Fans of kaiju films rank Godzilla as the number 1 most iconic monster ever created. This big sea monster can be a part of your 3D printed collection if you also love kaiju characters, watched numerous Godzilla movies and enjoy the 3D printing hobby. A talented Gambody enthusiast, Kenny Kurtz, has already made several realistic Godzilla 2000 bust models with LED lights. And he is happy to share his unique experience with anyone interested in working on this Godzilla 3D print.

Let the Godzilla bust light with red, blue or other coloured LED lights. This 3D printed model can decorate your home and scare or impress your visitors.

3D printed bust of Godzilla 2000

Godzilla 2000 Bust

You can download the Godzilla bust STL files on Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace. This stunning Godzilla head bust 3D printing model is highly detailed. You can see the deadly teeth in the open mouth, long tongue, killer eyes, little ears, reptile skin, muscles and other intricate details.

Godzilla 2000 Bust 3D Printing Figurine assembly by Gambody

The 3D artist DP did a stunning job recreating a famous fictional beast as Godzilla bust 3D printing model. It took approximately 90 hours to design this highly-detailed model. And now, you can turn on your 3D printer and make an impressive Godzilla 3D print to hang on your wall or decorate your table.

Learn all the details on how to paint the Godzilla 2000 figure bust and introduce LED lights into this model. Find the answers to your questions in the interview with Kenny Kurtz.

Godzilla bust 3D model
Maker: Kenny Kurtz

1. Kenny, the 3D printed Godzilla 2000 figure busts you shared in the Gambody community on Facebook impress with details. When did you first hear about 3D printing? When did it become your hobby?

I’ve always been a hobbyist who enjoyed painting miniatures. So, when my friend Gilles Daigle mentioned 3D printing in late 2019, it seemed like a natural fit.

I decided to buy a Creality Ender-3 Pro 3D printer in March 2020 to print my own projects and instantly fell in love with the hobby. It definitely had its moments but 3D printing models from Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace are so well planned and thought out that it’s made 3D printing much easier.

There is definitely a learning curve to 3D printing and model painting. Still, there is plenty of guides from online communities and 3D enthusiasts willing to help whenever needed.

Godzilla 2000 figure
Maker: Kenny Kurtz

2. Are you a big fan of Japanese movies about Godzilla? Which film is your favourite one and why?

I am a HUGE fan of Godzilla ever since the Saturday morning marathons of the 1980s. I love animation and the craftsmanship that went into not only building the sets but Godzilla himself. I have enjoyed watching him evolve into the King of the Monsters that he is now with CGI.

While I miss the old Japanese style, I also like the evolution of Godzilla over the years.

I think my favourite film is King Kong vs Godzilla (original production) followed by King of the Monsters (original production). I really enjoy King Kong vs Godzilla because it gives me that “just sit at home on a cold day tomato soup and grilled cheese” feeling, lol. I feel nothing is better than watching 2 icons of classic movies square off like WWE Royal Rumble.

Godzilla vs Kong 3D model for 3D printing
Images: gambody.com

If you also like the King Kong vs Godzilla film, download the impressive Godzilla STL files and Kong 3D printing figure STL files to bring these two kaiju monsters to life.

3. Why did you choose to 3D print the Godzilla 2000 figure bust?

I chose the Godzilla 2000 bust 3D model for printing due to its menacing look. I also felt like I could really bring out his features to pay homage to Godzilla himself.

I wanted to try out LED lighting and felt this Godzilla head bust was the perfect fit for what I was trying to accomplish.

4. You mentioned that it took you approximately two weeks to 3D print the Godzilla head bust. Was it all made on one 3D printer? Which one?

Yes, it did take about 2 weeks to completely 3D print the Godzilla head bust. I printed it entirely on the Creality Ender-3 Pro. 

Godzilla bust STL
Maker: Kenny Kurtz

I’ve done a few more head busts since the original Godzilla 3D print. Gambody really makes life easier with the Godzilla bust STL files being simple and easy to use. Not to mention their customer service is by far the best I’ve come across.

5. How much 3D printing material did this Godzilla bust require?

The Godzilla 2000 bust required about 1 roll of PLA filament, some Milliput putty and an LED lighting kit.

6. How many parts did you have to 3D print to assemble the Godzilla head bust?

The Godzilla bust 3D model for printing has roughly 12 pieces to 3D print. But the print time usually depends on the size of the printing part. 

Most of my parts averaged about 25 hours per print.

Godzilla head bust 3D print
Maker: Kenny Kurtz

7. Did you glue the parts to create the Godzilla 2000 bust? If yes, which glue did you use?

I used the Fine Tip Gorilla Gel Glue to assemble the Godzilla bust. It sets fast and doesn’t create a runny mess like regular crazy glue.

I also use Zip Kicker to speed up the glue hardening process.

