25 Best Godzilla 3D Print Ideas: Awesome 3D Model STL Files

Fans of Japanese movies have known Godzilla since the first film in 1954. The giant prehistoric sea monster became an icon to millions of people worldwide. And today, after over 30 movies featuring this character, you can enjoy some of the best Godzilla 3D print ideas.

The kaiju Gambody’s selection of 25 Godzilla STL files for 3D printing has something to offer to every enthusiast looking for pop culture icon models and figurines.

Godzilla 3D print

Godzilla 3D Print

Hollywood showed its version of the King of Monsters many years after the original Godzilla film. Still, between 1954 and 1998, there were 22 films about the giant beast. And today, the interest in the destructive monster awakened by nuclear radiation is not lowering.

Thanks to talented 3D artists, you can find free and paid Godzilla printable model ideas. Get inspiration from the pictures of 3D printed Godzilla figures and think of the models you can enhance with your love for 3D printing and painting skills.

1. Godzilla 3D Model

When Godzilla is against the whole world once again on your TV screen, you can breathe life into this monster featured in the Godzilla Singular Point series.

Singular Point bust

The “updated” fully-terrestrial King of Monsters will decorate your shelf and protect it from other kaiju creatures ever 3D printed by you. It should be fun to paint the highly-detailed textured skin and many dorsal plates adorning the monster’s head, neck, and back once you obtain the Godzilla 3D model STL files for 3D printing.

2. Mutant Shin Godzilla STL

The giant lizard you can bring to life is the Mutant Shin Godzilla, which STL files you can download immediately. This figurine features pieces of old skin hanging on it, and it looks super dangerous.

Godzilla printable

This 2016 version of the movie monster is a stunning Godzilla 3D model to recreate. Each fun detail deserves painting and taking care of. The final print will look fantastic on your shelf.

3. Shin Godzilla 3D Model

Those who watched Godzilla: Resurgence remember the destructive creature ruining the Tokyo streets. You can breathe life into your Shin Godzilla 3D model using these STL files and your 3D printer.

Shin Godzilla 3D model
Maker: Joe Broggio

Don’t worry about its atomic breath, which is 100% safe since it is a 3D printed figure. Still, the resemblance to the iconic film creature will make this 3D print a valuable piece in your collection.

4. Godzilla Soshingekigoji Printable

The following Godzilla printable STL files will help you bring to life one of the first monster suits that made the sea creature so famous worldwide. The Soshingekigoji version was featured in films released between 1968 and 1972.

Godzilla 3D model
Maker: Bill Mattes

Unlike the unstoppable force you remember the creature at first, this model looks more friendly and deserves a spot in your kaiju collection.

5. Godzilla 2014 3D Model

In 2014, the iconic monster appeared mainly in U.S. cities, not Japan. Thus, working on a Godzilla 2014 3D model can be an inspiring project for every American and all fans of this Hollywood movie version.

Godzilla 2014 3D model
Maker: @ea.gunpla (Instagram)

The creature looks dangerous with his tiny eyes on a blocky face, thick neck, powerful body, and sharp dorsal plates that remind us of a reptile. Such King of the Monster reincarnation is fun to tame in the form of a Godzilla 3D print.

6. King Ghidorah 3D Model

A three-headed cyborg who battled with Godzilla and was destroyed and then revived is now back in the form of King Ghidorah 3D model. Get its STL files and add this creature to your other 3D printed kaiju figurines.

King Ghidorah 3D model
3D printed parts by Jon Stark
King Ghidorah figure
3D print by Kenny Kurtz

This mechanical monster features three heads, muscled legs, and a pair of massive wings. Each part of this project looks exciting to recreate with a 3D printer and paint into a silver metal shade.

7. Godzilla Bust

Immortalizing the iconic fierce roar in the Godzilla bust 3D print is a fantastic idea. Especially if you can choose one or two stunning versions of this bust.

Godzilla models
3D printed bust by Claudia Kirchner and 2000 Bust 3D model

Gambody marketplace offers STL files of Godzilla Singular Point Bust and 2000 Bust models. These timeless pieces can be hung on your wall and impress everyone once you introduce LED lights.

