Cool 3D Printed DnD Props and Pieces: 3D Print Your Dungeons and Dragons World

As more people fall in love with the D&D game, the list of 3D printed Dungeons and Dragons stuff grows. Talented hobbyists come up with new essential accessories, fantastic dragon statues, beautiful landscape ideas and turn their favourite characters into stunning monsters and valuable creations. Explore more brilliant projects and 3D print DnD props and pieces everyone will die for.

D&D designs and creations keep impressing old and new fans of this super-popular board game. Although, to tell you the truth, the size of the game has long outgrown most usual tabletop games. Some users allocate an entire room for their hobby. They recreate their D&D world with many 3D printed pieces, statues, accessories and other Dungeons and Dragons props you might also like to make.

DnD props

3D Printed Dungeons and Dragons

It is popular to build fantasy worlds at home. You can 3D print diverse locations, incredible characters, fantastic accessories and unique D&D pieces, which was impossible several years ago.

Today, anyone with a 3D printer under $1000 and cheap 3D printers under $300 can create DIY Dungeons and Dragons stuff using beautiful pieces sculpted and modelled by talented 3D designers.

Gambody shared some stunning 3D printing Dungeons and Dragons models last year. But the number of buildings, DnD props, essential D&D accessories and statues has grown ever since. And today, you can be inspired by even more cool DnD stuff to add to your collection of 3D prints.

What should I print for D&D?

When you start building your fantasy world, you will need some basic things. It is a must to make a 3D printed D&D terrain, medieval buildings, DnD dragons, some monster pieces, essential Dungeons and Dragons accessories and various props. Also, you can turn your favourite characters into playable figures.

Today, some of the most popular designs include DnD Warhammer, Skyrim roleplay character ideas, Lord of the Rings figurines and WoW warriors.

DnD Props

Some gamers still remember the old times when the game arrived in a white or blue box. A lot has changed ever since.

New tabletop games, books, video games keep releasing. And thanks to stunning 3D printed Dungeons and Dragons buildings, landscapes, character pieces, DnD props, anyone can recreate the most beautiful fantasy world at home. You can also bring your D&D gameplay to a whole new level.

Discover unique designs and 3D print D&D pieces that impress you the most.

3D Printed D&D Terrain

Your Dungeons and Dragons landscape will please your eye if you find some cool D&D stuff to 3D print. The cute little buildings, castles, medieval walls and 3D printed D&D terrain turn a regular table into a fantasy world.

Some Dungeons and Dragons buildings look like a fairy tale that came to life on a 3D printer bed:

The photos of 3D printed houses by Instagram user Roi Gonzalez (@elroi_101) and Gambody hobbyist Annie Moberg are mesmerizing:

D&D pieces 3D printed buildings
Cute D&D pieces made by Instagram user @elroi_101
3D printed D&D building LOTR style
Hobbit house 3D printed by Annie Moberg

Even a racked tower from the WoW world can fit the beautiful 3D printed Dungeons and Dragons game scenery. Downscaled to 50%, this SLA model made by Gambody team is 9 cm (3.5 inches) tall:

3D print D&D tower from WoW world
3D printed WoW tower that could join the DnD world

And now look at other beautiful 3D prints that can be real and belong to you:

Some cool Dungeons and Dragons props to 3D print

To 3D print D&D terrain, you need to find STL files and learn how to paint your Dungeons and Dragons tiles. This video shows some stunning painting tips by The Crafting Brothers, who worked hard on bringing to life some beautiful pieces for their tabletop game:

How much does it cost to 3D print D&D terrain?

Anyone would dream to make a cheap D&D terrain on a 3D printer. But let us think how much it costs:

* Firstly, you need a 3D printer. The cheapest new 3D printer 2021 costs $159.
* Secondly, you need filament. A spool costs about $20-$30.
* Thirdly, you must find paid or free D&D 3D models for printing.

Depending on your 3D printed D&D terrain size, it could cost you about $179 to make one. However, it is necessary to get an affordable 3D printer once to keep adding more and more DnD props to extend your fantasy world. So, with time, the price will get down to the cost of the 3D printing materials, 3D models, electricity and your time.

