January Roundup: 3D Models of the Month

Every month we will showcase the 3D models that appear on our marketplace in a monthly roundup.

January is getting closer to its end and we are putting together our first roundup of the year.

January was full of surprises, bringing us many interesting 3D models from various artists. So, let’s see them all one more time.

1. Chiss Clawcraft

Chiss Clawcraft 3D model

Description: Chiss Clawcraft 3D model is the replica of the Star Wars Starfighter. There are 18 parts in the model that must be 3D printed and assembled. A detailed assembly instruction is available on the model’s page.
Size: 12 cm wide, 12 cm tall and 28 cm deep
Printing time: > 40 h
Printing material: > 30 m
Who made it? Ksan`yla

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2. Hyperion Terran Battlecruiser

3D model Roundup: Terran Battlecruiser for 3D printing from StarCraft

Description: This spaceship appears in Starcraft 2. If you’re a fan of the video game, building the Battlecruiser is a must. The 3D model consists of 100 parts and is 60 cm long when built. It is also designed to incorporate easy lighting.
Size: 50 cm wide, 17 cm tall and 60 cm deep
Printing time: > 48 h
Printing material: > 100 m
Who made it? Cosmic

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3. Hydralisk 3D Model

January Roundup: Hydralisk 3D model from Starcraft

Description: Another Starcraft-inspired 3D model, Hydralisk is the video game Lair-tech unit. To facilitate its printing, the model is broken down into 10 separate pieces.
Size: 25 cm wide, 10 cm tall and 36 cm deep
Printing time: > 48 h
Printing material: > 100 m
Who made it? Herb Shih

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4. Hercules vs. Hydra

January Roundup: Hercules vs Hydra 3D model

Description: The legendary fight between Hercules and Hydra is created to allow you to have it 3D printed. The scene represents Hercules chopping off Hydra’s heads. The 3D printing model consists of 11 parts.
Size: 14 cm wide, 16 cm tall and 14 cm deep
Printing time: > 48 h
Printing material: > 50 m
Who made it? Cosmic

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5. Mountain Dragon

Mountain Dragon 3D model for tabletop games

Description: Mountain Dragon will make a great tabletop game piece. It uses support for 3D printing. It is also available in split parts, if your 3D printing platform doesn’t allow you to handle such a big model.
Size: 22 cm deep, 28 cm wide and 18 cm tall
Printing time: n.a.
Printing material: n.a.
Who made it? Profactor Inc.

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6. Katarina from League of Legends

January Roundup: Katarina model for 3D printing from the League of Legends

Description: Katarina is inspired by the League of Legends fighter. Showcasing the video game character in a fighting position, the 3D model features accurate details and is adapted to be 3D printed on any type of 3D printer.
Size: 5 cm wide, 8 cm tall and 8.5 cm deep
Printing time: >24 h
Printing material: > 20 m
Who made it? Max.Z

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7. Dwarf Wizard

Dwarf Wizard miniature for 3D printing

Description: The miniature of the wizard is designed to be used to mark states on your tabletop game. The author recommends printing several of them and painting in different colors to indicate different states.
Size: 6 cm wide, 10 cm tall and 3 cm deep
Printing time: < 24 h
Printing material: < 5 m
Who made it? 3D Printing Characters

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8. 1/100 Scale Defender Mecha

January Roundup: Defender Mk1 miniature for 3D printing

Description: Another miniature with an incredible design for tabletop game adventures is this 1/100 scale Defender Mk 1 3D model. There are 22 parts to put together. The Model features two battle cannons, utility claws, and gatlings.
Size: 7 cm wide, 9 cm tall and 7 cm deep
Printing time: n.a.
Printing material: n.a.
Who made it? John Bear Ross

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9. King Crab 3D Model

January Roundup: King Crab for 3D printing from MechWarrior Online

Description: King Crab 3D model is stylized according to the BattleMech bipedal vehicle. It has crab claw-like arms, hence its name. In the video game realm, the Mech is used for close-range assault and is known to strip the enemy’s armor easily and effortlessly.
Size: 18 cm wide, 25 cm tall and 17 cm deep
Printing time: > 48 h
Printing material: > 50 m
Who made it? Sanix

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Join us next month for more cool 3D models.

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