70 Inspiring 3D Printing Trends of August: Dragons, Game of Thrones, MWO and WOW

If a book-worm adores each page he or she reads, an artistic soul can spend hours admiring the works of art created by talented people. Do you have a creative personality and love to craft unique figurines on an inexpensive 3D printer? Then you will be interested in observing the 3D printing trends of August shared by Gambody enthusiasts and hobbyists.

The end of summer was just as talented as the first two months. Fantastic photos of over 70 trending 3D prints were added to Gambody Facebook Group. The list of these awesome figurines includes mechs, dragons, monsters, movie heroes and other characters.

3D printing trends

3D Printing Trends

August trending 3D prints continue the line led by July and previous months of 2019. Video game characters, beasts and heroes from movies, robots and fantasy creatures found on Gambody – Premium 3D Printing Marketplace keep attracting much attention of crafters from all over the world.

Among the most popular figurines and statues are aliens, dragons, combatants, dinosaurs, impressive warrior-women and famous villains. It is spectacular to observe how a model is turned into a professional and highly detailed 3D printed masterpiece in the hands of talented people.

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Hall of Fame of August: 30 Trending 3D Prints to Admire

The last month of summer 2019 was vibrant on talented and hardworking crafters. All the awesome 3D prints shared in Gambody Facebook group look stunning, detailed and professionally made.

We are once again happy to congratulate all the winners of the Hall of Fame of August. If you have not participated in the Hall of Fame discount program yet, it is your time to involve in this incredible project and earn some fantastic bonuses.

Winners of the first half of August:

Trending 3D prints August 2019
Awesome 3D prints

Winners of the second half of August:

3D printing trends 2019
Trending 3D models
Top 3D prints 2019

Let us recollect all the trending 3D models printed by Gambody enthusiasts and see which figurines have brought fame and a great bonus to their makers.

1. Alien Xenomorph Statue

Xenomorph is one of the most famous alien species from the movies, and it is also one of the 3D printing trends 2019. Its figurine looks gorgeous when crafted by 3DB 3D Print:

Alien Xenomorph statue 3D printing trends
Maker: 3DB 3D Print

Download STLs with Alien Xenomorph 3D printing model.

2. Alien Xenomorph Bust

The bust of Xenomorph is also impressive, especially when it reaches 45 cm (18 inches) in height as done by Tom Anton:

Alien Xenomorph bust trending 3D print of August
Maker: Tom Anton

3. Xenomorph Bust Figurine

Here is another version of Xenomorph, trending 3D print of August, built and finalized by Yannik Tillmann:

Xenomorph bust trending 3D print
Maker: Yannik Tillmann

Download STL files to craft a Xenomorph bust.

4. Iron Giant Figurine

This Iron Giant is a stunning example of masterpieces made by Andy Hibbs:

Iron Giant figurine 3D printing trends
Maker: Andy Hibbs

Download premium STL files to build a figurine of Iron Giant.

5. Punisher Figure Marvel Legends

This awesome 3D print was made by Harrison Labadi on two printers, Anycubic Photon and Ultimaker 2:

Punisher figure Marvel Legends 3D printing trends
Maker: Harrison Labadi

Harrison also shared a useful video on painting Punisher:

Download Punisher’s STL files.

6. Terran Marine 3D Model Printed

An awesome figurine of Terran Marine was made by Julien Adam:

Terran Marine 3D printing trends
Maker: Julien Adam

Download premium Terran Marine STL files.

7. Dinosaur from Jurassic Park

You will notice that dinosaurs are among the trending 3D prints of 2019. This fantastic figurine was made by Michael Thomas Purmenský:

Dinosaur from Jurassic Park 3D printing trends
Maker: Michael Thomas Purmenský

8. Jurassic Park Diorama

Here is another version of dinosaur from Jurassic Park crafted by David Loy:

Jurassic Park diorama 3D printing trends
Maker: David Loy

9. Dinosaur T-Rex Trending 3D Model

A life-like figurine created by Tommaso Doldi is also outstanding:

Dinosaur T-Rex trending 3D model to print
Maker: Tommaso Doldi

10. Jurassic Park T-Rex 3D Printed Model

Another beautiful diorama from Jurassic Park was made with love to details by Selfi 3D:

Jurassic Park T-Rex 3D printing trends
Maker: Selfi 3D

Download STL files to make a trending Jurassic Park diorama yourself.

