15 Impressive Mandalorian Figurine and 3D Models for 3D Printing

The impressive Star Wars universe seems to be endless. The release of The Mandalorian TV series offers many fantastic adventures to anyone who loves to travel in the outer reaches of the galaxy. This fantasy world creates many characters and iconic spaceships a true collector can die for, and Gambody’s selection of stunning Mandalorian figurine and models to 3D print can bring you hours of joy. Therefore, make your favourite figurines, 3D printed helmet, gauntlets, beskar armour and spacecraft.

Many people cannot wait to see the fights between Baby Yoda, Din Djarin and the Darksaber much expected in The Mandalorian Season 2. The lightsaber fights were missing in the first season. But you can easily prepare for this twist by making yourself a Mandalorian 3D printed helmet and rifle as well as printing your companion, Child figure.

To start your adventures, you will also need to create a replica of Razor Crest gunship and Mandalorian droid IG-11.

Mandalorian 3D printing models and figurines

Mandalorian Figurine to 3D Print

There are several highly-detailed Mandalorian 3D printing figurines and models on Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace. You can download premium STL files and create unforgettable scenes from one of the most popular TV series of 2020-2021.

And, of course, you can find many more 3D print files from The Mandalorian universe on the internet.

To ease your choices, Gambody has compiled the 15 most incredible Mandalorian designs you can turn into fantastic weaponry, collectable figurines and models as well as cosplay items.

1. Mandalorian Baby Yoda 3D Print

An idea to add a Child figure to The Mandalorian TV series melted the hearts of millions of fans of the Star Wars universe. This alien creature is so cute and active that different companies quickly released their toys. And you can also make an impressive Mandalorian Baby Yoda 3D print.

There is a fantastic 3D printing figurine of Baby Yoda on Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace. It becomes a beautiful print, as proved by many talented hobbyists. And you can choose any colours to make your masterpiece stand out.

Maker Patrik Romano, for example, painted his cute Baby Yoda figurine with Vallejo airbrush colours. He chose light green and goblin green for the body and light brown and golden brown for the coat:

Mandalorian Baby Yoda 3D print
Maker: Patrik Romano

Maker Josh Rosey, on the other hand, decided that Baby Yoda’s skin should shine like beautiful emeralds and the clothes can be of copper shade:

Mandalorian Child figure to 3D print
Maker: Josh Rosey

You can also make a stunning photoshoot for your 3D printed Mandalorian Child figure like Onur Şimşek did for his Baby Yoda 3D print:

3D printed Baby Yoda Mandalorian figurine
Maker: Onur Şimşek

Get STL files to make your version of the Baby Yoda Mandalorian figurine and discover 20 various Baby Yoda ideas for 3D printing to enlarge your collection of these adorable aliens.

2. Mandalorian Razor Crest 3D Print

The pre-Empire Mandalorian spaceship model is a gunship piloted by Din Djarin. The ship’s big cylindrical drum engines are so in-style with the Mandalorian spirit that this spacecraft becomes a must to collect.

You will love making the highly detailed cockpit, printing the fuselage windows with transparent filament, adding LEDs to light up the Mandalorian Razor Crest 3D print, retracting the boarding stairs and recreating the most impressive scenes from the movie.

Maker Martin Thesen made a fantastic model of Razor Crest. It was 3D printed in resin, and this ship looks so real that it seems that Din Djarin will soon board it and the Razor Crest would take off in search of the new adventures.

Razor Crest replica 3D printed
Maker: Martin Thesen

Some Gambody enthusiasts are in the process of printing and assembling this popular Mandalorian spaceship model.

Maker Clint Barton chose to 3D print the Razor Crest ship at about 1:18 scale. It is not finished yet, but the process looks very impressive:

Mandalorian spaceship model Razor Crest for 3D printing
Maker: Clint Barton

Another hobbyist, Jp Farenden, scaled the model at 71% to fit in with Star Wars legion scale and spent two weeks and 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs) of filament on 3D printing the Mandalorian spaceship model. It is now ready for gap filling and painting:

Mandalorian Razor Crest 3D model to print
Maker: Jp Farenden

You can download the Mandalorian Razor Crest model for 3D printing on Gambody – Premium marketplace.

3. Droid IG-11 Mandalorian Figurine

The famous “Child with a gun” as Droid IG-11 is often called looks very impressive as a 3D printed Mandalorian figurine. Firstly, it is a highly articulated project. Secondly, you will love making the robot’s guns, blaster rifle and Pulse cannon, and assemble the whole thing without glue.