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8. Zilla Kaiju 3D Print

Many kaiju fans will love the Zilla’s incarnation inspired by the 1998 movie. This Godzilla 3D print reminds us more of an iguana than a sea monster. But it is unique, powerful looking, and boasts many great details every 3D printing enthusiast will adorn.

3D printed Godzilla
Maker: Ficsor Tamás

Get Godzilla STL files and work on this stunning bipedal beast with a lantern jaw, spiky spine, and long tail.

9. Kong 3D Model

After watching Godzilla vs. Kong movie, you can download Kong 3D model STL files and make it a jewel of your collection of iconic monsters. The famous furry giant roars scarily, but it will do nothing while standing on your display shelf as a 3D print.

Kong 3D model
Maker: Kenny Kurtz

Thick fur covers the beast’s body. And you can see the three distinctive scars on Kong’s chest. The Kong 3D model also boasts two head variants, so you can create any version or build two primates to fight against your 3D printed Godzilla.

10. Destoroyah 3D Model

Recreate your battle of the titans by adding another Godzilla 3D print to your collection. Get the Destoroyah 3D model STL files to make this fierce enemy of the iconic monster with a 3D printer.

Destoroyah 3D Model

The stunning figure comes with a layered exoskeleton body, giant wings, spiky head, massive tail, and fierce look. Only imagine seeing such a monstrous beauty among your other kaiju models!

11. Godzilla STL

The story of the sea monster goes way beyond the waters and nuclear disaster. In a new era, when an alien creature learns how to enter a super-computer and read the essential data to destroy the world, the King of Monsters comes to rescue humankind.

Godzilla STL
Diorama by Trần Hữu Phước

You can download Godzilla Hybrid STL files to make the hero whose atomic beam can save the planet. Paint your 3D print to make it look realistic, and enjoy displaying it on your shelf.

12. King Cobra 3D Model

Even a brief appearance in the iconic franchise, Godzilla: The Series, King Cobra caught the attention of many 3D printing enthusiasts. Thanks to talented 3D artists, it is easy to find highly-detailed STL files of the King Cobra 3D model to add to your collection.

King Cobra STL

You will enjoy working on the fantastic serpentine creature’s anatomy, snake-like skin, head details, and breathing some life into its hidden power.

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13. Anguirus Printable Figure

Before turning into Godzilla’s ally, Anguirus dared to confront the iconic monster. Thus, adding this dinosaur to your Godzilla 3D print collection is a fantastic idea!

Anguirus 3D Print
Maker: Kenny Kurtz

Once you recreate the prehistoric creature, you will notice a strange mix of different reptiles in its appearance. This quadrupedal dinosaur has got something from an ankylosaurus, a styracosaurus, and a crocodile.

14. Heisei Godzilla Model

Enjoy working on a classic Godzilla 3D print after getting the Heisei STL files. This version depicts a powerful, ruthless creature standing firm on its two back feet, with an angry tail and dangerous spikes growing along the spine.

Godzilla model
3D printed by Joe Broggio

The model’s furious roar is not heard, but you can feel its menace even in the form of a 3D printed figure.

15. Monster X 3D Model

If you are looking for a perfect opponent to your beloved Godzilla 3D print, pay attention to the character from the 2004 Godzilla: Final Wars film. Monster X is a malicious skeletal kaiju with multiple horns, a unique face featuring four eyes, and a terrifying appearance.

Monster X model

Once 3D printed, this figurine will be fantastic to paint. You can use different painting techniques to outline its armored skin, deadly claws, sharp teeth, and multiple-skull head.

16. Rodan 3D Model

A giant pteranodon is another enemy who can become your 3D printed Godzilla ally or remain the monster’s hunter. Find Rodan 3D model STL files to 3D print this figure.

Rodan 3D model
3D printed by Alan Murray

The model features giant skinned wings that are a part of the prehistoric creature’s hands and body. The bird-like head looks dangerous, and the powerful claws cannot wait to catch new prey.

