33 Top 3D Printing Models of July 2020

A 3D printer, high-quality STL files and talented painting work make a fantastic combination that can easily blow your mind. Gambody enthusiasts spent July working on incredible and awesome projects. And their top 3D printing models are a must-see if you wish to get inspired, motivated and encouraged to add new stunning 3D prints to your collection in 2020.

The list of the 33 best 3D printing models of July includes well-recognized characters from comics, books and movies, models and figurines from popular video games and deadly villains that luckily only exist in the stories and 3D prints.

Top 3D printing models 2020

Top 3D Printing Models: July 2020

Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace has rounded up a big range of best 3D printing models and figurines with which you can easily fall in love due to a big number of details and parts.

From good old cartoons to the modern fantasy world and post-apocalyptic adventures, every 3D printed object is designed to wow you. And it wows when painted with love to every detail. Many projects impress even if they are left unpainted.

1. Sauron Figurine: Stunning 3D Prints

The top 3D printing models of July include characters from the Middle-earth’s history. Sauron or Dark Lord is one of them. One of the mightiest Maia becomes an impressive 3D printed figurine and attracts the attention of many hobbyists.

Maker Michael Thackray printed an outstanding Sauron figurine with an excellent platform that comes with lava effect in the cracks. Michael used two 3D printers, Anycubic Predator and Elegoo Mars, to create this model:

Sauron top 3D printing models 2020
Maker: Michael Thackray

Here is another 3D printed version of the fallen Maia who created the One Ring. It was made by Atta Minachi:

Sauron model for 3D printing
Maker: Atta Minachi

You can also download Sauron STL files and create a stunning figurine. Adding top 3D printing models to your collection is always a remarkable idea.

2. Thanos Top 3D Printing Models of 2020

A famous supervillain from the comics, Thanos, is another top 3D printing model to make in 2020. Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace offers several versions of Thanos figurine and models you can 3D print at home.

Maker Laurent Guglielmetti presented Thanos as a powerful god-like being that has full control over the Infinity Stones thanks to the glove of infinity:

Thanos top 3D printing models 2020
Maker: Laurent Guglielmetti

But you can always 3D print the Infinity Gauntlet separately and pretend to possess the power of Thanos. Here is a stunning project made by Minh Tran with PLA colours only (no paint):

Thanos Infinity Gauntlet top model for 3D printing
Maker: Minh Tran

Maker Bruno Massa chose to 3D print Thanos figurine in action on Dremel 3D45. The supervillain turned out to be very impressive:

Thanos in action 3D printed figurine
Maker: Bruno Massa

3. Ellie from Last of Us with Guitar for 3D Printing

Beautiful Ellie can look fragile while playing the guitar. This character from the latest Last of Us II edition looks superb as a 3D print. Seeing the grown-up girl sitting in a peaceful forest meadow can melt your heart.

The maker Mickael Malet is currently working on this scene. His version of Ellie is beautiful. It is painted with a brush, and the figurine only lacks the guitar right now:

Ellie guitar from Last of Us for 3D printing
Maker: Mickael Malet

Another maker, Riley Delker, chose to apply copper look with rust effect to his statue using a brush. And this Ellie 3D print also impresses because it looks like the girl is lost in thought while considering which next tune to play:

Ellie Last of Us guitar model for 3D printing
Maker: Riley Delker

You can also download Ellie with Guitar 3D printing figurine STL files to turn this peaceful scene into reality.

4. Jack Sparrow 3D Print

One of the most charming characters of the Pirates of the Caribbean, Captain Jack Sparrow, is well-known in every port of the Seven Seas. This legendary pirate has many enemies and many fans. His impressive outfit and all the accessories Mr Sparrow loves to wear in his hair, on fingers and belt become a fantastic canvas for painting and make Jack one of the top 3D printing models in 2020.

Maker Bullets Ie created a highly detailed figurine of Jack Sparrow on a 3D printer. This model looks fantastic even without paint:

Jack Sparrow 3D print Pirates of the Caribbean
Maker: Bullets Ie

And you can 3D print your version of the famous pirate after downloading the Jack Sparrow STL files on Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace.

