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Vault Boy 3D Printing Model | Static Model

cm: 7.45 w x 8.75 d x 9.5 h
in: 2.933 w x 3.445 d x 3.74 h

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Printing Details

This 3d model consists of a file in StereoLithography (.Stl) format that has been optimized for 3d printing.

Before printing the files, we strongly recommend reading the PRINTING DETAILS section.

File Name File Size Time / Filament Object Size
(x/y/z mm)
vault ass (repaired) 2 (r epaired).stl
32.97 MiB 16 h 10 min 11 m 88 x 75 x 95 Download

This Vault Boy 3D printing model depicts the already familiar character in a funny pose, giving it a childish appeal. It is no wonder the perk is loved by fans from all around the world. It has been around for almost twenty years now and it is hugely recognized by his blond, wavy hair, blue jumpsuit and wide grin. Coming from the post-apocalyptic action video game, the Vault Boy will not remain unnoticed in your collection.

The model available on our 3D marketplace for download will be the perfect gift to a friend, or a nice funny surprise to someone who truly appreciates a cool joke. The bonus to the figure is that you can paint it in any color, according to your liking. Get creative with the hues, maybe dark locks will look better on the funny guy.

The figure comes in static form and is mounted on a nicely crafted watermarked support. It is 5.085c, wide, 6.203cm deep and 9.5cm tall.

You will get, together with the downloadable files, detailed printing instructions and recommendations to ensure smooth printing experience and outstanding result. 

Take one minute to order Vault Boy 3D print files and start the joyfulness of printing it out!


This model was tested in Cura 15.06. To avoid printing problems, we recommend the following settings:


  • Layer height: 0.1mm*
  • Initial layer thickness: 0.3mm
  • Bottom/top pattern: lines
  • Horizontal expansion: 0.04mm (when entering 0.04mm index, the 3D printer 
  • *Layer Height 0.1mm is recommended for a better quality for the printed model. However, the printing time will double.

Check this Simplify3D User Guidelines to avoid any 3D printing problems with this software.

The model has been tested and printed out in PLA.

Speed setups:

  • Infill speed: 50mm/s
  • Outer shell speed: 30mm/s
  • Inner shell speed: 20mm/s
  • Top/Bottom Speed: 20mm/s
  • Support speed: 50mm/s
  • Travel speed: 150mm/s
  • Skirt speed: 30mm/s
  • Amount of slower layers: 4


  • Infill pattern: Grid
  • Line distance: 3mm
  • Infill overlap: 20%
  • Infill layers: 0


  • Enable support: check
  • Placement: Everywhere
  • Overhang angle: 30°
  • X/Y distance: 0.7mm
  • Top distance: 0.2mm
  • Bottom distance: 0.2mm
  • Stair step height: 0.5mm
  • Join distance: 0.7mm
  • Area smoothing: 0.6mm
  • Use towers: check
  • Pattern: Grid 
  • Line distance: 1.5mm

Platform Adhesion:

  • Type: Brim
  • Brim line count: 10 (up to 20, depending on the model’s height)

Other 3D printing recommendations 

Outer Shell Speed - 20mm/s and Support Speed - 40mm/s settings apply to avoid model deformation. Use other settings by default.

Disclaimer: This model will look outstanding if printed on SLA/SLS 3D printer. The accuracy of the model printed on FFF printer can vary from the result shown in the pictures.


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