11. Sub-Zero Figurine

Mortal Combat X figurines are always awesome 3D prints to make. This Sub Zero is crafted by Christian Darthzell Sanna:

Sub-Zero figurine 3D printing trends
Maker: Christian Darthzell Sanna

Download STLs with Sub-Zero 3D printing model.

12. Jaina Proudmoore 3D print

A fantastic figurine of Jaina Proudmoore from the World of Warcraft printed by Roman Wolf is getting ready for painting job:

Jaina Proudmoore trending 3D print
Maker: Roman Wolf

Download premium STL files with Jaina 3D printing figurine from the trending WOW game.

13. Sylvanas Windrunner Statue

A woman-warrior always looks beautiful and powerful. Here is a figurine of Sylvanas Windrunner from the World of Warcraft made by Jannie Sandholm:

Sylvanas Windrunner statue 3D printing trends
Maker: Jannie Sandholm

Download STLs with Sylvanas 3D printing model.

14. Big Boss Metal Gear Figure

This figurine of a well-known video game character from the Metal Gear series looks fantastic. Impressively done by Andreas Fendt:

Big Boss Metal Gear 3D printing trends
Maker: Andreas Fendt

Download STLs to make a figurine of Big Boss.

15. War Darksiders Figurine

Fans of computer game Darksiders: Wrath of War might fall in love with a fantastic figurine of War crafted by Trần Hữu Phước:

War Darksiders 3D printing trends
Maker: Trần Hữu Phước

Download STL files with War 3D printing model.

16. Balrog Trending 3D Print

The well-known demon is also among trending 3D models to make in 2019. Here is a great version made by Fabian Dobbeck:

Balrog statue 3D printing trends
Maker: Fabian Dobbeck

17. Balrog Figurine

Enthusiast Andreas Fendt also did an awesome job by painting his Balrog figurine:

Balrog 3D printing trends
Maker: Andreas Fendt

Download premium STL files with Balrog 3D printing model.

18. Archer MechWarrior 3D Print

This beautiful Archer MechWarrior statue was created by Tony Adkins:

Archer MechWarrior trending 3D prints
Maker: Tony Adkins

Download STLs with a trending MWO Archer 3D printing figurine.

19. Hobbiton Bonsai 3D Print

A fantastic Hobbiton Bonsai masterpiece created by Bag End can be used as a unique flowerpot by all fans of the novel The Hobbit:

Hobbiton Bonsai 3D printing trends
Maker: Bag End

Download premium STL files to build a stunning Hobbiton Bonsai pot.

20. Gandalf Figurine

A famous wizard from The Hobbit story became an awesome 3D print made by Andreas Fendt:

Gandalf figurine The Hobbit 3D printing trends
Maker: Andreas Fendt

Download STLs with Gandalf 3D printing model.

21. Smaug Dragon Figurine

Fantastic dragon 3D printed models always attract attention. This beautiful Smaug from The Hobbit was built by Troesch Lucas:

Smaug dragon 3D printing trends
Maker: Troesch Lucas

Download STLs with Smaug 3D printing figurine.

22. Batman 3D Print

An outstanding figurine of Batman was created by 3DB 3D Print:

Batman statue 3D printing trends
Maker: 3DB 3D Print

Download Batman’s STL files.

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23. Iron Man Figurine

The FDM print by Thomas Kunert depicts a high-quality Iron Man figurine:

Maker: Thomas Kunert

Download STLs with Iron Man 3D printing model.

24. Female Shepard Figure

A well-recognized player character Jane Shepard from the Mass Effect game looks outstanding after being painted by Melissa Illa:

Female Shepard 3D printing trends
Maker: Melissa Illa

Download premium STL files with Female Shepard model to 3D print.

25. Geralt of Rivia Trending 3D Print

A statue of Witcher looks awesome in the hands of Dhie Noh:

Geralt of Rivia 3D printing trends
Maker: Dhie Noh

Download STLs with Witcher 3D printing model to make trending 3D prints in 2019.