5. Lucky Luke and His Horse Stunning 3D Prints

The good friends Lucky Luke and his horse Jolly Jumper are two famous cartoon characters to turn into stunning 3D prints.

Scaled-down to 70% by Kyle Reiach, this cartoon model looks great. The maker did a fantastic painting job and recreated a great scene from the childhood of many modern hobbyists.

Lucky Luke cartoon 3D printing models
Maker: Kyle Reiach

You can download the Lucky Luke STL files for 3D printing and also work on this beautiful masterpiece.

6. Deathwing 3D Printing Model

Fans of World of Warcraft Universe can make many stunning WoW 3D printing models, and dangerous Deathwing is one of them. Seeing the shadow of the Destroyer hanging over the fragments of ruined Stormwind City castle is unforgettable, and this fantastic scene becomes a highly-detailed Deathwing 3D print.

Maker Annie Moberg printed a beautiful Deathwing diorama on three FlashForge Guide 2s 3D printers within four days and painted the project with an airbrush. It now meets people on the driveway to Annie’s house:

WoW Deathwing best 3D printing models 2020
Maker: Annie Moberg

And you can create one of the best 3D printing models from the WoW Universe. Just download Deathwing STL files and 3D print your beautiful project.

7. Ice Dragon 3D Model for 3D Printing

The impressive Ice Dragon from Game of Thrones can become real in your home as decoration once you choose to 3D print it. The Viserion 3D printing figurine is a clear canvas for talents who wish to paint it in the colours of Drogon or any other fantasy creature.

While painting his version of the Ice Dragon, Ficsor Tamás exposed his fantasy and kept in mind the colour theme of Drogon creature. The result is magnificent and rich in colours:

Ice Dragon 3D model for printing
Maker: Ficsor Tamás

Will you transform the Ice Dragon 3D printing STL files into Viserion, Drogon or another famous dragon?

8. Smaug Dragon Top 3D Printing Model

Not only Viserion can be painted as Drogon. The great Smaug beast from The Hobbit also looks stunning in the Drogon’s colour scheme chosen by maker Tuğbay Yağcı.

The hobbyist turned Smaug into a real masterpiece with realistic black dragon skin and black-and-red wings and added a personal touch to the monster’s base that reminds of the treasures guarded by the dragon:

Smaug dragon 3D print
Maker: Tuğbay Yağcı

You can download Smaug STL files for 3D printing and work on this one of the top 3D printing models in 2020.

9. Kratos God of War 3D Model for Printing

Sparta is the residence of many famous and god-like characters that are among the top 3D printing models of 2020. And the demigod son of Zeus, Kratos, is a notable warrior who also became the gods’ murderer.

Even though Kratos looks old, he is energetic and willing to fight with his enemies. Maker Dave English impressively conveyed the character’s personality:

Kratos God of War 3D model to print
Maker: Dave English

And maker Ngô Đăng Minh created a diorama that features both Grumpy Old Kratos and his son Atreus:

Kratos and Atreus God of War best models for 3D printing
Maker: Ngô Đăng Minh

You can also build a boat with Kratos and Atreus on a 3D printer. The God of War characters’ STL files for 3D printing can be found on Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace.

10. Leatherface 3D Model for Printing

There are many great horror models to 3D print in 2020, and Leatherface is one of the best figurines you can make. This iconic slasher strikes terror by his look, life story and horrifying chainsaw.

Maker Razhy Miller printed a stunning Leatherface figurine on Creality Ender-3 with PLA filament. The chainsaw looks rather big, and this way it terrifies even more:

Leatherface 3D model for printing
Maker: Razhy Miller

You can also turn the Leatherface 3D model for printing into a masterpiece and add it to your classic horror collection of 3D prints.

11. Durotan 3D Model for Printing

Fans of Warcraft love to add the most memorable characters to their collection. And Durotan becomes a great project if you love to paint many details, choose bright colours for orc’s skin, clothes, fangs and numerous accessories.

You can choose the movie colours, or go with the ‘gameish’ theme as selected by Tuğbay Yağcı whose 3D printed model looks stunning:

Durotan best 3D printing models 2020
Maker: Tuğbay Yağcı

You can also download Durotan STL files for 3D printing and grow your Warcraft collection in 2020.