Godzilla bust 3D print
Maker: Kenny Kurtz

8. What was your post-processing work? Did you have to do anything after printing and before painting the model?

Once done 3D printing, there will be some glueing of the Godzilla bust together. I use Milliput putty to fill in my seams and minor imperfections.

This can then be easily textured to match the bust’s design so that this piece will require minimal sanding.

9. It took you three days to introduce wire and LEDs into one bust. Can you please describe the process step-by-step? Was it before painting and assembling the parts or afterwards?

I install the lights after the Godzilla bust parts are glued together, but before I have glued the figure to the stand.

Godzilla 2000 figure bust 3D print with LED lights
Maker: Kenny Kurtz

I start by drilling 2 holes through the mouth’s roof, angling it towards the neck’s lower back. I then run 2 sets of LED lights down into the lower neck. Then I drill down the main centre back piece, running the wire through the Godzilla model and out the bottom, where I mount the small 9-Volt battery pack.

I mount the battery box with Velcro for easy battery replacement. Once this lighting is installed, I can then begin the painting process.

10. Which 3D printing technique did you use, airbrushing or regular brushes? Or did you combine both methods while painting the Godzilla 2000 head bust 3D print?

I do all hand painting using various painting techniques. My go-to with this particular Godzilla bust piece is dry brushing.

I’ve watched countless hours of how to paint techniques on YouTube, lol.

11. What paint brands do you love?

I love the Warhammer Citadel paints and Army Painter for the detailed portions. I use a cheaper acrylic as my base foundation before starting the detailed painting.

Painting Godzilla 2000 figure bust 3D print
Maker: Kenny Kurtz

12. How many colours did you mix while working on the Godzilla 2000 bust?

I only mixed about 5 colours for this Godzilla bust. Most of this 3D printed piece was created with blending and shading.

13. What was the most challenging part, 3D printing, assembling, wiring or painting the Godzilla bust figure?

By far, the wiring was the most stressful part but also a great learning experience. This was my first attempt at wiring lights to a 3D print, so it took some patience and a shot or two of tequila, lol.

Wiring LEDs Godzilla 2000 3D printed bust
Maker: Kenny Kurtz

14. How many Godzilla 2000 bust models have you 3D printed?

I have printed the Godzilla 2000 bust 4 times.

15. You used blue LEDs for one bust and red LEDs for the other one. Did you select the LED colours based on your tastes or spirits at that moment?

Initially, I selected blue LED lights to pay homage to the original Godzilla with the blue radiation beam.

Blue LED lights in Godzilla 2000 bust 3D print
Maker: Kenny Kurtz

I decided to try the red LED lights to see how the Godzilla head bust looked with different coloured lights.

16. You said that you created several Godzilla 2000 busts for your friends. Did you make one for yourself? Where do you display it?

I had originally planned to keep the original Godzilla 2000 bust but have given all four of them to friends to display in their collections.

Best 3D printed Godzilla 2000 head
Maker: Kenny Kurtz

I am working on my personal Godzilla head bust currently, which will be bigger. I will use a LED light system that will allow me to change its colour and pulse/strobe the lights.

I am currently looking into purchasing a curio cabinet to display it as a prominent focal point of my living room.

17. Which is your current 3D printing project?

In addition to getting the Godzilla 2000 bust sized up to a larger 3D printing piece, I am working on what I call Shogun Godzilla. I use the Gambody Godzilla the SoshingekiGoji 3D printing figurine STL files.

Godzilla the SoshingekiGoji figure 3D print
Maker: Kenny Kurtz

I enjoyed lighting up his spines utilizing my new Anycubic Photon S resin 3D printer.

3D printed Godzilla The SoshingekiGoji figure
Maker: Kenny Kurtz

I chose to hollow out the spines and print them translucent. I am very pleased to say the Gambody STL files were effortless to use and printed very well. I want to share some photos of my current 3D printing project.

18. Do you have plans to make other versions of the Godzilla 3D printing model on your 3D printer?

I plan on doing all of the Godzilla 3D printing models that Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace has to offer lol… what can you say? I’m a true fan.

I’d also like to thank Amy Miller, Gilles Daigle, Jordyn Harper, along with all my friends and family, for their support and encouragement. I also want to thank Gambody for all the great printing projects and for allowing me to tell my story and share my work. It makes it all worthwhile.

Godzilla bust 3D printed head model
Maker: Kenny Kurtz

I have the photos of all 4 busts, including the original Godzilla head bust and my latest 3D print piece I was working on.

Will you add the Godzilla 2000 figure to your collection of kaiju monsters? Download the Godzilla bust 3D model STL files on gambody.com and tame the iconic bone-chilling sea monster. Show the photos of your 3D printed bust to other hobbyists in Gambody 3D Printing Community on Facebook. We cannot wait to see your new creations!

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