Inspiring Dungeons and Dragons Models: Things to 3D Print for D&D

Many people from all over the world are in love with miniature wargames and tabletop role-playing games. Dungeons & Dragons combine both types in the fantasy genre and have an army of fans. If you also love this game and are in search for things to 3D print for D&D, Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace is happy to share some of the most inspiring Dungeons and Dragons models you can bring to life on a 3D printer.

Surely, you can play D&D with a nickel that replaces multiple characters. But it is more exciting to use exclusive Dungeons and Dragons 3D printed characters and turn fictional D&D miniatures into real objects that wow with their realism and share a true wargame spirit.

D&D Fantasy World

D&D exists since 1974. The original game became a foundation for many new versions, updates and fantasy worlds which is possible because of the simple game setup. The adventures are set by DM (Dungeon Master who is like a storyteller) and accomplished by players. The DM suggest the challenges, and players are forced to battle and complete quests.

Dungeons and Dragons is not a one-day game. It can last for months, and players can develop their characters, gain new experience, learn new skills, pick up loot, etc. Thus, 3D printed D&D terrain, dungeons, castles, tokens, various miniatures and characters become a valuable part of the game, its background and equipment, useful items and spells, enemies and supporters.

Dungeons and Dragons models for 3D printing

Dungeons and Dragons Models

The game suggests the 12 basic classes of characters, such as wizards, warlocks, monks, fighters, bards, rogues, sorcerers, druids, barbarians, paladins, rangers and clerics. There are also several hundreds of monsters and fantasy creatures such as gnomes, half-orcs, elves, Dragonborn and humans. Besides, the D&D rules keep developing and extending beyond the world of Dungeons and Dragons, crossing with other famous universes such as Lord of the Rings, Dark Souls and Naruto, and growing with the fan-art and canon D&D artwork.

It is entirely up to you which things to 3D print for D&D as long as you read the Player’s Handbook and follow the basic rules of the game. Below you will find a list of Dungeons and Dragons models for 3D printing that can make your gameplay more remarkable and thrilling.

D&D Terrain 3D Print Files

The terrain sets the emotional background of the game. Thus, gamers who are in love with a mysterious and adventurous atmosphere of Dungeons and Dragons often search for high-quality D&D terrain 3D print files. Use your fantasy while searching for the best 3D printing pieces or 3D design your own medieval-style castles, brick walls, old pavements and fortresses.

Thanks to a big D&D online society and true fans of the game, you can find impressive 3D printed D&D terrain STL files and build your scenery on a 3D printer at home as Markus did. Also known as @dndcrafting, Markus is a talented Dungeon Master who loves to 3D print beautiful terrains:

D&D terrain 3D print files
Maker: @dndcrafting (instagram)

Some fans love to create giant dioramas that feature everything a D&D player needs. Ryan Devoto is one of such makers, and his 3D printed D&D terrain impresses with its scale. Even to explore every detail and corner of such scenery can take you hours and hours in a row:

Ryan Devoto’s masterpiece

What can you say about playing in such surroundings?

Here is a stunning example of 3D printed D&D terrain featuring tavern and bandit camp:

3D printed D&D terrain
Maker: honorablethief (imgur)

These are 3D printable tiles for Dungeons and Dragons and similar tabletop games:

D&D tiles for 3D printing

And this 3D printed dungeon by Reddit user Pseudo_Prodigal_Son is also fantastic:

3D printed Dungeons and Dragons models terrain
Maker: Pseudo_Prodigal_Son (reddit)

Your dungeon can be built as a modular system like this 3D printed scene that was based on Fat Dragons Games Dragon Lock 3D printing models and made by user tk32:

3D printed dungeons for tabletop game
Maker: tk32

Your 3D printed D&D map can also look similar to this project made by ShinyGeek:

D&D map for 3D printing
Maker: ShinyGeek (imgur)

You can download D&D terrain 3D print files to build the medieval cathedral, towers, gates, houses and other stunning miniatures. For example, these moving gates for Dungeon and Dragons look stunning:

Moving gate 3D printing model for D&D
Image: Alex OIK (MyMiniFactory)

Here is a brilliant example of a medieval village and cottage that can be a tremendous D&D terrain:

Medieval village Dungeons and Dragons models to 3D print
Medieval village model. Image: Hugo Vilandré (Thingiverse)
D&D cottage for 3D printing
3D printing cottage model. Image: Arian Croft (Thingiverse)

Even a 3D printed ship can become your playable terrain:

3D printing ship as D&D terrain
3D printing ship model. Image: Tecwyn LEE (Thingiverse)

Fantastic 3D printed 28mm stalagmites can decorate your background as well:

Stalagmites for 3D printing
Stalagmites for 3D printing. Image: Ryan Beasecker (Thingiverse)

You can always find more D&D terrain 3D print files on the numerous www-resources and build beautiful D&D terrain with the medieval atmosphere which spirit runs through your veins and heart.