17. 3D Printed Godzilla

Meet Kiryu, an extreme form of Godzilla 3D print you can make. This monster 3D model comes with locks for fast and straightforward assembly. You will enjoy working with highly detailed Kiryu STL files from Gambody marketplace.

Kiryu 3D print
3D print by Peter Andersson

The unique prehistoric skin surface, long tail, muscular body, deadly paws, giant spine spikes, and horrifying roar will make your 3D printed Godzilla incredible!

18. Mothra Larva 3D Model

Enthusiasts who want to make battles with their Godzilla print can add Mothra Larva STL files to the line of their following projects. This giant moth is known as one of the main enemies of the iconic beast.

Godzilla printables
3D prints by Kenny Kurtz

The character does not look as powerful as the King of Monsters, but it can add a lot of fun to your collection of 3D printed kaiju models.

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19. Titanosaurus 3D Model

This deep-sea creature is not precisely a dinosaur. Titanosaurus 3D model STL files will bring you an exciting project to add to your Godzilla 3D print display. This monster features fins and is not evil by nature, no matter how dangerous his appearance is.

Titanosaurus 3D print
Maker: starkillercollectibles

The King of Monsters defeated Titanosaurus in the 1975 movie. But you can bring it back to life using your 3D printer and painting skills.

20. Space Godzilla Printable

Who can be eviler than King of Monsters? Only a similar-in-power monster with a selfish desire to destroy the planet and kill anyone who stays in his way.

Space Godzilla 3D print
Maker: Trần Hữu Phước

Download the Space Godzilla printable STL files to enjoy breathing more evil powers into the creature. It will look great standing next to other kaiju 3D prints in your room.

21. Gigan Millennium Era 3D Model

Not every creature is willing to stop the King of Monsters. Thus, using Gigan Millennium Era 3D model STL files is a must to build another Godzilla-related 3D print.

Gigan Millennium Era 3D print
Maker: Jon Stark

In the original story, Gigan failed to kill the iconic creature. But once you 3D print this figure, you can change the story yourself and decide whether you want your 3D printed Godzilla dead or alive.

22. Godzilla Cookies

Bake delicious Godzilla cookies using the free cookie cutter STL files (these or those), which allows you to create a unique mold for your culinary experiments.

Godzilla cookies
Images: Thingiverse

The roaring monsters are easily tamed and destroyed by every child who loves sweet bakery. It can be a fun meal for holidays and popular theme celebrations.

23. Godzilla Lamp

If you cannot find a Godzilla lamp in stores, build it yourself. Use your 3D printer and Godzilla lamp STL files to ensure the iconic creature sits on your table and lets you read, watch movies and play video games at night.

Godzilla lamp
Images: printables.com

It is necessary to introduce wire to make it work. Also, you will need to get a battery holder and a switch to work on this project. But the result is well worth all your effort.

24. Godzilla 3D Model Free

Newbies and hobbyists who wish to test their 3D printing skills and are looking for simpler Godzilla 3D model free files can create cute things with these and those STLs. It is quick to make a figurine for display or an adorable card holder.

Free 3D printing models
Images: Thingiverse

An articulated monster can be a fun toy for kids. And the business card holder can decorate your office table and bring a smile to the workers’ and customers’ faces.

25. Mechagodzilla 2021 3D Model

A mechanized daikaiju from the Godzilla vs. Kong movie is a great 3D printing project for every kaiju enthusiast. Find the free Mechagodzilla 2021 3D model STL files and turn this high poly monster into a robotic figure.

Mechagodzilla 2021 3D model
Picture: Cults

It will look great among other fantasy creatures and robotic monsters and help you recreate the battles from your favorite film. However, you’ll need to 3D print other Godzilla characters to complete your dioramas.

How many figures have you added to your Godzilla 3D print collection this year? You can always find inspiration on what to make next in Gambody 3D Printing Community on Facebook. Here, hobbyists from all over the planet are glad to share their reviews of each Godzilla 3D model turned into a print and photos of other fantastic projects created with 3D printers.

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