12. Batman Top 3D Printing Models

The well-known protector of Gotham City always looks excellent as a figurine or model. It is superb that you can choose which Batman version to 3D print, superhero or villain.

Maker Carlos Javier González Oseguera brought to life a real supervillain on his Creality Ender-3 with 0.75 kg (1.65 lbs) of PLA. The printing time was 123 hours:

Batman Who Laughs 3D printed bust
Maker: Carlos Javier González Oseguera

If you like this “cruel” Batman 3D printing bust, you can also download Batman Who Laughs STL files.

13. Arya Stark Best Figurine for 3D Printing

The girl who helped to resolve the war in Game of Thrones, Arya Stark, developed impressive survival skills.

Arya’s strong personality and fierce facial expression were captured by a talented 3D designer and printed by Edu Morales LLobet. The fight scene looks outstanding as a 3D print:

Arya Stark figurine Game of Thrones
Maker: Edu Morales LLobet

Would you also like to download Arya STL files for 3D printing and make this diorama?

14. Wonder Woman 3D Model for Printing

The list of top 3D printing models of 2020 surely includes superheroes and superwomen. Wonder Woman is a beautiful character from the DC Comics Universe. She is strong, with fantastic combat skills and strategies.

Printed and painted by Jeremy Harris, Wonder Woman figurine looks terrific:

Wonder Woman top 3D printing models 2020
Maker: Jeremy Harris

You can get Wonder Woman STL files for 3D printing and turn this one of the best female superheroes into a lovely statue.

15. Mandalorian Razor Crest Best Model for 3D Printing

Fans of the Mandalorian TV series who love to follow the adventures of Baby Yoda and Din Djarin and have a 3D printer at home can bring to life many stunning and best 3D printing models from the Mandalorian story.

The fantastic Razor Crest is Din Djarin’s gunship in the series. It is a beautiful vessel that will decorate any room or table. Maker Brian Morrison Roofing spent over 250 hours on printing every part of the Razor Crest assembly model. And now this project is waiting to be painted:

Razor Crest best 3D printing models 2020 Mandalorian
Maker: Brian Morrison Roofing

While Brian is still working on his ship, you can go ahead and download Razor Crest STL files to 3D print this beautiful model for yourself.

16. Alien Queen 3D Model for Printing

A diorama that combines two of your favourite models in one scene can become a beautiful addition to your interior. The magnificent Alien Queen figurine surrounded by fear and dangerous spirit in a diorama with Darth Vader wows.

The beautiful scene printed by Vyv Bast was inspired by concept art. It captures the atmosphere of the confrontation very realistically:

Alien Queen vs Darth Vader top 3D printing models
Maker: Vyv Bast

Get Alien Queen vs Darth Vader diorama STL files for 3D printing and build this unique project yourself.

17. Aquaman 3D Print

Some fictional characters can comfortably breathe in the ocean depths. They have no problems with living on land as well as underwater.

Aquaman is such a character, and it looks impressive with his fish scales and the giant Trident of Neptune. Maker Jean Luc Sonia Castiau created a stunning two-colour (green and golden) 3D print:

Aquaman top 3D print 2020
Maker: Jean Luc Sonia Castiau

You can test your painting skills and also transform Aquaman 3D printing figurine into a top 3D print of 2020.

18. Iron Man 3D Print

The mysterious alter ego of Tony Stark makes him a famous superhero who wears a metal suit and a brilliant 3D printing project with many incredible details to paint.

The Iron Man 3D print looks fantastic, especially when placed inside a unique display box with a 360-degree turn centre part by maker Chester Sass. Thanks to the LED lights inside the box that outline the figurine’s colours, the scene looks beautiful both at day and night:

Iron Man top 3D printing models 2020
Maker: Chester Sass

You can get Iron Man STL files for 3D printing and also start working on one of the top 3D printing models of 2020.

19. Joker 3D Print Model

Every hobbyist finds a unique solution on how to decorate the 3D printed model. Maker Garry Ogden, for example, turned one of the top 3D printing models of 2020 into a LED-friendly masterpiece.

