February Roundup: 3D Models of the Month

February kicked off on the right note for Gambody. The month of love has prepared a surprise for all those who love challenges and interesting video game characters in the form of Harley Quinn 3D model.

Although we thought that the month would be dominated by female characters (there were only two of them, instead), our contributing 3D designers decided to get back to making more mech-like 3D models.

So, let’s see the February Rundup of 3D models.

1. Lara Croft in Action

Lara Croft 3D Model

Description: February started with the release of another Lara Croft 3D model. As you already know, we already have a Lara Croft 3D model on the marketplace. This one, however, shows her In action position holding two guns.
Size: 8 cm wide, 15 cm tall and 10 cm deep
Printing time: > 24 h
Printing material: 30 m
Who made it? 3dprintitaly

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2. Harley Quinn 3D Model

February Roundup: Harley Quinn V-Day Edition

Description: Never underestimate the power that hides behind pretty eyes and amazing curves. Harley Quinn 3D model hit the marketplace just in time for Valentine’s Day. Designed with the thought to the single guys out there, this female video game character has stolen the hearts of many, becoming one of the most popular 3D models on the site.
Gambody 3D printed and painted the model before the V-Day.
Size: 76 mm wide, 180 mm tall and 153 mm deep
Printing time:  n.a.
Printing material: n.a.
Who made it? Vertex

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3. Hulk 3D Model

Hulk 3D model for printing

Description: Another comic book character recreated for 3D printing by the same 3D designer, Vertex. According to his, this figurine is the first in a series of five. The user will be able to print them all and thanks to the puzzle-like structure of the base of the 3D models, will be able to recreate an entire comic book scene.
We look forward to seeing the other four and what else has the 3D designer in store for us all.
Size: 139 mm wide, 160 mm tall and 142 mm deep
Printing time: > 24 h
Printing material: > 30 m
Who made it? Vertex

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4. Atlas Titan 3D Printing Figurine

February Roundup Atlas Titan 3D model from Titanfall

Description: Back to Mech-like 3D printing figurines. Since these guys garner all the attention, it is no surprise that more and more of them appear every month. This time, Jimmy decided to recreate for 3D printing the mighty Atlas Titan. The 3D model features ball joints and will stand 35 cm tall.

Here you can see some 3D printed parts of the model.
3D printed parts of Atlas Titan

Atlas Titan 3D model 3D printed parts
Size: 209 mm wide, 350 mm tall, and 170 mm deep
Printing time: > 150 h
Printing material: > 150 m
Who made it? Jimmy Adam

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5. Fanart BattleTech Marauder for 3D Printing

February Roundup Fanart Marauder 3D model

Description: Besides the regular Marauder 3D model you can buy on our marketplace, now you can download and 3D print a fanart-inspired Marauder. The fanart stylized 3D model shows a different design approach.
Size: 150 mm wide, 200 mm tall and 160 mm deep
Printing time: > 60 h
Printing material: > 50 m
Who made it? Frank Willemsen

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6. Macharius Vulcan 3D Model

February Roundup Macharius Vulcan Tank 3D model

Description: It’s been a long time since a tank 3D model has been added to our marketplace. To make it up for this long pause, Jamy recreated the Macharius Vulcan 3D model from Warhammer 40K game. For easy printing, the 3D model is split into 12 separate parts. The largest ones use little infill, saving you printing material.
Size: 214 mm wide, 166 mm tall, and 280 mm deep
Printing time: > 100 h
Printing material: > 150 m
Who made it? Jamy

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7. Star Wars T.I.E. Crawler

February Roundup Star Wars TIE Crawler

Description: T.I.E. Crawler is another tank-like vehicle 3D model. The design combines a spaceship cockpit and a tank’s treads. Together, they create one of the most feared combat vehicles in the Galactic Civil War.
Size: 291 mm wide, 126 mm tall and 267 mm deep
Printing time: > 150 h
Printing material: > 100 m
Who made it? Ksan’yla

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8. King Crab Guns Pack for 3D Printing

February Roundup King Crab 3D model guns pack

Description: Bonus for your regular King Crab 3D model is this guns pack. There are 38 parts in the pack. They are all designed to be easily attached to your King Crab 3D model.
Size: n.a.
Printing time: > 50 h
Printing material: < 50 m
Who made it? Vertex

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We remind you that Gambody offers now free samples of STL files for assembly 3D models to test print before buying all the files. Read more details here.

Check back next month for another monthly roundup.

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