26. It Movie Clown 3D Print

The bust of Pennywise from the movie IT crafted and painted by Scott Ryan Drechsler is also among trending 3D models in 2019:

It Movie Clown 3D printing trends
Maker: Scott Ryan Drechsler

Download premium Pennywise pencil holder STL files.

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27. Gipsy Avenger 3D Print

If you love robots, you will surely notice this awesome Gipsy Avenger made by Péter Bene:

Gipsy Avenger 3D printing trends
Maker: Péter Bene

Download STLs to 3D print Gipsy Avenger statue.

28. Gipsy Danger 3D Print

The painting job on the 3D printed model of Gipsy Danger is finally finished by Julien Adam:

Gipsy Danger 3D printing trends
Maker: Julien Adam

Download STLs to craft Gipsy Danger statue.

29. Game of Thrones Arya Figure

Pierre Polinard depicted a stunning figurine of Arya Stark in action:

Arya figure from Game of Thrones 3D printing trends
Maker: Pierre Polinard

Download premium STL files with a trending 3D printing figure of Arya.

30. Rhaegal Figurine

Thilo Vogt looks impressive with his statue of Rhaegal dragon from Game of Thrones based on the Gambody’s Viserion 3D printing model:

Rhaegal dragon trending 3D printing model
Maker: Thilo Vogt

Download Viserion’s STL files.

As you can see, the selection of 30 trending 3d prints 2019 that entered the Hall of Fame in August is diverse. Hobbyists were interested in multiple themes. Still, the figurines which were crafted more often than the others originate from Jurassic Park, Game of Thrones and the Alien movies, as well as from The Hobbit book.

The most productive crafters whose masterpieces covered the Gambody Facebook Group’s banner were Andreas Fendt (3 projects) and 3DB 3D Print (2 works).

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Awesome 3D Prints of August

The list of 3D printing trends 2019 is not limited to the 30 winning works that entered the Hall of Fame in August. Many Gambody hobbyists created or finished their impressive projects at the end of the summer, and their figurines are also worth our attention.

1. 20-Inch Godzilla Toy

Fans of collectible toys from fantasy movies can 3D print a 20-inch (51 cm) Godzilla figurine as done by Brian Nguyen:

20 inch Godzilla toy trending 3D prints
Maker: Brian Nguyen

Download STLs with the SoshingekiGoji Godzilla 3D printing figurine.

2. Chewbacca 3D Print

There are many fantastic Star Wars 3D printing models to make that are trending in 2019. Chewbacca figurine is one of them, and it looks great when crafted by Jason Chadwell:

Chewbacca trending 3D printed model
Maker: Jason Chadwell

3. Chewbacca Statue

Malo Km also made a figurine of Chewbacca, and it looks incredible:

Chewbacca 3D printing trends
Maker: Malo Km

Download Chewbacca STL files to craft this impressive creature.

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4. Avatar Dragon Toruk

Among all the trending and beautiful 3D printed dragons, Toruk from Avatar looks very impressive. Here is the project completed by Timo Ku who used Prusament PLA galaxy purple filament to achieve a glossy effect:

Avatar dragon Toruk trending 3D prints
Maker: Timo Ku

Download Toruk’s STLs to create this fantastic predator of Pandora.

5. Freddy Krueger Figurine

Some hobbyists seem to prepare for Halloween 2019. Here is a detailed horror 3D printed model of Freddy Krueger made by Malo Km:

Freddy Krueger trending 3D prints
Maker: Malo Km

6. Awesome 3D Prints of 2019: Freddy Krueger and Master Yoda

These two fantastic models were made by Apostolia Diamanti:

August 3D printed trends 2019
Maker: Apostolia Diamanti

Download premium STL files for building your Freddy Krueger statue and Master Yoda figurine.

7. Mountain Dragon Figurine

Here is a brilliant shining dragon crafted by Bo Barook using flexible filament:

Mountain dragon trending 3D prints
Maker: Bo Barook

Download trending mountain dragon’s STL files.