STL Files to 3D Print D&D Terrain

To make your 3D printed D&D terrain outstanding, use the STL files of tiles that conquer your heart at first sight. Here are some sources with cool 3D printing Dungeons and Dragons stuff and dungeon ideas for your landscape:

Examples of 3D Printed DnD Terrain

Here is an idea of a 3D printed Dungeons and Dragons terrain you could make using paid and free STL files, your imagination and a 3D printer:

And, of course, enjoy other fantastic terrains 3D printed by DnD hobbyists from across the world:

D&D stuff 3D printed
3D printed D&D terrain. Image source:

Reddit users grant120 and Xillocient shared photos of their 3D printed DnD terrains:

3D printed Dungeons and Dragons terrain
Incredible terrain 3D printed by grant120
D&D game pieces 3D printed
Stunning D&D game pieces 3D printed by Xillocient

A massive fortress 3D printed by another Reddit user Zpsiko could also join your DnD props collection if you prefer large scale pieces:

D&D props 3D printed fortress
Detailed fortress 3D printed by Zpsiko

Instagram user Finn C. (@miniatures_and_monsters) painted an impressive Beholder’s Tavern:

3D printed D&D terrain
Beholder’s Tavern made by @miniatures_and_monsters

Instagram user J.p. McNeill (@theleprechaun_fantasy_workshop) paints 3D printed Dungeon and Dragons props and pieces so wonderfully that each his project wows:

Dungeons and Dragons game pieces 3D printed
3D printed river pieces for DnD terrain painted by @theleprechaun_fantasy_workshop
DnD stuff inspired by Lord of the Rings
LOTR-inspired D&D terrain by @theleprechaun_fantasy_workshop

Another Instagram hobbyist, Tim Boumans (@koboldprints), 3D printed Dungeons and Dragons terrain with hidden doors, staircases and broken tiles:

3D printed Dungeons and Dragons terrain
DnD terrain 3D printed by @koboldprints

Dungeons & Dragons Game Pieces

Every fantasy world requires a lot of stunning props. Without such D&D pieces, your 3D printed Dungeons and Dragons game would not be complete. So, after 3D printing terrain with buildings, dungeons and medieval houses, you can move over to creating more cool stuff to add more features to your playable landscape.

The list of all possible DnD props and designs seems never to end. Projects on Kickstarter and individual 3D modellers come up with new excellent stuff that you can turn into astonishing 3D printed Dungeons and Dragons pieces.

Dungeons and Dragons stuff 3D printed
Harry Potter trunks 3D printed by Sascha Wesler

List of DnD props STL files you can use for your projects:

As you can see, your fantasy is not limited to ordinary DnD props. Use your imagination and bring the Middle-Earth Fangorn Forest to life using your 3D printer. This forest can surround your 3D printed D&D terrain and introduce the Ents into your gameplay.

D&D designs to 3D print Treebeard
Treebeard 3D printed by Gambody hobbyists Jhonatan Arteaga and Bullets Ie

Also, add medieval barrels, bottles, trunks and various tiny details to recreate an unforgettable atmosphere in your 3D printed D&D world. Only look at these beautiful photos of stuff made with a 3D printer:

DnD props Greenskins Catapult and goblins model for 3D printing
The Greenskins Catapult with goblins model for 3D printing on Gambody
Dungeons and Dragons pieces 3D printed coach
Coach miniature painted by Instagram user @3ddungeonmaster
Dungeons and Dragons props 3D printed tree
3D printed tree by @miniatures_and_monsters
Dungeons and Dragons game pieces 3D printed
3D printed dwarven brewer set by @theleprechaun_fantasy_workshop

DnD Dragons

Your collection of 3D printed Dungeons and Dragons must include at least one DnD dragon statue. Of course, it is even more remarkable to populate your world with different D&D dragon types and colours.

It is easy to 3D print D&D dragon of all possible colours. These powerful creatures are loved by many fans of the game, as they bring fear into the enemy eyes and impress with their mysterious origin. You can choose a red dragon, green, yellow, silver, gold, even gem dragons for your 3D printed Dungeons and Dragons world.

3D printed dragon and wargaming terrain
3D printed dragon overlooking wargaming terrain by Marko Kari

With a 3D printer at home, you can quickly 3D print D&D props and pieces using all possible dragon models for 3D printing. When you make your dragon statue, it is up to you which colours to choose for painting it. So, all you need to know are the types of DnD dragons you can bring to life and dragon STL files to download.

D&D dragon types and colours:

* Evil-aligned dragons (red, green, black);
* Good-aligned dragons (white, blue);
* Gem dragons (onyx, crystal, ruby, sapphire, amber, jade);
* Oriental dragons (earth, sea, spirit, coiled, mist, shadow, cloud, etc.);
* Metallic dragons (silver, gold, bronze, copper, brass, platinum);
* Chromatic dragons (brown, grey, purple).

