10 3D Printed Puzzle Games

Are you short of ideas on how to busy your children for a couple of hours? We’ve got you covered. Give them a 3D printed puzzle game. We know children love puzzles and they are pretty good at solving them. However, instead of buying an ordinary puzzle, showing a cartoon scene, we have collected 10 inspiring 3D printed puzzle games that your child will enjoy.

These puzzles are entirely 3D printed. They can be used by children aged 3 and older.

Note: Please don’t let your children unattended when given these puzzles, due to the small pieces that they may swallow.

1. Goldfish 3D Printed Puzzle

The Goldfish, like any regular puzzle, consists in joining all parts correctly so that in the end you have your fish. The puzzle is split up into 26 parts which are easily assembled, thanks to the specially designed slots.

Goldfish 3D printed puzzle

3D printed puzzle fish

Maker: corben33
Where to find it: Thingiverse

2. Europe Map 3D Printed Puzzle

Puzzles are both fun and educational. This one here represents the Europe Map, which can be in handy to help your offspring prepare for geography class. We all know that it is hard to make kids study unless you provide them with a fun way of doing it.

The 3D printed puzzle of Europe Map consists of 39 parts, 34 of which are whole countries and 5 make up the European part of Russia.
Europe map 3D printed puzzleMaker: chapulina
Where to find it: Thingiverse

3. Puzzle Chess Board

Before starting a game of chess, make sure you have a board and full set of pieces. If you don’t have it, you can always 3D print one. This one here has a puzzle-like board. It consists of 32 puzzle board parts of each color, 16 puzzle board edge slots, 12 puzzle board edge tabs, and 4 puzzle board corner tabs.

All these are 3D printable in any color you like.
3D printed puzzle as a chess boardMaker: pbreeden0
Where to find it: Thingiverse

4. 3D Printed Revolving Puzzle

The Revolving puzzle works like the Rubik’s cube, except that instead of grouping colors, you need to match shapes. This one also is a 2 in 1 puzzle in that you can align rows or columns of the same shape.

This one also is a match for those who don’t have different color filaments, as it is based on shape alignment. It requires assembly but it is easy and effortless. You need to leave one of the vertical sliders out to leave space for movement.
3d printed revolving puzzleMaker: muzz64
Where to find it: Thingiverse

5. 3D Printed Cube Puzzle

This 3D printed cube puzzle is inspired by the famous Rubik cube puzzle, but it has its own tricky way of assembling it. Once you get to the grips, the assembled cube can be used as a toy.
3D printed puzzle cubeMaker: ATDT8675309
Where to find it: Thingiverse

6. 3D Combination Puzzle

This puzzle has the same principle as the Rubik’s cube. You must align same color balls on each face. When rotating the middle of the cube, two balls of the same face are replaced.

The combination puzzle is entirely 3D printed. The balls and the middle part of the cube 3D print without support.
combination puzzle 3d printedMaker: Cemal Cetinkaya
Where to find it: MyMiniFactory

7. Periodic Table 3D Printed Puzzle

The periodic table 3D printed puzzle will help your children in chemistry class. The modeler grouped the parts into different groups. This means that you can 3D print them in different colors which will help your kid figure it out easier where the pieces go.
Periodic table 3D printed puzzleMaker: Jon Hoffman
Where to find it: MyMiniFactory

8. Tetris 3D Printed Puzzle

This puzzle consists of 21 pieces. The modeler even made a map to help you assemble it faster.

However, if you really want to challenge yourself, try out it together without looking at the map.
tetris 3d printed puzzleMaker: mikelepage
Where to find it: Thingiverse

9. Cheese 3D Printed Puzzle

The cheese puzzle is made up of 5 cheese parts, a mouse, and the base. Watch a review below.

Maker: Vladimir Krasnoukhov
Where to find it: MyMiniFactory

10. 4x4x6 Cuboid Twisty Puzzle

Inspired by the 4x4x4 Rubik’s cube, the 4x4x6 cuboid is more complex to solve than it looks. The modeler says that the cuboid is printable on SLS printers.
Twisty cuboid 3D printed puzzleMaker: TomZ
Where to find it: Thingiverse

That’s it. If you have a 3D printed puzzle, share a picture in the comments section below.

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