15 Best 3D Printed Horrors Ideas: Impressive Scary Movie Figure Collection

The candles unexpectedly fade, leaving you in the complete darkness. You hear creepy sounds, and your blood runs cold. While watching your favourite scary movie, you suddenly wish to recreate antagonist characters and add to your collection of scary movie figures. Among 3D printed horrors, there are many recognized and excellent models that are great to 3D print, prepare for priming and finally paint.

At Gambody – Premium 3D Printing Marketplace, you can find STL files for making various horror characters. Once 3D printed, these models from movies can become best Halloween 3D prints for your horror movie figure collection. All these craft projects are willing to kill your free time because they are so boo-tiful and great.

3D Printed Horrors

The list of impressive and best 3D printed models from scary movies is pretty long. It includes such well-known villains as Freddy Krueger, Gray Widower, Leatherface, Warrior Bug, It the Clown, Alien Xenomorph, Beetlejuice, Pinhead, and many others.

Each horror movie figure added to the collection of real 3D printing enthusiasts takes many hours of work. Many artists and hobbyists share their fantastic masterpieces in Gambody Facebook Group. Thanks to them, it is possible to enjoy the final look of each model ‘born’ from scary movies or books and ‘raised’ by collectors.

3D printed horrors figure collection from movies

15 Top 3D Printed Models from Horror Movies

You can get inspiration from any of these 3D printed models from horror movies. Build a model of your choice, prepare for Halloween celebrations and apply your artistic skills to paint a scary collectible figurine for personal collection, as a prank or as a gift.

1. Jason Voorhees 3D Print

This character became famous after the release of Friday the 13th movie nearly 40 years ago. He was portrayed like a killing machine.

Today Jason Voorhees is one of the best scary movie figures. It can hunt you until you agree to add him to your collection of 3D printed horrors.

Gambody – Premium 3D Printing Marketplace offers an impressive Jason Voorhees 3D model that depicts a horror diorama of a killer and his victim. The cruelty of the scene shows the real movie character of Jason, who is powerful, punishing and often possesses superhuman strength.

The diorama created by Felipe Machado looks very realistic. You can see Jason in his famous hockey mask taken from one of the victims and his new victim, and there is blood everywhere:

Jason Voorhees 3D print
Maker: Felipe Machado

Another Gambody enthusiast, Paul Smith, created an impressive horror figure of Jason Voorhees as well:

Jason Voorhees 3D model printed
Maker: Paul Smith

By the way, the 3D printing model of this maniac has two options for the killer’s face, with a hockey mask and without one. This allows more creativity in your projects. It is impressive to see how Oliver Gerstenberg managed to work with both versions of the antagonist’s face:

Jason Voorhees face
Maker: Oliver Gerstenberg

This stunning model was created in the workshop of Kenneth Sturrock:

Jason Voorhees art
Maker: Kenneth Sturrock

Another high-quality 3D print of the horror movie figure was built by Florian Spook:

Jason Voorhees horror movie 3D print
Maker: Florian Spook

The project made by Mickael Malet is also very realistic, providing a closer look at Jason’s face hidden behind the mask:

Jason Voorhees mask
Maker: Mickael Malet

Download STL files for Jason Voorhees 3D printing model.

2. Jason Voorhees Head Bust

Depending on the type of your 3D printer, FDM or SLS, you can build a bust of Jason of about 17 cm (6 inches) or over 8 cm (3 inches) tall. The model consists of the killer’s head in the recognized hockey mask and a bust stand. It is interesting to add to your collection of 3D printed models from horror movies.

Right after being crafted, the bust looks so brutal and awesome. Well done by Jim Allen:

Jason Voorhees head bust
Maker: Jim Allen

When all the painting work is done by Bobby Bigg Bizzy Wooden, the head of Jason Voorhees looks very life-like and horrifying:

Jason Voorhees bust 3D print
Maker: Bobby Bigg Bizzy Wooden

Download Jason Voorhees bust 3D print files to craft your impressive project.

3. Pinhead Bust 3D Printing Model

Fans of Hellraiser novella and movie series might like to 3D print a bust of Pinhead. Once being a human and then transformed into a creature, this character looks unique and can chill your blood with a mere look. With all these jewelled pins driven through his head, Pinhead becomes a notable horror figure.