Garry presented the resin-printed Joker version with an extremely-detailed background. The PLA base is decorated with numerous 1/6 scaled pieces such as cans, trash, newspapers and graffiti on the walls:

Joker top 3D printing models 2020
Maker: Garry Ogden

If you like how Arthur Fleck portrays Joker, you can also download Joker STL files and 3D print this fantastic scene from the movie.

20. BT-7274 3D Model to Print

The famous Titan from Titanfall 2 who serves as Jack Cooper’s protector is a beautiful 3D printing model. The project comes with spinning missile pods, a highly-detailed cockpit, articulated body and limbs, and many other stunning features.

Maker Atta Minachi built a beautiful model and painted it in military green colours:

BT-7274 model to 3D print
Maker: Atta Minachi

Get BT-7274 STL files to 3D print this one of the top 3D printing models from Titanfall.

21. Lich King 3D Print Model

The lord of the Scourge from WoW Universe is another captivating character to turn into a 3D printed figurine. Maker Deejay El-zink printed the Lich King at 100% size using two 3D printers, Creality CR-10S for the head and Elegoo Mars for the sword.

The base was printed with PLA filament. Later the hobbyist added clear Blue resin to create the ice effect and grated polystyrene to make the snow:

Lich King top 3D printing models 2020
Maker: Deejay El-zink

Your collection of World of Warcraft figurines might need the beautiful Lich King 3D printing figurine. It is another best model to make this year.

22. Illidan Stormrage 3D Model for Printing

The well-known demon hunter is another top 3D printing model from the enormous WoW world. Illidan Stormrage is the founder of the Illidari, and the version made by Nick Cassar can inspire you to fulfil your collection of 3D prints with this stunning project.

Look how bright and colourful this Illidan figurine is:

Illidan Stormrage top 3D printing models
Maker: Nick Cassar

Download Illidan STL files to transform this top figurine into a real masterpiece to display on your shelf, in your room, car, office, etc.

23. YoRHa 2B 3D Model for Printing

Love for details and experimenting is a killer combination for a hobbyist with a 3D printer. Look at the beautiful YoRHa 2B printed and painted by Ninja Models. The maker paid much attention to every shade and detail.

The figurine got real makeup, beautiful steel blade, custom platform and main parts attached with magnets:

YoRHa top 3D printing models
Maker: Ninja Models

This project was printed on Elegoo Mars, but you can print it on many other 3D printers as well. So download YoRHa 2B figurine STL files and make this top 3D printing model a reality.

24. MWO Best Mad Cat MK2 for 3D Printing

With a 3D printer and big selection of paint brands, it is up to you which painting scheme to choose for your new project.

Here is an example of a fantastic Mad Cat MK2 model from the MWO. Maker Scott Murphy decided to paint it in blue colours:

Mad Cat MkII 3D print
Maker: Scott Murphy

The popular Timber Wolf mech is fully articulated. It surely deserves the best spot on your shelf.

You can download the top Mad Cat MK2 STL files for 3D printing to do this project in 2020.

25. King Krab Battlemech to 3D Print

Maker Glyn Johnston also seems to be a fan of MWO models. His version of King Krab model printed on FDM 3D printer at 1:60 scale looks incredible:

King Crab MWO top 3D printing models
Maker: Glyn Johnston

It seems that this King Krab was in a severe battle, but survived it. The smooth print painted so well astonishes many hobbyists from Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace community.

You can get King Krab STL files now if you wish to make it your next big project.

26. DeLorean 3D Printed Model

Sometimes a 3D printing project can take months in a row. But the result will undoubtedly be worth it as well as recollecting all the time spent on 3D printing, sanding, painting, introducing LEDs, etc.

Maker Carlos Díaz keeps working on one of the top 3D printing models from Back to the Future. The DeLorean time machine already boasts many fantastic details in its interior:

DeLorean 3D printing model
Maker: Carlos Díaz (@pentrena on instagram)

The dashboard looks very realistic. Just imagine how stunning this car will be once it is finished!

Meanwhile, you can also download the DeLorean 3D printing kits and work on your vehicle.

27. Ravager Groot with STL Files

There are many impressive versions of Groot character on Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace. It is always stunning to see any of them turned into a brilliant 3D printed figurine.