8. Jaina Proudmoore Warcraft Figurine

This beautiful lady Jaina from the World of Warcraft was made by Tomáš Docik Dotzauer:

Jaina Proudmoore Warcraft 3D printing trends
Maker: Tomáš Docik Dotzauer

9. Gul’dan Figurine

Deejay El-zink built an awesome statue of Gul’dan:

Gul’dan figurine 3D printing trends
Maker: Deejay El-zink

Download STL files with Gul’dan 3D printing model.

10. Dr Strange Figurine

This detailed and nicely painted Dr Strange model was also made by Deejay El-zink:

Dr Strange statue 3D printing trends
Maker: Deejay El-zink

Download premium STLs with Dr Strange 3D printing figurine.

11. WOW Garrosh Hellscream Model

Here is an awesome Garrosh Hellscream crafted by Dmitry Seryogin:

WOW Garrosh Hellscream 3D printing trends
Maker: Dmitry Seryogin

Download STL files that allow making a trending WOW statue of Garrosh Hellscream.

12. Pinhead Figurine

Pinhead is still one of the 3D printing trends of 2019. As the clock ticks on towards Halloween, more crafters, including Stephen Wilson, make this bust:

Pinhead bust
Maker: Stephen Wilson

Download Pinhead’s STL files.

13. Viserion Figurine

Mysterious dragon figurines are among the most popular 3D prints created in 2019. This fantastic model is made by Kurt Brown:

Viserion trending figurine to 3D print in 2019
Maker: Kurt Brown

14. Viserion Figure

And yet another version of a stunning Viserion built by Armando Luis Tuesta:

Viserion 3D printing trends
Maker: Armando Luis Tuesta

15. Hellboy Bust Figurine

Here is another great figurine for Halloween 2019. It is created by Bo Barook:

Hellboy bust 3D printing trends
Maker: Bo Barook

Download premium STL files with a 3D printing Hellboy bust.

16. Jason Voorhees Statue

An impressive horror diorama with a world-famous killer character was made by hobbyist Malo Km:

Jason Voorhees statue
Maker: Malo Km

Download Jason Voorhees’ STL files.

17. Wight Horse Game of Thrones

A statue of the undead horse made by Rick Craig looks mysterious and fantastic:

Wight Horse Game of Thrones 3D printing trends
Maker: Rick Craig

Download STLs with Wight horse 3D printing figurine.

18. MWO Archer

Here is a second impressive build of trending Archer MechWarrior. It was made by Tony Adkins:

MWO Archer trending 3D prints of 2019
Maker: Tony Adkins

19. Chibi Boba Fett

This cute Boba Fett figurine from Star Wars universe was crafted by Paul Lopansri:

Chibi Boba Fett Star Wars 3D printing trends
Maker: Paul Lopansri

Download Boba Fett’s STL files.

20. Godzilla vs Gigan Monsters Trending 3D Prints

These are fantastic monsters (Heisei Godzilla and Gigan) crafted by Chuck Parks:

Heisei Godzilla vs Gigan
Maker: Chuck Parks

Download STLs with Heisei Godzilla and Gigan 3D printing models.

21. Freddie Mercury 3D Print

Fans of Queen should enjoy getting a trending figurine of Freddie Mercury like this one created by Pierre Polinard:

Freddie Mercury figurine 3D printing trends
Maker: Pierre Polinard

Download STL files with an awesome 3D printing figurine of Freddie Mercury.

22. Avatar 3D Print

Another fantastic statue from the Avatar movie was made by Pierre Polinard. This time it is a figurine of Jake Sully:

Avatar Jake Sully figurine 3D printing trends
Maker: Pierre Polinard

Download STLs with Jake Sully 3D printing model.

