50+ Trending 3D Prints of July: Aliens, Dragons, MechWarriors, Monsters

We are proud of how many talented Gambody enthusiasts have taken part in our Hall of Fame project. This idea was announced at the end of 2018, and since then it has quickly grown into a real competition of superior, beautiful and brilliant 3D printed figurines. It is getting more challenging to choose the winners because there are so many trending 3D prints shared by authors. Thus, we would like to extend the idea of honouring the makers of spectacular figurines through the monthly digest of the finalized models’ photos shared on Facebook.

We are always happy to include your photographs of 3D printed statues into our digest. So, join Gambody Facebook Group, craft your projects, showcase your masterpieces within the community, enter our Hall of Fame to earn personal discounts, and become a superstar of our blog. Let everyone admire your fantastic 3D prints and respect your talent.

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Hall of Fame: 27 Trending 3D Prints of July 2019

Usually, twelve award-winning projects are chosen twice a month for Gambody Hall of Fame. However, July was lavish on talents. This led to a total of nineteen winners and twenty-seven 3D prints (some authors won twice, three or even four times within the month). The photos of their best projects embellish Gambody Facebook group cover, which is updated once a week.

Gambody Hall of Fame winners of the first half of July:

Gambody Hall of Fame winners of July
Hall of Fame reward program by Gambody
Best 3D printing figures from Hall of Fame

Gambody Hall of Fame winners of the second half of July:

Trendy 3D prints of Gambody Hall of Fame
3D printing artists from Gambody's Hall of Fame

Let us recollect the July winners once again and pay our honour to their hardworking personalities and outstanding pieces of art. Their trending 3D printed figurines represent various styles and interests, from animal monsters and aliens to human warriors and spaceships.

Each trending work of these 19 winners takes our breath away (please note that there is no particular order in this list):

1. Smaug Dragon figurine

3D printed and painted by Trần Hữu Phước‎:

Smaug Hobbit dragon 3D model printed
Maker: Trần Hữu Phước

Download STLs for Smaug 3D printing model.

2. Colossus 3D Print

Made by Yannik Tillmann:

Colossus 3D printing figurine
Maker: Yannik Tillmann

Download STL files for Colossus model to 3D print it yourself.

3. Gul’dan 3D Print

A gorgeous model crafted by Deejay El-zink:

Guldan model 3D printed
Maker: Deejay El-zink

4. Gul’dan Model 3D Print

The version is made by Raul Talmaciu on Creality CR-10s 3D printer:

Guldan 3D print without paint
Maker: Raul Talmaciu

Download premium STLs to make your own Gul’dan figurine.

5. Iron Giant 3D Print

The figurine is created by Reuben Burciaga at 200 per cent scale:

Iron Giant figurine
Maker: Reuben Burciaga

Download 3D printing files to make your Iron Giant.

6. Balrog 3D Model

A dangerous-looking demon made by Diego Molina:

Balrog 3D model to print
Maker: Diego Molina

Download Balrog STLs to start making a beautiful diorama with another 3D printing figurine of Gandalf.

7. Gipsy Danger Figure

A fantastic figurine made by minibricks.co:

Gipsy Danger model
Maker: minibricks.co

Download Gipsy Danger 3D model STL files to print.

8. Artanis 3D Model

An impressive warrior statue created by Jun Yap:

Print of Artanis 3D model
Maker: Jun Yap

Download STLs to make a beautiful warrior Artanis 3D printing figure.

9. Millennium Falcon 3D Model

A stunning Star Wars ship built by Oykun Ilgün:

Millennium Falcon 3D print model
Maker: Oykun Ilgün

Download premium 3D printing files to make Millennium Falcon starship.

Find out how it is possible to use Gambody Millennium Falcon’s interior 3D printing parts to create a custom version of DeAgostini Star Wars ship.

10. Viserion Trending 3D Print

The dragon model scaled at 150 per cent by Mike Foxtrot:

Viserion 3D print
Maker: Mike Foxtrot

11. Viserion 3D Model

Here is another figurine with a different version of dragon wings 3D printed by Tim Willson:

Viserion 3D model
Maker: Tim Willson

Download STLs to 3D print your version of a famous dragon from Game of Thrones.

12. Witcher 3D Print

An awesome figurine made by Michael Thomas Purmenský:

Witcher 3D print
Maker: Michael Thomas Purmenský

13. Witcher 3D Model

One more impressive statue of Witcher created by Damien Faguier:

Witcher 3D model
Maker: Damien Faguier

Download premium STL files for making Witcher figurine.

14. War 3D Model

A warrior crafted by Yannik Tillmann:

3D War warrior printed figurine
Maker: Yannik Tillmann

Download STL files to 3D print your War figurine.