Since the head of Pinhead is the most recognized part of this character, Gambody offers high-quality STLs for Pinhead bust 3D printing model.

The bust looks incredible (notably, its life-like eyes) after being crafted by Gambody enthusiast Max Imprimarum:

Pinhead bust model
Maker: Max Imprimarum

The model is great even before all the pins are inserted into their places. Here is the freshly 3D printed bust of Pinhead made by Jim Allen who chose to add real pins instead of 3D printed items later on:

Hellraiser Pinhead bust
Maker: Jim Allen

Download premium 3D files for building Pinhead bust model.

4. Freddy Krueger 3D Print

The killer from the dreams, Freddy Krueger, chases his victims while they are asleep. This antagonist is very creative because his powers are only limited by his own fantasies and ideas. Of course, wise people can use their imagination to fight with Freddy or even pull him out into the real world.

You can also bring him to reality by 3D printing his model. Make it at 1/8 scale or 23 cm (9 inches) tall if you have FDM 3D printer. Or leave it at 1/6 size or 11 cm (4 inches) tall if you have SLS or SLA printer.

Your version of Freddy can be dressed into a white pullover and brown pants. At least, such an outfit was chosen by a fantastic 3D print maker Salvatore Maurizio:

Freddy Krueger 3D print horror movies
Maker: Salvatore Maurizio

Some artists are excellent at doing a realistic paint job. Here is an incredible model of Freddy Krueger made by Felipe Machado:

Freddy Krueger art
Maker: Felipe Machado

Your 3D figurine can be made at 200 per cent scale to enjoy the slightest details as it was done by Achim Kuhl:

Freddy Krueger glove
Maker: Achim Kuhl

The model created by David Ventola is also impressive:

Freddy Krueger model 3D
Maker: David Ventola

This 33-cm Freddy made by Cristiano Souza looks scary:

Freddy Krueger figurine
Maker: Cristiano Souza

Fans of cosplay can use the head of Freddy to make their costumes complete and life-like. Here is an idea shared by Gambody enthusiast Patrick Sevigny:

Freddy Krueger costume DIY cosplay
Maker: Patrick Sevigny

The figurine also looks creepy when 3D printed with PLA ice filament (before the painting job is done), as made by Florian Spook:

Freddy Krueger figure
Maker: Florian Spook

Download STLs for 3D printing Freddy Krueger figurine.

5. Freddy Krueger Bust

Your collection of 3D horror prints is not complete without a character from A Nightmare on Elm Street. The Freddy Krueger bust 3D printing model can be made at different sizes, at 19 cm (8 inches) or 1/3 scale on FDM/FFF printers and at 11 cm (4 inches) or 1/6 scale on SLS/SLA printers.

The scary-looking face, famous hat, glove with long metal nails look very realistic once you paint your model. Here is an impressive final result achieved by myhero3d:

Freddy Krueger bust
Maker: myhero3d

Download STL files to build a Freddy Krueger bust model.

6. Leatherface 3D Model

This character is one of the most recognized among horror movies figures. The ‘real name’ of Leatherface is Jedidiah Sawyer. He is a part of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre films.

Unlike many other villains, this maniac has no supernatural powers. He is a human whose primary weapon is a chainsaw, although he also uses a sledgehammer to kill his victims.

You can make this collectible figure on your 3D printer. It wears the famous Leatherface mask and comes with the chainsaw, which hints that this man has nothing moral or sympathetic on his mind.

Even without paint, the figure of Leatherface looks horrifying. Here is a model 3D printed by Fabrizio Bandiera:

Leatherface 3D model horror movies figures
Maker: Fabrizio Bandiera

However, once Rocco Larocca painted the Fabrizio’s 3D print, this Leatherface figurine started to look very real and very much ‘alive.’ The famous murder from the film is ready to hunt his new victims:

Leatherface 3D printing model
Makers: Fabrizio Bandiera and Rocco Larocca

Download STLs for impressive Leatherface 3D printing model.

