Filament Length and Printing Time Estimates Added on Gambody

Gambody has integrated filament length and printing time estimates for every 3D printing file. Until recently, many of our customers who wanted to buy the 3D printing files for our models were reluctant to do so, because they didn’t know the required filament length and time for every 3D printing part of the models.

This problem has got a solution. The integrated estimate allows the users to see the average* printing time and filament yielded by CuraEngine slicer.

* For the estimates common settings are used for all models (vs custom settings that you can find under “Printing Details”)
* Unless specified, default settings are used (those that CuraEngine supplies).

The filament length estimate is shown as reported by CuraEngine, based on 2.85 mm PLA filament.

Printing time can vary greatly based on the type of 3D printers and settings.

Non-default settings for the slicer:

Center Object: yes (default in Cura front end)
Infill Line Distance: 4 mm
Layer Height: 0.1 mm
Bottom Layers: 3
Infill Speed: 30 mm/s
Top/Bottom Speed: 20 mm/s
Enable Support: yes
Support Bottom Distance: 0.15 mm
Support Pattern: grid
Support Line Distance: 2 mm

Be advised that these estimates are based on default standard settings that are generated by CuraEngine with some non-default settings that we have used.

This can all be changed and corrected prior to the actual 3D printing process for each part of a 3D model, according to your own liking. Thus, the printing time and the filament length can also differ in the end.

These estimates have been added for every 3D model file based on an overwhelming amount of requests from our customers. We believe this will help you evaluate the average filament length and required time to 3D print a 3D model.

You can see the estimates in the Source Files tab, next to every 3D print file.

Filament length and printing time estimates
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