23. Witcher Figurine

With Witcher TV series coming out in 2019, it is amazing that you can add a figurine of the Witcher to your collection of trending 3D prints as made by Jiří Chlupáč:

Witcher figurine 3D printing trends
Maker: Jiří Chlupáč

24. Witcher Statue

Here is another version of Witcher built by Michael Thomas Purmenský:

Witcher statue
Maker: Michael Thomas Purmenský

25. Witcher Figure

There is one more impressive Witcher to enjoy. It was made by Apostolia Diamanti:

Witcher Geralt of Rivia 3D printing trends
Maker: Apostolia Diamanti

26. It 3D Print

Here is a great video shared by Bjørn Fiskvik with his It Clown bust made with light:

Maker: Bjørn Fiskvik

27. Shazam Figure

Even without paint, the figurine of Shazam looks impressive in golden and pink filament used by John Enman:

Shazam model 3D printed trends 2019
Maker: John Enman

Download STLs with Shazam 3D printing model.

28. Predator Figurine

Trending 3D prints of 2019 also include a statue of Predator. It was made by Matthew Nicholas:

Predator statue trends 2019
Maker: Matthew Nicholas

Download Predator’s STL files.

29. Terminator 3D Print

A figurine of Terminator made by Yannik Tillmann perpetuates forever-young Arnold Schwarzenegger:

Terminator statue 3D printed trends 2019
Maker: Yannik Tillmann

Download Terminator’s STL files.

30. Aquaman Statue

This fantastic Aquaman was 3D printed by Donald Price:

Aquaman 3D printed model trends 2019
Maker: Donald Price

Download STL files with Aquaman 3D printing figurine.

31. Black Panther Figurine

Here is a masterpiece of Black Panther shared by Body Jo:

Maker: Body Jo

Download Black Panther’s STL files.

32. MWO UrbanMech

This awesome UrbanMech crafted by Scott Murphy seems to be a perfect BattleMech for defence and urban combat:

MWO UrbanMech figurine trends 2019
Maker: Scott Murphy

Download UrbanMech’s STL files to follow the MWO trend in 3D printing.

33. Spiderman Statue

When doubled, any statue looks twice fantastic. Here are two great Spiderman figurines created by Malo Km:

Spiderman figurines to 3D print trends 2019
Maker: Malo Km

Download Spiderman’s STL files.

34. MWO Shadow Hawk

Another impressive MWO mech 3D printed by Matthias Schotten is fantastic:

MWO Shadow Hawk 3D printed trends model
Maker: Matthias Schotten

Download MWO Shadow Hawk’s STL files.

35. Hydralisk Figurine

A monstrous creature Hydralisk crafted by Andrew Tan looks very life-like:

Hydralisk figure 3D printing trends 2019
Maker: Andrew Tan

Download Hydralisk’s STL files.

36. Isaac Clarke Figure

An impressive statue of Isaac Clarke from the Dead Space was crafted by Mickael Malet:

Isaac Clarke 3D printed model trends 2019
Maker: Mickael Malet

Download premium STLs to build a figurine of Isaac Clarke on your own.

37. Kodiak MWO

Enjoy one more impressive mech figurine from MWO created by Scott Murphy:

Kodiak MWO trends 2019
Maker: Scott Murphy

Download Kodiak’s STL files.

38. Master Chief Figure

This figurine of a well-known super-soldier from Halo was made by Justin Peacock:

Master Chief 3D printed model trends 2019
Maker: Justin Peacock

Download Master Chief’s STL files.

39. Venom vs Riot Fight Scene 3D Printed

While this scene from Marvel Comics is not yet complete, Javito Martinez moves on with his impressive project:

Venom vs Riot fight scene Marvel Comics trends 2019
Maker: Javito Martinez

Download STLs to build a figurine of Venom and complete your diorama by adding a 3D printing statue of Riot.

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It is time to summarize posts shared by Gambody enthusiasts on Facebook in August. If July’s most crafted figurines were Godzilla, Alien Xenomorph and Viserion, in August hobbyists gave more preference to different dragons, characters from the Game of Thrones movie, World of Warcraft (WOW) game and MechWarrior Online (MWO) shooter.

The top three trending 3D models that repeat 3 or 4 times in our selection are Witcher, Jurassic Park dinosaur and Viserion. These are August 3D printing trends 2019 that can help you choose an excellent model to craft on your own. Your impressive works can also be selected for our monthly digest. Just keep crafting figurines and statues from the vast collection on Gambody – Premium 3D Printing Marketplace, share your photos on Gambody Facebook Group and keep an eye on the next digest update.

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