7. Beetlejuice 3D Print

Some scary movie figures originate from fantasy-comedy-horror movies like Beetlejuice. At Gambody – Premium 3D Printing Marketplace, you can find a stunning model of Beetlejuice and his gravestone.

This figurine is nearly 18 cm (7 inches) tall and 14 cm (6 inches) wide, once 3D printed. It is fun to paint such work because it combines the atmosphere of horror and comedy.

Look how realistic the Beetlejuice 3D print made by Steve Dutton looks, very similar to the scene from the movie:

Beetlejuice 3D print from comedy-horror movie
Maker: Steve Dutton

Download premium 3D files to 3D print Beetlejuice Grave model.

8. Legend Darkness Figure

The real master of the underworld, the Dark Lord or Darkness, is a famous character from Legend. This movie is a cult classic, and this can be the reason for adding a 3D print of its main antagonist to your collection of figurines and statues.

Two bull-like horns are the most recognizable part of the Darkness character. The Darkness Bust 3D printing model has these horns and evil facial expression. Build it if you are not afraid to never see another dawn once this 3D printed horror comes to life.

Here is the head of the Dark Lord made by Jim Allen (even without horns it still looks scary):

Legend Darkness figure
Maker: Jim Allen

Download STLs for Darkness Bust 3D printing model from the fantasy movie Legend.

9. Gray Widower The Mist 3D Print

Can a spider reach the size of a dog? Anything is possible in the world created by Stephen King. His fantasy predators that remind spiders so much can be your best Halloween 3D prints ever produced.

With four eyes, human-like teeth, dangerous fangs and unsafe feeling, these spiders lay eggs in their victims. A quick glance at this figure can make the blood run cold in your veins if you remember the horror film The Mist based on King’s novella.

No need to worry about your life, though. As a 3D print, Gray Widower is not dangerous at all.

At the same time, the 3D model of Gray Widower looks scary, especially in the size of 18 cm x 40 cm x 40 cm (7 inches x 16 inches x 16 inches) if you choose to build it on FDM 3D printer:

Gray Widower The Mist 3D model to print

Download STL files for 3D printing your version of Gray Widower spider.

10. Starship Troopers Warrior Bug Figure

Some incredible movie characters look scary and send you chills even if they originate from a science fiction film. If you enjoy watching Starship Troopers, you might be happy to build Warrior Bug for your collection of 3D printed horrors.

These bugs can crush metal, rock and other hard surfaces. They are great attackers and have swords-like forelegs.

They are huge in the film, reaching two or even three meters long. Still, they do not require that much space on your 3D printer plate. The Gambody-offered model is 19 cm (7 inches) long when made on FDM/FFF printer. If built on SLS or SLA printer, it is less than 10 cm (4 inches) long.

This Warrior Bug made by Alexei Bruton looks fantastic:

Starship Troopers Warrior Bug figure
Maker: Alexei Bruton

Download STLs for 3D printing a model of Warrior Bug.

11. Alien Xenomorph 3D Model

Some aliens are incredibly aggressive, and some are the deadliest creatures ever known. We are talking about Xenomorph species. They can make perfect Halloween 3D prints thanks to their horrifying looks, weapon tail, killing nails and bad teeth.

You can help to expand this dangerous race by building a model of Xenomorph. Its figure is made at 32 cm (13 inches) in height if you have FDM 3D printer. It is sliced into 24 parts. This makes it easier, faster and smoother to craft and assemble.

Here is how fantastic such diorama can look if made on CR-10SPRO 3D printer as it was done by Trevster Noir:

Alien Xenomorph 3D model to print
Maker: Trevster Noir

Your project can be just as life-like as the figure created by Tomas Docik Dotzauer:

Alien Xenomorph 3D print model
Maker: Tomas Docik Dotzauer

You can also modify things and create something in your own style similar to what Erick Taillon did:

3D printed Alien Xenomorph
Maker: Erick Taillon

Download STL files for making Alien Xenomorph 3D printing model.

12. Alien Xenomorph 3D Print Diorama

The Xenomorph species look even more horrifying when they are in ready-to-attack position just as it was designed in a different Gambody diorama with this sci-fi horror creature.

