10 Best Fallout 3D Print Video Game Miniatures

If you’re a Fallout video game fan, you can’t go on with your life if you don’t have a 3D printed character or prop in your collection.

Here is a selection of 10 awesomely created Fallout 3D print video game miniatures and props you can come into possession if you have a 3D printer or know someone who has.

Fallout 3D print # 1. Codsworth 3D printing action figure

Probably one of the most impressive 3D prints inspired by Fallout 4 video game is the Codsworth action figure.

Fallout 3D Print Video Game Miniatures codsworth

It didn’t take too long for Mark Mosinski to come up with the idea of a Fallout 4 tribute. And his pick fell on Mr. Codsworth, the metallic robot butler. Mosinski relied on the help of Thingiverse designers’ help, who were happy to provide him with templates.

All in all, the entire process took Mosinski about 3 weeks, with most of the time being spent on 3D printing, cleaning, sanding and painting the Fallout 3D print video game miniature. The metallic finish was achieved by using a special type of paint, Krylon 1010A.

Fallout 3D print # 2. Pip-Boy 3000

This prop is for those who love bulky accessories.

Even though the original Pip-Boy 3000 sold out in several hours, there is always 3D printing to turn to and replicate a great gadget accessory. Be informed that there are different models of Pip-Boy 3000, so you would like to check and decide which one suits your purpose best.

Fallout inspired pipboy 3D printed

Fallout 3D print # 3. T-45-d Power Armor helmet

It is a known fact that 3D printed video game props are used in cosplay. But did you know that you can 3D print your Halloween costume as well? If not entirely, at least its centerpiece.
This is what Bret has done for his son’s Halloween costume. Because his son is a huge fan of the Fallout series, Bret decided to design and 3D print a T-45 power armor helmet.

3D printed T-45 power armor helmet

The prop is printed in ABS material with 0.15mm layers. The T-45 power armor helmet had a rough finish, which Bret decided to keep. The helmet was then painted with 2 coats of primer and another few coats of silver gloss spray paint.

Fallout 3D print # 4. Mini-nuke

We’re in love with this mini-nuke 3D print. Its design was a pain, but the printing result is amazing.

The Nuke has the interior layout, which makes it even greater than you could expect. All the parts have been designed to print without support which saves you both material and time.

Fallout mini-nuke 3D print

The Mini-nuke is painted with liquid mask, a type of rubbery paint that can be peeled off a surface and painted over.

3D Printed and painted Fallout Mini-Nuke Prop

Fallout 3D print # 5. AER9 laser rifle

AER 9 laser rifle 3D print will make a great prop for your cosplay costume. And this one is to dream of.

Yvo de Haas, the young designer behind the laser rifle 3D print, has built a reloading mechanism and an actual laser in the rifle.

Laser rifle prop from Fallout

While the laser rifle is fully workable, with sound effects registered and played over when using the rifle, the entire printing process and assembly of the mechanisms can take a lot of time.
Nevertheless, the result pays off.

Top 5 Fallout 3D print video game MINIATURES on Gambody

Gambody 3D modelers know that Fallout is a popular video game among its audience. That’s why the marketplace sells STL files for the Vault Boy perk and a T-60 power armor miniature.

The Vault Boy is known to pop up whenever the gamer achieves new skills in the game. Thus, this character represents 6 different perks for 3D printing. 4 of them are sold in a 2-Vault Boy kits.

We’ve chosen 5 Fallout 3D printing gaming miniatures – the ones that we like the best from the point of view of design.

#1. T-60 POWER ARMOR action figurine

T-60 power armor is our favorite 3D printing video game miniature. The in-game prototype is an improvement to the T-45 power suit. T-60 is handled by a single operator. The bulky design is heavy armored and is provided with a protective armor system.

Fallout T-60 Power Armor 3D model

The model is a high-poly design, with amazing surface details. The 3D miniature is printed in PLA material, with a clean finish. No sanding was used. Only the support was accurately removed. The model is soon to be painted and added to our in-house collection of 3D printed and painted gaming miniatures.

#2. Vault Boy Adrenaline Rush FALLOUT 3D Print VIDEO GAME MINIATURES

Vault Boy is the most recognized and popular video game character. Appearing under various disguises, Vault Boy can’t be mistaken thanks to his signature wide grin and blonde locks.
The Adrenaline Rush Vault Boy 3D model depicts him flaunting his six-pack.

Fallout video game-inspired 3D model of Vault Boy

The 3D video game figurine is painted with acrylic paint, in the video game color combinations.

#3. Vault Boy Gangster 3D Model

This is another interesting model, showing the Vault Boy in one of his in-game perks design. Showing off Capone traits, the Gangster 3D miniature is depicted wearing a gangster ensemble.

Fallout Gangster Vault Boy 3D model

This is a high-poly model, available for download in a set with Adrenaline Rush 3D model.

#4. VAULT BOY BIG GUNS 3D Video Game Miniature

Dressed up in his super-hero like suit and displaying his unmistakable grin, this Vault Boy: Big Guns and Chemist 3D design shows the beloved perk handling a big gun.

3d printed and painted vault boy model

The 3D gaming miniature is painted according to the video game color combination.


This 3D model reproduces the video game perk in a funny pose, giving it a childish appeal. We love this model because it reminds us that there is a child in all of us.

Fallout 3D video game figurine of Vault Boy

The 3D printed miniatures files are available for download in STL format. All are high-poly models, which have been print-tested in PLA material.

If you fancy having one or all of them in your 3D collectibles collection, or surprise your friends, these awesomely created models will not disappoint anybody.


Whether you’re into Fallout video game or not, these Fallout 4 3D prints and props will surely catch your attention. They are modeled by those who know what 3D modeling for 3D printing is and with a great passion for the game.

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