It is worth saying that in the D&D world, alignment is used to categorize characters to help them behave accordingly. But in the game, the same character can be both good and chaotic or evil and lawful. This way, the gameplay goes smoother, and the adventures are more impressive.

So, your 3D printed D&D dragon can be of various colours based on its alignment and type. And thanks to a 3D printer, you can make as many DnD dragons as needed for multiple storytelling and fantastic battles.

Here is an example of a D&D dragon designed for 3D printing by Reddit user mz4250:

D&D dragon statue for 3D printing
3D printing dragon model by mz4250

These green, black, red, white and blue DnD dragons were also designed in Blender and 3D printed by mz4250. This maker not only 3D modelled all possible D&D dragon types but also shared his STL files for 3D printing for free with all interested hobbyists:

DnD dragons to 3D print
DnD dragons 3D printed by mz4250

These copper and blue DnD dragon statues were 3D printed by another Reddit user kydud89:

D&D dragon 3D prints
DnD dragons 3D printed by kydud89

Fans of unique and one-of-a-kind D&D pieces and props can bring to the game famous creatures from Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Final Fantasy and WoW universe.

You can find STL files of Viserion Ice breath dragon and Deathwing on Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace. Users with resin 3D printers can downscale these models a little bit to fit into their DnD world:

DnD dragon 3D printed
Deathwing 3D printed by Gambody team
D&D dragon types
Viserion dragon 3D printed by Gary Hendricks

Enjoy more images of 3D printed DnD dragons to get inspired by what other hobbyists do:

Black DnD dragon 3D printed
A black D&D dragon made in PLA filament by @tn3dprint:
White D&D dragon made on a 3D printer
A white DnD dragon that should be turned into the adult blue creature by @vekpos2913
Blue DnD dragon 3D print
A blue dragon printed and painted by @3ddungeonmaster

D&D Character Pieces

The ideas of 3D printed Dungeons and Dragons are endless. You can 3D print D&D bard, dwarf, soldier, warrior, DnD Warhammer, skeleton, monster, Skyrim, Cyberpunk figurines to make your game more impressive.

Your 3D printed DnD dragons need humans and monster figurines to fight and set on fire. And the fantastic 3D printed D&D terrain you create also needs its protectors. Thus, get inspired by fabulous D&D character pieces made by gamers worldwide and build your armies and legions.

DnD Dragonborn

In a fantasy world, a unique race may hatch from dragon eggs. This race is known as Dragonborn, and it is one of the popular DnD props you can add to your game using your 3D printer. Such D&D character pieces combine the power of humanoids and mighty beasts so that they can be handy in your storytelling.

You can download the free DnD Dragonborn warlock STL files to 3D print this statue:

Dragonborn DnD 3D printing model
Half-Dragon Warlock for 3D printing on CGTrader

Also, you can make a 3D printed figurine of DnD Dragonborn Paladin, which STL files are also 100% free:

Dungeons and Dragons dragonborn piece for 3D printing
Dragonborn Paladin for 3D printing on Cults

Or recreate such D&D pieces using your 3D printer and free STL files (model 1 and model 2):

Dnd dragonborn props you can 3D print
Dragonborn 3D printing stuff on Cults

Those gamers who wish to add a highly detailed 3D printed Dungeons and Dragons statue of a Dragonborn character can download Dovahkiin warrior STL files on Gambody. This figurine is perfect for creating a Skyrim D&D campaign that requires some Skyrim DnD props and character ideas. This fun 3D printing piece will surely make your adventures more stunning:

DnD Skyrim dragonborn 3D print
Last dragonborn Dovahkiin Skyrim figurine 3D printed by Sascha Wesler

Also, get inspired by some Skyrim DnD plots for your campaign.

DnD Warhammer

Fans of Warhammer 40K love to bring their favourite character pieces into the D&D world. Some hobbyists can 3D model statues themselves, and others share STL files they find online:

Your 3D printed DnD Warhammer piece can look like this stunning Chaplain figure made on Creality Ender-3 and Photon by enthusiast Sebastian Behrens:

DnD Warhammer 3D print
Warhamer 3D print by Sebastian Behrens

There is no need to limit your fantasy with one, two or three Warhammer DnD statues. If you love both worlds, create your crossover of D&D props and Warhammer 40K figurines and build the most impressive terrain to play with your friends.

