Top 10 Star Wars 3D Printer Models

Star Wars franchise has become a legend among people of all ages. They use Star Wars quotes in their speech, dress at Halloween as their favorite Star Wars characters, collect movie relics.

With the advancement of 3D printing, creating a Star Wars character costume is no longer a challenge, rather an entertaining job.

Although Star Wars props are widely used, there are people who would do anything to have the 3D printed replica of one or another spaceship, droid, or character in their house.

Our top 10 Star Wars 3D printer models and files features some of the best models that are available on the Internet.

#10. Stormtrooper Star Wars 3D printer modelS

This 3D printing figurine files will create a 130mm tall Stormtrooper model. The model itself consists of three parts: the head, the body and the connector. According to the modeler of the 3D printing files, the model doesn’t need support for printing.

Star Wars 3D printer files of Stormtrooper

The model has been printed in white PLA at 0.2mm layer height. No post-printing processing was needed, such as support removal or sanding.

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#9. Fillenium Malcon 3D model

This is the miniature of Han Solo’s spacecraft, and one of the most recognizable ships in the Star Wars Universe.

The 3D model has been printed in aluminium by one of Thingiverse users, at 0.16mm layer height. The model doesn’t need support to print.

Star Wars-inspired fillenium malcon aluminium thingiverse

One of Star Wars 3D printer models, i.e. Fillenium Malcon model, can be downloaded at Thingiverse.

8. Star Wars 3D PRINTER FILES OF TIE Interceptor

The TIE Interceptor was a kind of fighter, notable for its maneuverability during attacks. The movie model’s panels were tipped with laser cannons with huge firepower.

TIE Interceptor stands for Twin Ion Engine Interceptor. This means that the fighter was capable of developing fast speed in a very short time – 1,250 kmh.

3d model of TIE Interceptor star wars

The TIE Interceptor 3D printing model is sliced in two, to be able to print it without support. It comes on a stand, meaning that you can easily place it on a shelf or on your desktop.

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#7. AT-ST Walker from Star Wars

This walker is used by the Empire as a battle machine. The bipedal design won it the name of chicken walker.

The Star Wars 3D printing model consists of 43 parts, created in Autodesk Maya modeling program and checked din Netfabb. The parts are modeled to fit onto 18x19cm print bed.

at st walker for 3D printing from star wars

AT-ST Walker Star Wars 3D printer model is a high-poly printing collectible, which after assembly, will stand 37cm tall.

#6. Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Lightsaber

The lightsaber is one of the most recognized Star Wars items. Therefore, it’s no surprise that there are several 3D printing lightsaber models available.

However, the most impressive one is Obi-Wan Kenobi’s lightsaber 3D print model. It consists of 14 parts, with fine surface detail.

#5. AT-AT Walker 3D printer files

AT-AT Walker for 3D printing from Star Wars franchise is a combat machine, immune to blasts. The design was reproduced for 3D printing, with impressive detail accuracy and fine surface lines.
It consists of 75 parts to print and assemble together.

Star Wars 3D models AT-AT 3d printed

This is another impressive Star Wars 3D printer models optimized for 3D printing. After printing and assembly, the 3D model will stand 41cm tall. It is recommended to print the 3D model at 0.1mm layer height for a clean result.

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#4. R2-D2 Star Wars 3D model

This cute R2-D2 3D model represents the Star Wars beloved droid. Consisting of 16 separate parts, the model, after printing, will be almost the size of A3 sheet.

The model has undergone several modifications and improvements before reaching the accuracy and detail fidelity you can enjoy now printing.

R2-D2 star wars printer files and models

The files are available at Youmagine.

#3. Workable AT-AT 3D model

What’s interesting about 3D printing is that you no longer have to limit your models to static ones. With a little bit of skill, you can easily create and assemble a walkable All Terrain Armoured Transport 3D model.

This one, from the video below, works on a 9V battery.

#2. Star Wars 3D PrinteR MODEL OF Star Destroyer

The impressive replica of the Star Wars Destroyer for 3D printing is a 2-foot construction that took the creator several weeks to build. Printed in PLA filament, the modeler doesn’t know exactly how much printing material was used to print the entire ship, although he estimates that it took about three 2.2LB rolls of filament.

Impressive 3d printed stardestroyer star wars

As a true Star Wars fan, this 3D printed Destroyer certainly makes him proud of his own abilities every time he looks at it.

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#1. Millennium Falcon 3D printer files

Millennium Falcon model for 3D printing is the biggest Star Wars spacecraft that has ever been created. With 176 parts to print the spacecraft’s upper and lower shells only, this 3D printing project will keep your printing running for a lot of time.

The model is one of the most accurate ones that are optimized for 3D printing. It features complete interior layout and external elements.

The interior and exterior parts of the model can be downloaded in separate kits, printed and assembled on and into the 3D printed Millennium Falcon upper and lower base hulls.

All parts are designed with special slots for accurate and strong assembling. The hull parts are also designed to hold the interior and exterior parts weight.

After 3D printing and assembly, the model will stand 717.5mm wide, 1000mm deep and 244.46mm tall.

star wars millennium falcon 3d model

All in all, there are 373 parts to print to have a complete design of the legendary Millennium Falcon 3D model.


These 10 Star Wars 3D Printer models are some of the most impressive designs created for 3D printing. Check them out, read printing instructions and warm up your 3D printer, as there is a lot of printing to handle.

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