10 Most Famous DC Comics Villains 3D Printing Models to Make in 2020

Being one of the oldest comic book companies in America, DC Universe gave birth to many iconic characters, both heroes and antiheroes. Gambody shared a list of the top Marvel villains as 3D printing models. Now it is time to outline the most famous DC Comics villains as well as share STL files which you can turn into fantastic 3D prints.

Who is DC Comics villain of the year? You are right. The release of Joker movie in 2019 made this well-known DC Comics character one of the most wanted baddies to craft on a 3D printer. Still, Joker 3D printing models are not the only villains you can build in 2020.

DC Comics villains 3D printing models 2020

DC Comics Villains

Some of the most famous DC Comics villains are Harley Quinn, Joker (our villain of the year), Two-Face, Deathstroke, Black Manta, Darkseid, and many others.

A selection of high-quality STL files can lead you to the impressive 3D printing DC Universe.

DC Comics STL: Top 10 Models to 3D Print

With DC being the second biggest comics publisher in the world, it is a must to add some of the most famous villains to your collection of unique 3D prints.

1. Joker 2019 DC Comics Villain of the Year

The stories of Gotham and Arkham City are fantastic, and each one is unique. There were several movies about the Joker, and still, the 2019’s story about the life of Arthur Fleck is outstanding. Understanding the actions of this person and the motives that transformed him into a villain is a must-do.

Arthur Fleck as Joker 2019 DC Comics Villain of the Year
Maker: João Coutinho

You can download Joker STLs to 3D print this DC Comics villain of the year in the guise of 2019’s version of Arthur Fleck.

With a bloody smile, crazy eyes and colourful outfit, the Joker 2019 is an excellent addition to a collection of the most famous villains.

2. The Batman Who Laughs STL Files

This supervillain from DC Comics universe is nothing similar to the heroic Batman character. Being the alternative version of the original Batman, this evil monster is a hybrid.

The Batman Who Laughs is a combination of heroic Batman and villain Joker, who is his arch-enemy. Representing the Dark Nights, this character also has his own series.

Batman Who Laughs 3D print DC Comics villains STL files
Maker: Voltron Dave

One of the most famous DC Comics villains is easily recognized by his eye bandage with dangerous spikes. You can download STL files to 3D print The Batman Who Laughs for your collection of evil fictional personalities.

3. Harley Quinn DC Comics STL Files

You can be a fan of the new Harley Quinn 2019 TV series or simply adore each character that belongs to DC Universe. Anyways, adding a hot chic and a princess of crime to a collection of 3D prints is a stunning idea.

The criminal underworld in Arkham has never looked boring or dull. Harley adds some dark charms to the DC Universe, and you can feel the magic of this villain while crafting the figurine.

Harley Quinn DC Comics villains STL files
Maker: Darren Wilson

There are two fantastic 3D printing models of Harley Quinn on Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace. You can download STL files of a hot Harley Quinn lady and a chibi version of Harley Quinn. Both models are highly detailed and wonderful to paint after they are printed.

4. Darkseid 3D Print Model STLs

Fans of DC Comics believe that Darkseid is one of the most powerful villains in DC’s history. Their opinion is shared by Wizard and IGN that keep listing Darkseid in Top 10 and Top 25 villains of all time.

Darkseid DC Comics villains STL files
Image: Thingiverse

This tyrant is well-known in the fictional planet Apokolips. He dreams of conquering the whole world and getting rid of all emotional beings as well as free will.

If you wish to make him the ruler of your 3D print collection, make sure to download Darkseid STL files and 3D print this tyrannical model.

5. Black Manta 3D Printing Model STL Files

This supervillain appeared along with the 1967’s issue of Aquaman. The character is fierce, ruthless, and one look at his monstrous face makes you think about murders and chaos.

Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace has STL files with Black Manta bust designed by DP. The alien-like face and smooth skin help this villain spend much time underwater, in search of treasures or setting his evil will free in hopes to take revenge on Aquaman.

Black Manta 3D Printing Model STL Files

Adding an evil-looking Black Manta villain bust to a collection of DC Comics figurines and statues should be much fun. The painting should not be too complicated because based on Aquaman movie, this character mainly requires two colours, black for the body and red for the eyes.

6. Doomsday Bust 3D Printing Model

Can anybody possibly kill Superman? This dangerous mission becomes a reality in one story arc devoted to the famous superhero. And while The Death of Superman is only an arc, Doomsday really possesses the power, will and strength to kill.

Doomsday bust 3D printing model DC Comics villains
Maker: Jim Allen

This creature is among the most dangerous villains born in DC Comics Universe. Gambody offers Doomsday bust STL files. This model’s designer is DP, who knows how to outline the most unique features of any character.

Doomsday looks like a ready-to-attack monster. Will you add this mysterious alien to your collection of DC Comics villains or not?

7. DC Comics Villains as Chess Set

One of the best ways to spend a holiday evening or weekend with your best friend (who is fond of chess) is a game of chess. And the best chess set for any true fans of DC Comics is the one with their favourite villains as chess figurines.

DC Comics villains as 3D printing chess set
Image: Thingiverse

You can 3D print each unique chess piece at home if you have a 3D printer. Harley Quinn can be your white or black queen, and Joker can be a king. You can make criminals from Gotham City your rooks, bishops and pawns. And you can craft exclusive knights as well.

Or you can download STL files with DC Comics chess set created by Anubis_, and make his fantasies fight on your chessboard.

8. Deathstroke 3D Print Files

A well-known assassin and supervillain Deathstroke appeared in various Batman- and Teen Titans-related projects. Born in comics books, it quickly found a way into other media, including films and TV series.

DeathStroke DC Comics villains 3D print files
Image: Thingiverse

This villain character became so popular among many fans of DC Comics that it received its unique series called Deathstroke the Terminator in 1990s.

Today, you can build an impressive Deathstroke figurine on your 3D printer using STL files. This project can make your collection of 3D prints unique and fantastic because the assassin looks fierce and willing to fight the good guys on your display shelf.

9. Two-Face 3D Printing Model STL Files

The family of DC Comics villains will not be complete without Two-Face. This character boasts a unique appearance. Half of his face and body is dressed like an ordinary criminal guy, and half is reminding of evil in an expensive suit.

Two-Face 3D printing model STL files
Image: Thingiverse

As the story goes, Two-Face has scars on his left side of the face due to chemicals thrown at the ex-attorney during one Gothic City court trial.

Being a well-known enemy of Batman, Two-Face is a fantastic 3D printing model. Once you download Two-Face STL files and build this figurine on your 3D printer, you will enjoy hours of painting work. It should be much fun to paint two different halves of the same person.

10. Riddler 3D Printing Model

Who is the best-known criminal in Gotham City? The mastermind of all local criminals is, for sure, Riddler. He has an ever-going history since 1948. This makes him so bored with a life that he loves to watch how his criminal deeds are solved by the authorities.

Riddler 3D printing model
Image: Thingiverse

The fan of puzzles and riddles in criminal schemes can look fantastic on your shelf with other DC Comics villains. You can 3D print Riddler figurine if you wish. Luckily, Riddler STL files can be found online.

Each of these 10 projects with 3D printing models of DC Comics villains is outstanding. They can make any fan of the DC Universe’s baddies busy for several days while building the figurines on a 3D printer at home and painting statues afterwards. Remember to showcase your brilliant villain in Gambody Facebook community, which loves both heroes and rogues.

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