D&D Skeleton

Who can you discover in the dungeons of your 3D printed D&D terrain? Since dungeons were mostly used for prisoners in medieval times, only D&D skeleton figurines could survive through time.

Thus, you can 3D print D&D skeleton statues and props to add realism to your scenery.

Here is an example of a 3D printed army of Skeleton DnD props:

Skeleton DnD props 3D printed
Skeleton DnD props by @theleprechaun_fantasy_workshop

Your collection of Dungeons and Dragons stuff could also include a 3D printed skull cave:

D&D world skull cave 3D print
Skull cave made by @theleprechaun_fantasy_workshop

Yet, another sample of D&D skeleton figure 3D printed might motivate you for new accomplishments:

D&D skeleton 3D printed
D&D skeleton 3D print by @tabletopminiatures

Your 3D printed Dungeons and Dragons props can also include some fantastic pieces, such as T-800 Endoskeleton figurine:

T-800 Endoskeleton 3D printed statue
T-800 Endoskeleton 3D printed by Robert Salvador

Think of all possible Skeleton DnD designs you can find as 3D printing models, and extend your fantasy world with truly unique D&D character pieces.

Dungeons and Dragons Monsters

Adding fantastic 3D printed DnD dragons is a must to play Dungeons and Dragons. Everyone knows this. But monsters also make the game more impressive. Thus, it is essential to 3D print D&D monster tokens and figurines as well.

Use inspiration shared by other hobbyists who use a 3D printer to implement their fantasies into reality. Their 3D printed Dungeons and Dragons monsters can help you build your game and complete it with stunning DnD props:

DnD monsters for 3D printing Squiggly Beasts STL files
Download Squiggly Beasts STL files to 3D print these bizarre monsters to your D&D world
Kaiju monsters 3D printed
Get Kaiju monsters STL files to 3D print as done by Chuck Reaume and Kenny Kurtz
Red monster 3D printed D&D pieces
3D printed red monster for D&D world by @seth_ravenshade
3D printed D&D hydra monster
3D printed D&D hydra monster by @theleprechaun_fantasy_workshop
Dungeons and Dragons monsters
More Dungeons and Dragons monsters by @theleprechaun_fantasy_workshop

These are some fun, and creative 3D printed Dungeons and Dragons tokens and figures you can also recreate (monster with eyes STL files, D&D inspiration token STL files, monster tokens STL files, lazy tokens STL files):

D&D monster tokens 3D printed
3D printed D&D monster tokens on Thingiverse

3D Print D&D Player Miniatures

You can 3d print D&D game pieces of all possible types and sizes. Depending on your role, you might want to build an army of dwarfs, soldiers, warriors, champions and other Dungeons and Dragons player miniatures using your 3D printer.

Orc 3D print D&D miniature
Download Orc STL files to for your DnD world

Look at some stunning DnD props shared by 3D printing enthusiasts from different corners of the world:

D&D character pieces
Cool DnD pieces painted by @3ddungeonmaster
3D printed DnD pieces
3D printed tabletop miniatures by @miniforge_minis
DnD props 3D printed dwarf and Chaos champion pieces
3D printed Chaos champion and dwarfs by makers @pune3deology and @the_clumsy_dungeon_delver

Fans of Loxodon DnD miniature for 3D printing can download the free STL files of Loxodon with a hammer or Loxodon with a shield:

Loxodon DnD miniature to 3D print
Loxodon DnD figures for 3D printing on Cults

Adding 3D printed figures of a massive ogre and elf barbarian is also a great idea:

DnD ogre and elf 3D printed figures
Ogre and elf figures for 3D printing on MyMiniFactory

Extend your D&D world with fantastic LOTR figurines. Download Lord of the Rings STL files on and build amazing pieces:

3D printed LOTR pieces for D&D world
3D printed LOTR figurines
Lord of the Rings character pieces D&D
3D printed Lord of the Rings character pieces

Find more highly detailed STL files of your favourite characters on Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace to extend your D&D world:

3D printed character pieces from Gambody Dungeons and Dragons
Beautiful 3D printed pieces by Gambody team

You can extend your list of DnD props beyond all possible limits. Add as many 3D printed Dungeons and Dragons pieces as you wish, and don’t be afraid to crossover your favourite universes with the vast D&D world. Share your creations with hobbyists from Gambody 3D printing Community on Facebook and enjoy your new adventures!

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