The stunning Droid IG-11 for 3D printing is available on Gambody to download. This robot comes with an exclusive platform that resembles the deserted planet you should remember from the movie trailer.

Gambody enthusiast, Mark Mg, already recreated the incredible IG-11 Mandalorian figurine. He chose to scale the project up to 200% before printing it on Creality CR10-S5 3D printer with PLA filament. You can adore the final result.

Droid IG-11 Mandalorian figurine
Maker: Mark Mg

If you would like to achieve similar smoothness on your FDM printer, try to apply epoxy and primer as well as sand your 3D print after printing. And, of course, use your painting talent to make the Mandalorian Droid IG-11 look alive.

4. Mandalorian Full Beskar Armor Figure

The Mandalorian figurine for 3D printing can be an exciting project to make, especially if you can scale it to fit inside the Razor Crest spaceship. Download STL files of Mandalorian full beskar armor figure on Gambody. Print it and build your scenes from the famous TV series by placing Din Djarin and Baby Yoda figurines in or next to the ship and setting your imagination free for fantasy photoshoots and room décor.

Mandalorian full beskar armor figure
Mandalorian full beskar armor figure by JN Morris and Krystian Granatowski

You can always recognize Din Djarin or the Mandalorian figurine by the Beskar helmet and impressive armour.

The Mandalorian figurine for 3D printing
Image: jorge-rahab (CGTrader)

You can find this model in different poses, but each 3D printing version of Din Djarin carries a gun and rifle.

Din Djarin Mandalorian figurine 3D print
Image: spartak (CGTrader)

Your impressive Mandalorian 3D print will look beautiful on a shelf. Just turn on your 3D printer and start creating the Star Wars universe right at your home.

5. Mandalorian 3D Print Armor

It can be much fun to prepare for Halloween, Christmas and cosplay events ahead of time by making 3D printed Mandalorian armor for yourself or your kids. Children love to dress up for different holidays, and many men also feel like a child deep in their hearts. Thus, working on armor 3D print of your favourite movie character is a stunning idea.

Turning into Din Djarin right at your home is fantastic. You can find different STL files to 3D print Mandalorian armor on the internet.

For example, you can 3D print the full-size Mandalorian beskar armor which can be indeed wearable by a person who is approximately 170-185 cm (5.5-6 feet) tall:

Mandalorian 3D print armor
Image: 3D-mon (CGTrader)

You can even complete your looks with a machine gun and jetpack replica as well as shoe front covers, wearable protection for your arms, legs and body as there is a 3D printing Mandalorian beskar armor for cosplay fans and party geeks.

3D printed Mandalorian armor
Images: fito-pin (CGTrader)

6. 3D Printed Mandalorian Helmet

You can build a fun cosplay helmet even without making the full costume of your favourite hero. The 3D printed Mandalorian helmet looks stunning and is easily recognized among other accessories.

For example, you can get STL files to 3D print an Imperial Super Commando Helmet. It can be painted in any colour of your choice. Any version will look fantastic:

Imperial Super Commando helmet 3D printed
Images: Phil Kierczak, Christian Haglund and Tie Kai (MyMiniFactory)

Or you can make a replica of Din Djarin’s helmet. Such a version of the 3D printed Mandalorian helmet will look impressive in metallic silver colour.

3D printed Mandalorian Helmet
Images: Chris Childs (MyMiniFactory)

If you love to experiment you can create rainbow-coloured accessories or choose other bright shades to impress others.

7. Mandalorian Gauntlets 3D Printed

Making protective Mandalorian armor for your hands on a home 3D printer is a neat idea if you prepare for Halloween or cosplay events.

Mando, which is a sobriquet for Din Djarin, appears in the TV series with a full set of arm armor. His shoulders are protected with pauldrons, arms with vambraces and hands with Mudhorn Signet and whistling birds.

Mandalorian Gauntlets 3D printed
Image: Aidan Corrales (Thingiverse)

Such Mandalorian Gauntlets look fantastic if 3D printed as a part of your cosplay costume.

8. Mythosaur Mandalorian Skull STL

The Mandalorian iconography has its symbols. And the Mythosaur skull is one of the traditional symbols which you can spot on the planet Batuu in the TV series.

Such a distinctive symbol becomes a stunning souvenir for a fan of Star Wars. You can 3D print Mythosaur Mandalorian skull using STL and make key chain or necklace for your sweetheart.