Its FDM version is sized at over 32 cm (13 inches) in height. Still, you have nothing to worry about if your plate space is limited to crafting small figurines only. Gambody did a great job of slicing the model and preparing it for 3D printing. You will love to make each assembly part and complete your diorama.

This masterpiece looks scary once 3D printed by Fan Wapiti, even before the painting is applied:

Xenomorph 3D model
Maker: Fan Wapiti

However, the most realistic results are achieved when you paint the figure. Here is an example of an impressive paint job by Darren Juniper:

Xenomorph art
Maker: Darren Juniper

Get STLs to create a stunning diorama with an Alien Xenomorph 3D printing model in the middle of it.

13. Pennywise the Clown 3D Model

Many kids who are now grown-ups and adults remember the horror movie It. Dressed as a clown, the evil character Pennywise from this film hunts and kills children every 27 years.

This character has become a classic horror model for several generations. Thus, you can add it to your collection of scary 3D prints from films and books.

You can build a fantastic 23 cm (9 inches) model of the famous horrifying clown holding a balloon if you have FDM 3D printer. Do it now without the need to wait for 27 years until it appears again to kill someone.

Look how scary Pennywise the Clown looks while waiting for his next victim. This model is done by Oliver Gerstenberg:

Pennywise 3D print from horror movies
Maker: Oliver Gerstenberg

Your model can be tiny and still look horrifying like this one made by Curt Pangracs:

Horror movies figures
Maker: Curt Pangracs

When you see the work of Nicolas Dafnis, which is incredibly realistic, you might wish to never come across clowns in your life:

Download STL files for making a unique Pennywise the Clown 3D model, which is ready for 3D printing on FFF/FDM and SLS/SLA machines.

14. It Pennywise Bust

If you believe in It, you can make yourself a 3D print of this one of the most famous horror movies characters. Gambody – Premium 3D Printing Marketplace offers not only the figure of Pennywise but also his bust.

At the size of 25 cm x 15 cm x 17 cm (10 inches x 6 inches x 7 inches), such a bust becomes an ideal object for DIY fans. It can serve as a ‘horror’ display or become a unique pencil holder.

Here is a perfect 3D print for all horror fans, it is made by Tomas Docik Dotzauer:

It Pennywise bust
Maker: Tomas Docik Dotzauer

It is up to you what colours to use while painting your work. Rocco Larocca and Fabrizio Bandiera came up with such a fantastic result:

Pennywise Halloween 3D prints
Makers: Rocco Larocca and Fabrizio Bandiera

It Pennywise bust built and painted by Oliver Gerstenberg also looks unbelievable:

Horror movies characters 3D print It
Maker: Oliver Gerstenberg

Download Pennywise head STL files to 3D print either a regular It Clown bust or a creepy pencil holder model.

15. Demogorgon 3D Print

Sometimes the best 3D printed horrors come from the parallel dimension. It is known as the Upside Down. This world is inhabited by predatory creatures called Demogorgon.

These creatures have several stages of development, starting from a monster that resembles a dog and growing into a real humanoid freak that is willing to kill. Standing at over 26 cm (10 inches) if you are using FDM printer, Demogorgon becomes a remarkable figurine that looks great in any collection of scary-looking aliens and monsters.

Here is a fantastic diorama made by Yannik Tillmann:

Demogorgon 3D print
Maker: Yannik Tillmann

This 3D printed Demogorgon created by Diego Cruz Herrera seems to be hungry for blood:

Scary movie figures Demogorgon
Maker: Diego Cruz Herrera

Two Gambody enthusiasts and real masters, Fabrizio Bandiera and Rocco Larocca, also created an excellent horror diorama with Demogorgons:

Best Halloween 3D prints Demogorgons
Makers: Fabrizio Bandiera and Rocco Larocca

Download STLs to 3D print a model of Demogorgon.

What do you think about all these incredible 3D printed horrors? As a big fan of scary movie figures, you are welcome to join Gambody Facebook Group. It is a great place to ask questions, get advice, admire the works created by others and demonstrate your talents and latest projects. Follow Gambody3d Instagram profile as well to see the newest projects, hear the latest news and discover the most impressive 3D prints.

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