15. Doctor Strange 3D Print

An incredible figurine made by Deejay El-zink:

Doctor Strange 3D print
Maker: Deejay El-zink

16. Dr Strange 3D Model

This version is created by another 3D printing enthusiast Bjorn Albrecht:

Dr Strange 3D model
Maker: Bjorn Albrecht

Download Dr Strange 3D printing STL files.

17. Godzilla Hybrid Figurine

An incredible light-up diorama created by Trần Hữu Phước:

Godzilla Hybrid
Maker: Trần Hữu Phước

18. Godzilla Hybrid Statue

Another incredible Godzilla Hybrid made by Fan Wapiti:

Hybrid Godzilla statue
Maker: Fan Wapiti

Download trending Godzilla Hybrid STL files to 3D print this fantastic monster yourself.

You might also like to read an interview with a talented Godzilla maker (Gambody enthusiast) Joe Broggio.

19. Alien Xenomorph Model

A magnificent creature made by Fan Wapiti:

Alien Xenomorph model
Maker: Fan Wapiti

Download STLs for Alien Xenomorph 3D printing figurine.

20. Alien Xenomorph Diorama

This diorama made by Trần Hữu Phước also looks impressive:

Alien Xenomorph figurine
Maker: Trần Hữu Phước

21. Xenomorph 3D Model

Another version of the same trending Xenomorph diorama by maker Yannik Tillmann:

Xenomorph 3D model
Maker: Yannik Tillmann

Download STL files to 3D print your diorama with Alien Xenomorph.

22. Predator Statue

A fantastic Predator figurine crafted by maker Trần Hữu Phước:

Predator statue
Maker: Trần Hữu Phước

Download STLs to 3D print trending Predator final battle diorama.

Learn how to paint a Predator bust like a pro.

23. Groot Figurine

A life-like Groot crafted by Joe Broggio:

Groot figurine
Maker: Joe Broggio

Download STL files for Teenager Groot 3D printing model.

24. MechWarrior Timberwolf Model

An incredible Timberwolf (MadCat) MechWarrior created by Justin Peacock:

MechWarrior Timberwolf model
Maker: Justin Peacock

Download premium 3D printing files to make Timberwolf.

25. Jurassic Park 3D Print

Great diorama with a dinosaur from Jurassic Park by Nick Barnes:

Jurassic Park 3D print
Maker: Jurassic Park 3D Print

Download STLs for Jurassic Park diorama 3D printing model.

26. Kratos Figure

Kratos 3D printed by Krystian Granatowski:

Kratos Figure
Maker: Krystian Granatowski

Download STL files to build a figure of grumpy old Kratos.

27. Hulk 3D Print

Armoured Hulk crafted by Armando Luis Tuesta:

Hulk figurine
Maker: Armando Luis Tuesta

Download premium 3D printing files to make an Armoured Hulk figure.

As you can see, the list of trending 3D prints that brought their authors to the Hall of Fame in July 2019 includes many different characters. They are impressive dragon figurines, warriors, characters from famous movies, a starship, monsters and aliens, etc.

Some authors posted several trending 3D printed figurines within the month. In July, the most productive crafters were Trần Hữu Phước (4 statues), Yannik Tillmann (3 works), Deejay El-zink and Fan Wapiti (each shared 2 projects).

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Most Popular 3D Printed Figurines of July

Let us now take a look at all other trending 3D printed figurines posted by Gambody hobbyists in July. These are also the most popular 3D models printed or finalized during last month. Even though they have not entered the Hall of Fame, they are still fantastic, impressive and must-see.

Once again, our list has no particular order.

1. Pennywise Figure

Great “It” clown bust photo shared by Rocco Larocca:

Pennywise bust
Makers: Rocco Larocca and Fabrizio Bandiera

Download STLs to 3D print a Pennywise bust from It movie.

Pennywise can become a fantastic and trending horror 3D print for Halloween 2019. Just give it a thought!

2. Pennywise Model to 3D Print

A famous “horror” clown with a balloon crafted by Oliver Gerstenberg:

Pennywise figurine
Maker: Oliver Gerstenberg

Download Pennywise “It” Clown STLs to 3D print this figurine in time for Halloween.

3. Batman 3D Model

Heroic Batman project made by Darren Wilson:

Batman figurine
Maker: Darren Wilson

Download premium 3D printing files to craft Batman figurine.

4. Assassin 3D Model

A character from “Assassin’s Creed” game crafted by Darren Wilson:

Assassin figurine
Maker: Darren Wilson

Download STLs for Assassin 3D printing figurine.

5. Gigan Figure

Stunning Gigan created by Scott Ragsdale:

Gigan figure
Maker: Scott Ragsdale

Download STL files for Gigan Millennium Era 3D printing model.