D&D Dragon 3D Print

Even though the maps and terrain remind of medieval times in Dungeons and Dragons game, its scenes feature many fantasy creatures. And dragons are among the list of figurines you might like to 3D print once you build the villages and towns.

You can start your collection with impressive creatures from The Lost Dragons series or 3D models designed for tabletop games such as D&D. One Kickstarter project offers a whole bunch of various dragons, monsters and characters which you can 3D print as fantastic miniatures for yourself:

D&D models for 3D printing

You can also imagine the dangerous Deathwing ruining one of the D&D castles. Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace offers Deathwing STL files, and even though this mighty dragon is a big statue, some talented hobbyists manage to downscale the model without losing all the impressive details.

Here is a stunning example of the Deathwing diorama in its mighty size:

Deathwing 3D printing model
Maker: Annie Moberg

The same thing can be said about Viserion Ice dragon for 3D printing and Smaug dragon model. Both figurines become stunning 3D prints and might be hypothetically added to the D&D scene as miniatures.

D&D dragon 3D print
Maker: Aelia Petro

Or you can 3D print a red dragon miniature by Miguel Zavala for your D&D game, which can be painted into any other colour as well:

Dungeons and Dragons model to 3D print by Miguel Zavala
Maker: Miguel Zavala (MyMiniFactory)

This black dragon 3D printing figurine by Miguel Zavala also looks like a well-fitting miniature for the D&D tabletop world:

D&D black dragon 3D printing figurine
Maker: Stephanie Muringer (MyMiniFactory)

Here is another 3D printing dragon with a rider for D&D world:

3D printing dragon miniature for Dungeons and Dragons
Image: Nathan Lambes (Thingiverse)

And here come even more fantastic dragons for 3D printing to enjoy:

D&D dragon models to 3D print
Images: Thingiverse

3D Printed D&D Tokens, Dice, Coins

Every tabletop game requires dice, tokens, coins and other accessories that make the storytelling a real adventure and turn the regular room into a fantasy world. D&D is not an exception to the rule. This famous miniature wargame requires many essential miniature pieces without which the game can be dull.

For example, you will need 3D printed D&D tokens once you choose to create your Dungeons and Dragons gameplay pieces on a 3D printer. Luckily, many fans of the game share their STL files of 3D printing tokens like these beast tokens which you can turn into life:

3D printed D&D tokens
Image: Jim Rodda (MyMiniFactory)

These are numbered D&D tokens which you can 3D print for your gameplay:

Numbered D&D tokens to 3D print
Images: Patrick Leedom (Thingiverse)

You can download class D&D tokens STL files that cover all 12 basic classes of characters that exist in the game:

Dungeons and Dragons models 3D printing class tokens
Image: Joseph Beaudoin (Thingiverse)

It is also possible to 3D print D&D initiative tracker and to build a spell slot tracker:

D&D models to 3D print initiative tracker and spell slot
Images: MyMiniFactory

Fans of skull designs can 3D print unique enemy counter for your Dungeons and Dragons tabletop game:

Dungeons and Dragons enemy counter 3D printing models
Image: Tom Price (MyMiniFactory)

Coins are also a part of the game. So, make sure to 3D print various coins for your D&D world. These are some examples of Dungeons and Dragons models you can find on the internet:

Dungeons and Dragons coins for 3D printing
Images: MyMiniFactory

A set of Dungeons and Dragons dice models (D4 to D20) and a dice case box are also a valuable addition to your collection of 3D printed D&D miniatures:

Dungeons and Dragons D&D dice set for 3D printing
Images: MyMiniFactory

To roll your dice, you can 3D print a fantastic D&D Dice Tower model. This project offers two paths. Your dice can be rolled through the tower’s top. If you are using just one die, you can move it through the channel in the model’s balcony:

Dungeons and Dragons dice tower models for 3D printing
Image: Emma Simo (Thingiverse)

If you need a life counter, only 3D print it:

D&D life counter
Image: Markus Kothe (Thingiverse)

D&D Miniatures 3D Print Files

There is a big list of possible Dungeons and Dragons 3D print miniatures. And you can make them all if you have enough free time and a big desire to recreate a unique world of D&D with Dungeons and Dragons 3D printed characters, monsters and other miniatures.

