October Trending 3D Printing Models STL Files to Download

October is usually associated with All Saints’ Day. It is the month of Halloween models to 3D print and display around the house. And many of Gambody enthusiasts indeed chose to build various monsters and fierce warriors last month. It is time to look at the top trending 3D printing models STL files that attracted crafters in October.

It is excellent to observe trending figurines and statues made on affordable 3D printers at home. Many of them are painted with airbrushes or regular brushes by talented hobbyists, and look professionally made with much love for details.

As usually, the Hall of Fame congratulates all the lucky winners whose trending 3D prints became a cover of Gambody Facebook group in October – November 2019. These winning photos will be posted after trending October 3D printing models STL files are listed below.

Trending 3D printing models STL files

Trending 3D Printing Models STL

October brought many beautiful figurines 3D printed by Gambody enthusiasts who shared their best works on Facebook. There were statues of Batman, Balrog, Boba Fett, Big Boss, Darth Vader, Demogorgon, Viserion the Ice dragon, Freddy Mercury, Genji, Fry, Hella, Groot, Hulk, Hydralisk and other fantastic monsters, movie killers and superheroes.

Still, some projects have become trending 3D printing models because they were crafted by several makers, for more than once, within October. The top 3 trending themes were World of Warcraft models, Alien Xenomorph figurines and Godzilla statues.

1. World of Warcraft Trending 3D Printing Models STL

Azeroth has many fantastic heroes and villains. Those hobbyists who are fond of World of Warcraft (WOW) game and have a 3D printer at home choose to make stunning WOW figurines and statues.

October trending models include several World of Warcraft characters which were made by Gambody users and which STL files you can download.

Lich King

Lich King trending 3D printing models STL
Maker: Martin Neviemaky
Lich King model to 3D print October trends
Maker: Deejay El-zink

Hobbyists often choose to make the fierce and powerful Lich King. This World of Warcraft villain is always ready to fight with his sword grasped tightly in his right hand. Lich King trending STL files are available at Gambody – Premium 3D Printing marketplace.

Jaina Proudmoore

Jaina Proudmoore figurine October trends
Maker: Jordi Fernández García

A statue of a beautiful lady Jaina Proudmoore looks very realistic. This stunning woman is the most powerful sorceress of Azeroth. And you can get Jaina STL files to work on your WOW project.

Garrosh Hellscream

Garrosh Hellscream World of Warcraft trending figurines to 3D print
Maker: Romain RS

The figurine of mighty Garrosh Hellscream is also among the trending October 3D prints of 2019. This WOW Garrosh STL file is available to download now.

Varian Wrynn

Varian Wrynn World of Warcraft trending STL files
Makers: Jeremy Harris and Junwon Geem

At last but not least, real warrior Varian Wrynn completes our list of trending World of Warcraft 3D printing models of October. To craft this stunning figurine, you will need to get Varian STL files.

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2. Alien Xenomorph Trending 3D Printing Models STL

The list of trending October 3D prints also includes the famous creatures from the Alien movie. Known as Xenomorph, these aliens are believed to arrive from the planet Proteus. They are sturdy, deadly killers who reproduce via host organisms.

At the same time, Alien Xenomorph species look outstanding in panoramas 3D printed by Gambody enthusiasts.

Here are the photos of these trending 3D printing models with STL files you can download for yourself.

Alien Xenomorph Bust

Alien Xenomorph bust trending figurine to 3D print in October
Maker: João Pardinha

The high-quality Alien Xenomorph bust STL files can turn into a beautiful project. Add some love to details when painting your work, highlight skeletal arms, fingers, body parts and make all the features of the aggressive head distinguished. Your project will turn into a trending masterpiece.

Alien Xenomorph in Diorama

Alien Xenomorph STL files
Makers: Thomas Hlinka and Cruze Cruze

If you love to see all the details of your Alien project clearly, it is best to scale Alien Xenomorph in diorama STL files at 200 per cent. The result will be stunning.

Alien Queen vs Darth Vader

Alien Queen vs Darth Vader STL files
Makers: Tomáš Docik Dotzauer and Mickael Malet

Can you imagine Darth Vader facing Alien Queen? Anything is possible once you download new Alien Queen diorama STL files and craft this trending fantasy scene on your 3D printer.

3. Godzilla Trending 3D Printing Models STL

The famous Japanese movies about Godzilla have brought this mighty and powerful monster to the world of 3D printing.

There are several stunning designs offered by authors on Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace. It is fantastic that hobbyists chose to craft this giant fictional monster on their printers in October.

The trending figurines are beautifully painted and look outstanding on the shelf. They can be proudly displayed in any Godzilla fan collection.

Godzilla Hybrid

Godzilla Hybrid trending figurines of October to 3D print at home
Maker: Travis Petty

This monster looks fierce and ready to kill the whole city. The realistic drools add extra horror to the fans of the Godzilla franchise. Your figurine can be just as impressive once you download trending Godzilla Hybrid STL files and make it for your collection.

Heisei Godzilla

Heisei Godzilla trending STL files of October
Maker: Jon Stark

This version of Godzilla is also enormous and dangerous looking. The spines on the back and tail look fantastic even though it is clear that they are meant to kill and not to bring astonishment into the eyes of its victims. Heisei Godzilla STL files are waiting for you.

Shin Godzilla

Shin Godzilla October 3D printed trends
Maker: Joe Broggio

You can imagine living in Tokyo once you use Shin Godzilla STL files to craft this fantastic beast. The gigantic creature can wreck the imaginary streets of your diorama and horrify other characters from your collection of 3D printed figurines.

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3D Printing Models STL Files: Hall of Fame of October

Gambody continues to pay tribute to hobbyists whose 3D printed figurines are outstanding and deserve all the attention through the Hall of Fame project. You can also admire the masterpieces that caught the most attention in October.

Here are all the winners of October’s Hall of Fame, first half and second half of the month:

Gambody Hall of Fame winners 2019
Gambody's Hall of Fame winners from fall 2019
October Gambody Hall of Fame winners
Trending models to 3D print winner of Gambody Hall of Fame 2019
Trending figurines to 3D print Hall of Fame winners

By the way, you can also choose different models to 3D print, download their STL files at Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace and share your projects in Gambody Facebook group for a chance to enter the Hall of Fame the next month.

Meanwhile, it is time to download the trending 3D printing models STL files to craft gorgeous projects yourself.

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