English

And yet you can’t find any large-scale statues anywhere! So, when we saw the Chaplain 40K model ‘pop up’ on Gambody marketplace, it was an instant must-have!

4. How challenging was Chaplain 40K model to make? Did you experience any issues with STL files or 3D printer settings on the Creality Ender 3?

The Chaplain 40K model is such a beast of a model! It was definitely one of the toughest prints I’ve done, but also so rewarding and I learnt so much.

I printed on the Ender 3 with PLA and used Cura as my slicer program. I plugged in the Gambody’s recommended settings that came with the Chaplain 40K model which worked well. I had to turn the model pieces in Cura sometimes to get the best result ‘support’ wise, and I printed one piece at a time.

Chaplain 40K rib cage on the staff
Maker: Dave English

The toughest part for me was the rib cage on the staff. Tearing the supports out from inside the rib cage was a big challenge. I ended up breaking that model piece, removed the supports, then glued the rib cage back together, not the prettiest option, but it worked out for me in the end.

Something I did notice was the cape on the Chaplain’s ‘back’ and ‘legs’ didn’t align on the model. I thought I did something wrong. However, I think that’s how the model is designed.

40K Chaplain models for 3D printing
Maker: Dave English

5. How much time did this project take you, from the moment you downloaded Chaplain 40K model STL files to the last touch of your paintbrush?

Oh, wow, good question. Unfortunately, I can’t remember now, but I do remember having a graveyard of failed prints, and my partner saying “Babe! Are you still working on that thing?”.

Chaplain 40K 3D printing figurine
Maker: Dave English

Please note though, this was very early in my 3D printing hobby stage, and I had a lot to learn.

6. Did you scale the original STL files of the Chaplain 40K model for 3D printing, or is your figurine of its default height of 37 cm (15 inches)?

I ended up upscaling the Chaplain 40K model. I think I bumped it up to 150% or 170%. My friend wanted a Big Badass model.

Stunning skeleton and skull 3D printing parts of Chaplain Space Marine figurine
Maker: Dave English

Upscaling actually made things a little easier with dealing with removing supports.

7. You have a picture of Chaplain 40K figurine next to your dog. Does your “paw buddy” help you in 3D printing and painting statues?

Oh, wow haha! Absolutely! Little Coco helps me keep cool and calm. Whenever I lay that 1st layer of a print on the printer bed, we’re both crouched down low with our eyes snapped on that Ender 3 bed.

Chaplain 40K model for 3D printing and a dog to compare size
Maker: Dave English

When I had all my pieces complete, she sat with me on the couch watching TV while I painted. She’s a great coach.

8. How did you paint your Chaplain 40K model? Did you use the airbrushing method or regular brushes? Which paints worked for you the best?

I used regular brushes. However, I can’t wait to upgrade to an airbrush!

Painting Chaplain 40K 3D printed model guide
Maker: Dave English

I used Citadel paints from Games Workshop. My friend’s favourite theme is Red and Black, and he wanted this Chaplain drenched in blood from heavy combat.

9. Did you have a reference for Chaplain 40K while painting this figurine, or did you use your imagination to create such a fantastic project?

For this one, I used my imagination. I’m really enjoying painting and all the different techniques. I had a lot of fun with this model.

A 3D printed part of Chaplain figurine
Maker: Dave English

10. Did you experience any challenges while painting some parts of this stunning Warhammer 40K Space Marine character? How did you mask the parts already painted to avoid staining them or mixing unwanted colours?

I absolutely faced challenges with the paint job. However, I found that with a Warhammer 40K Space Marine being ‘Rough and Dirty’ really worked well! It gave a sense of ‘Wear and Tear’ and combat.

How to paint 3D printed Chaplain 40K model
Maker: Dave English

I was anxious about the amount of blood (Blood For The Blood God – technical Citadel paint) I used, however, my friend loved it!

A word of advice, though. LESS IS MORE! You can always add more paint to a model, however, correcting an ‘overuse’ of paint is really tough. Just take your time. If you start feeling like “I just want this finished!” or “Oh wow! I’m almost done! Can’t wait to take photos!” 

PUT YOUR BRUSH DOWN! Trust me, you’ll be glad you took a time out and didn’t overdo it.

11. The model looks big for the board game. Did you make it for display?

Absolutely for display. My friend got a glass case with a revolving base and lights. It is such a great model for showing off!

Detailed view of the 3D printed Chaplain figurine
Maker: Dave English

12. Do you have plans to 3D print any other character from Warhammer 40K universe? If yes, which 3D printing model are you interested in the most?

Not so much a character, but more of a diorama. I really want to get into the diorama scene and make a cabinet with a different scene on each shelf – Desert, Jungle, Post-Apocalyptic Cities, etc.

13. Any advice for enthusiasts who are going to 3D print Chaplain 40K model?

Treat this as an experimental lesson and push through it! Play, have fun and learn. When I finally achieved this, my 3D printing hobby elevated into something great!

Best 40K Space Marine leader Chaplain figurine
Maker: Dave English

We thank Dave for taking his time to answer our questions. His 3D printed Chaplain 40K model looks lifelike and boasts amazing painting details. Hopefully, you will get inspired by this project and also make the fearful leader of Space Marines on your 3D printer. Don’t forget to share the photos of your figurine in Gambody community on Facebook, as you can inspire other hobbyists for new deeds.

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