Mythosaur Mandalorian skull STL
Images: Wbaldo Estrada and Tyler Y (Thingiverse)

You can also turn the famous bounty hunter symbol into a 3D printed Mandalorian skull logo which can decorate your room.

9. Mandalorian Cookie Cutters for 3D Printing

The list of impressive Mandalorian symbols for 3D printing must include holiday cookie cutters. Such kitchen accessories are great when you wish to bake something cute and exclusive for your children or guests.

You can choose simple Baby Yoda, Mythosaur skull and Mandalorian helmet shapes or select an intricate Mandalorian cookie cutter with a stamping part.

Mandalorian cookie cutters to 3D print
Images: 3D-mon (Cults)

The baking result can look like a true masterpiece. Little fans of Star Wars will love to have such cookies for everyday lunch.

10. The Mandalorian Rifle 3D Print

Din Djarin’s most famous gun is the rifle. This Amban phase-pulse blaster was designed to vaporize, electrocute, and shoot enemies. However, the Mandalorian rifle 3D print files give you a chance to make a safe replica for cosplaying and costume parties.

The Mandalorian rifle 3D print
Image: Kenton Rusbridge (MyMiniFactory)

If printed at 100% scale, the fantastic blaster reaches 60 inches (152 cm) in length. The project also requires additional rods of 25mm and 8 mm in diameter.

And, of course, a lot depends on the painting work. The final 3D printed Mandalorian rifle can look incredibly realistic.

11. Mandalorian Knife 3D Print

Every costume looks much better when completed with weapons. Of course, if the character whose costume you wish to recreate uses weapons in the movie or game.

If you wish to become Din Djarin for a day or two, you can find a stunning Mandalorian knife with STL files for 3D printing. It features the Mythosaur skull logo and can use different blades.

Mandalorian knife 3D print
Image: Clarence Erickson (Thingiverse)

When printed and painted, such a knife looks like a real weapon, although it is just a replica made of plastic.

12. Mandalorian Coin 3D Print

Would you like to have Jon Favreau’s Mandalorian Challenge coin? While you cannot use it to pay for regular goods in physical shops, such a replica can be your precious souvenir.

The face of the Mandalorian coin 3D print features the helmet art created by Rob Pauza.

Mandalorian coin 3D print
Images: Rob Pauza and Nicholas Dimelow (MyMiniFactory)

There is excellent news for anyone who loves to 3D print without supports. This Mandalorian coin 3D printing model is support-free.

13. Mandalorian Trophy 3D Print

When you play a Mando in a Star Wars game, it is natural for you to collect trophies. Why not 3D printing a trophy for your collection of Mandalorian figurines and models to display in real life?

Mandalorian trophy 3D print
Images: Jerry E Knapp and Handel Laouer (MyMiniFactory)

A skull head in a broken helmet looks like a fun Mandalorian trophy to make on a 3D printer. The project designed by Paul Braddock features the Mythosaur Skull logo and seems to be an exciting thing to paint.

14. Jawa Mandalorian Figurine for 3D Printing

Jawas are skinny and rodent-like creatures you meet in the Mandalorian TV series. The oversized hoods hide their wrinkled faces and glowing eyes, and their bodies are covered with a cloak.

A 3D printing Jawa Mandalorian figurine can be hollowed inside, which lets you add LEDs to light up the creature’s eyes.

Jawa Mandalorian figurine for 3D printing
Images: ArcLight3d and Chris Wilkins (MyMiniFactory)

Such a figurine can complete your Mandalorian scenes and a 3D printed diorama.

15. Stormtrooper Mandalorian Warrior Figure

The elite warriors of the Galactic Empire represent the authority of the Emperor both in Star Wars movies and The Mandalorian TV series.

It is incredible to 3D print the faceless servants to recreate the most impressive scenes from the film. Their white armour and unique helmets are fun to paint. Even with a hidden face, each Stormtrooper Mandalorian warrior figure portrays the power of ruthlessness and fear.

You can get inspired by the Stormtrooper figurine made by hobbyist Malo Km and download Stormtrooper STL files for 3D printing on Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace.

Stormtrooper Mandalorian warrior figure
Maker: Malo Km

The world of The Mandalorian is cruel and full of deaths. However, it has courage and braveness, funny moments and cute creatures like Baby Yoda.

Creating this world on a 3D printer is very exciting. So download the STL files of your favourite Mandalorian figurine or model, turn on your printer and 3D print fantastic scenes from the popular TV series. Share photos of your projects in Gambody group on Facebook to inspire others and motivate yourself.

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