6. Pickle Rick 3D Print

A nice Pickle Rick figurine made by Roman Wolf:

Pickle Rick 3D model printed
Maker: Roman Wolf

Download premium 3D printing files to make Pickle Rick character with guns.

7. Balrog 3D Print

Demon Balrog figurine 3D printed by Fabian Dobbeck:

Balrog 3D print
Maker: Fabian Dobbeck

8. Xenomorph Figurine

Alien Xenomorph made by Trevster Noir:

Xenomorph figurine
Maker: Trevster Noir

9. M. Bison Figure

Awesome M. Bison crafted by Navi Impala:

M Bison figure
Maker: Navi Impala

Download STLs for military dictator M. Bison 3D printing figurine.

10. Reinhardt 3D Print

A massive figurine 3D printed by Reuben Burciaga:

Reinhardt 3D print
Maker: Reuben Burciaga

Download premium 3D printing files to make Reinhardt model.

11. Wonder Woman Figurine

Gorgeous Wonder Woman made by Rural 3D Printing Service at 150 per cent scale (over 35 cm or nearly 14 inches high):

Wonder Woman figurine
Maker: Rural 3D Printing Service

Download STLs for Wonder Woman 3D printing model.

12. Heisei Godzilla Figure

Amazing Heisei Godzilla statue created by Michael Charles Stokking:

Heisei Godzilla figurine
Maker: Michael Charles Stokking

Download Heisei Godzilla STL files to 3D print it on your own.

13. Cyclops 3D Model

Stunning figurine made by Jeremy Harris:

Cyclops 3D model
Maker: Jeremy Harris

Download STLs for Cyclops X-Men 3D printing model.

14. Gravity Falls 3D Print

Fantastic cartoon characters 3D prints from Gravity Falls made by minibricks.co:

Gravity Falls figurines
Maker: minibricks.co

Download STLs to make cute Mabel and Dipper 3D printing figurines.

15. Shin Godzilla Figure

Monstrous Shin Godzilla crafted by Joe Broggio:

Shin Godzilla 3D model
Maker: Joe Broggio

Download premium STL files for trending Shin Godzilla 3D printing model.

16. Tiger Tank 3D Print

Awesome Tiger tank customized by Carlos Díaz:

Tiger Tank figure
Maker: Carlos Díaz

Download STLs for the original Gambody’s Tiger Tank 3D printing model.

17. Terran Marine 3D Model

Terran Marine crafted by Ezra Linehan-Clodfelter:

Terran Marine figurine
Maker: Ezra Linehan-Clodfelter

Download Terran Marine 3D printing statue STLs with gauss rifle pointed up.

18. Summoner Battletech Figurine

High-quality print of Summoner (Thor) figurine by Jarmyn Tshirpy:

Summoner Battletech
Maker: Jarmyn Tshirpy

Download premium STL files for Summoner Battlemech model to 3D print it.

19. Hydralisk Figure

Awesome Starcraft Hydralisk figurine made by Andrew Tan:

Hydralisk figurine
Maker: Andrew Tan

Download STLs for Hydralik 3D printing model.

20. Jason Vorhees Figure

Horror 3D print of Jason Vorhees with his victim made by Sascha Wesler:

Jason Vorhees figurine
Maker: Sascha Wesler

Download STLs for Jason Vorhees 3D printing diorama.

21. Viserion Figurine

Beautiful Viserion crafted by Justin Peacock:

Viserion figurine
Maker: Justin Peacock

22. MWO MechWarrior Figurine

Fantastic MechWarrior completed by Tony Adkins:

MWO MechWarrior BattleMaster
Maker: Tony Adkins

Download premium 3D printing files for making MWO BattleMaster figurine.

23. Alien Xenomorph Bust

Impressive Alien Xenomorph bust made by Tomáš Docik Dotzauer:

Alien Xenomorph bust
Maker: Tomáš Docik Dotzauer

Download STLs for Alien Xenomorph bust 3D printing model.

24. Cataphract Battletech

MWO Cataphract started in July by Scott Murphy:

Cataphract Battletech
Maker: Scott Murphy

Download STL files for Cataphract BattleMech 3D printing statue.

Summarizing July posts in Gambody Facebook Group, we can name the top 3 trending 3D prints that were crafted more than twice last month. These are characters Alien Xenomorph, Godzilla and Viserion dragon.

The names of several characters repeat twice on our list. They are Balrog, BattleMech, MechWarrior, Doctor Strange, Gul’dan, Pennywise and Witcher.

Knowing what others chose to craft this summer, you can now select your best 3D models for printing. We believe that your work will be just as incredible as all the projects included in our digest. We will be happy to add new masterpieces of trending 3D prints into the next compilation updates.

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