When thinking about the best D&D miniatures 3D print files, one should recollect a real fan of the game, 3D designer Miguel Zavala. This hobbyist is so much in love with Dungeons and Dragons that he keeps adding more and more D&D miniatures STL files to help others print fantastic figurines for the game.

Take advantage of the D&D miniatures for 3D printing created by Miguel Zavala. Many of his impressive 3D printing figurines and models come with free STL files:

Dungeons and Dragons D&D miniatures for 3D printing
Maker: Miguel Zavala (@mz4250 on instagram)

The collection of D&D miniatures designed by Miguel Zavala already exceeds 1,900 projects!

Also, keep in mind the various monsters’ 3D printing miniatures you might like to make on a 3D printer:

Dungeons and Dragons monsters models to 3D print
Chest monster, Basilisk, Carrion Crawler, Beholder, Behir and Black Leech. Images: Thingiverse

Dungeons and Dragons 3D Printed Character

Every player needs characters to act according to the storytelling set up by the Dungeon Master. Here is a D&D character starter set you can 3D print for your gameplay:

Dungeons and Dragons 3D printed character models
Image: William Chamberlin (Thingiverse)

If you enjoy the D&D artwork created by Arian Croft, you will love the D&D miniatures 3D print files shared by Efgar. The 3D printing set includes several characters such as wizards, barbarian, bard, monk, ranger, dwarfs, warlock, paladin, cleric, etc.:

Dungeons and Dragons miniature models for 3D printing
Image: Edgar Garcia (Efgar, Thingiverse)

Women who play Dungeons and Dragons with their men might like to choose a female warrior as their 3D printed character. Here is an example of a 3D printing woman warrior miniature for your D&D collection:

Dungeons and Dragons woman warrior miniature
Image: Leo Verde Art (MyMiniFactory)

It is easy to build a real orc horde and paint your D&D miniatures any colour you like:

Dungeons and Dragons orc horde models to 3D print
Image: William Chamberlin (Thingiverse)

You can even design your own Dungeons and Dragons 3D printed character. Just use the basic form, add changes and download your STL files to 3D print the figurine.

3D printing Dungeons and Dragons miniatures

Other Things to 3D Print for D&D

If you wish to focus on gaming and D&D story, you can print various accessories that add more intricate details to your adventures.

Begin with 3D printing D&D logo/stencil which can decorate your terrain:

D&D logo for 3D printing stencil
Image: 614 Creations (MyMiniFactory)

A set of D&D condition rings can help you track your gameplay once these pieces are 3D printed:

Dungeons and Dragons condition rings for 3D printing
Image: JINJA (Cults)

With a 3D printer, you can even make a case to keep all your condition rings used for playing Dungeons and Dragons:

Dungeons and Dragons box for condition rings
Image: Brittney Duke (Thingiverse)

You can recreate a set of D&D ampersand keychain and turn these projects into 3D printed gifts for your friends:

Dungeons and Dragons keychain models for 3D printing
Image: John Gantos (Thingiverse)

P.S. You can also decorate your D&D terrain with one of the most famous characters from the Lord of the Rings universe, the Treebeard. Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace offers the Treebeard figurine for 3D printing, and it looks stunning when printed at 65% scale by maker Bullets Ie:

D&D Lord of the Rings models to 3D print
Maker: Bullets Ie

As a rule, Gambody doesn’t recommend scaling down of the models at all. However, some talented hobbyists manage to 3D print stunning miniatures that are scaled down from the original models and still look fantastic.

The list of inspiring Dungeons and Dragons models you can 3D print is long. The game accounts hundreds of characters, numerous terrain ideas and simple-to-follow rules that do not limit your fantasy. A bit of patience, your creativity, and a 3D printer can do a miracle and help you build a beautiful tabletop world for days and months of incredible gameplay. Just make sure to share your 3D printed masterpieces with other hobbyists in Gambody group on Facebook, as this community loves adoring beautiful works and projects that wow.

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