Maker Vinícius Nunes printed Ravager Groot with ABS filament and chose manual painting to achieve a fantastic result:

Ravager Groot 3D print
Maker: Vinícius Nunes

The model comes with two sets of limbs (hands and branches), and it is up to you which set to use or when to switch them. You can download Ravager Groot top STL files for 3D printing if you like this version of the tree-like creature.

28. Top Treebeard 3D Print

Fans of tree-like creatures can work not only on different Groot versions but also bring to life one of the top ancient residents of Forest of Fangorn, Treebeard.

With the bark-like hands, legs and old-man face, Treebeard becomes a perfect model for hobbyists who love to print, paint and decorate the project with moss, leaves and other staff. The fantastic work done by Seppus Endertus wows and requires no words, just complimented emotions:

Treebeard top 3D printing models 2020
Maker: Seppus Endertus

You can download Treebeard STL files to recreate one of the most ancient Ents from Middle-earth as well.

29. Battlestar Galactica 3D Print Model

One of the most iconic sci-fi ships is always a great project for anyone with a 3D printer. The Battlestar Galactica comes with many details, has tunnels for introducing LED lights and boasts movable parts.

Maker Jason Williams finished his project. This highly-detailed and awesomely painted Battlestar Galactica only requires LEDs now:

Battlestar Galactica 3D print
Maker: Jason Williams

Would you also like to recreate the Battlestar to serve the Colonial Fleet? Go ahead and download Battlestar Galactica STL files for 3D printing.

30. ED-209 3D Model for Printing

The crime-ridden Detroit suffers without peacekeeping robots. Thus, it becomes excellent to 3D print the fictional face of law enforcement, ED-209, to keep things calm.

Look at this impressive ED-209 made by Larry Day and painted with Spaz Stix chrome:

ED-209 top 3D printing models 2020
Maker: Larry Day

Don’t wait the five seconds to comply. Download OCP ED-209 STL files and start 3D printing this top 3D printing robot model now.

31. Master Chief 3D Print

Master Chief, the super-soldier from Halo, is badly needed if you wish to fight with the alien Covenant and win. The 3D printing figurine of petty officer John 117 can look smooth and stunning just as this one printed and painted by Laurent Guglielmetti:

Master Chief 3D printing figurine
Maker: Laurent Guglielmetti

The winner of many battles can lead a big group of soldiers and fearlessly face danger. This character looks great on a shelf as well as in the tabletop game.

You can download one of the top 3D printing models of 2020, Master Chief STL files, on Gambody and implement this superb project into life.

32. Colossus 3D Printing Figurine

Famous mutant superheroes are surely on the list of top 3D printing models of 2020. Piotr Rasputin who joined the second generation of the X-Men team looks superb as Colossus figurine.

If you wish to achieve the realistic metallic look of your model, use Molotow Liquid Chrome as advised by maker Walton Harris. His version of Colossus was printed on Peopoly Phenom L 3D printer with Siraya Fast grey resin:

Colossus 3D printed figurine
Maker: Walton Harris

Don’t you agree that this project is fantastic? You can get Colossus 3D printing figurine STL files and also try painting it with the Liquid Chrome or choose a different colour scheme for your 3D print.

33. Spider-Man Crawling on Wall 3D Print

Never be afraid to start 3D printing and painting. Your first-ever model can look great. Here is an excellent example of a beautiful Spider-Man figurine, the first 3D print made by Mikey Sarl on Creality Ender-3:

Spider-Man crawling on wall 3D print
Maker: Mikey Sarl

This model is 50 cm (20 inches) tall and 28 cm (11 inches) wide at the base. It was painted with acrylics and sprayed with varnish for sealing.

Your version of Spider-Man might be different and unique in its way. So experiment and get Spider-Man STL files for 3D printing this one of the top characters from comics.

Each 3D printed object made by talented hobbyists can become a masterpiece that blows your mind. Sometimes it is hard to believe that a character or model is printed off in plastic from STL files, so realistic it appears.

We hope that the top 3D printing models of July 2020 can become your inspiration for new prints which you will share in Gambody 3D printing community on Facebook. This group is a perfect place to post your photos, videos of projects, ask for advice and receive tips and tricks from other talented makers. It is a place where you will never get bored because of all the beautiful works you will see.

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