Anycubic is one of the leading companies majoring in manufacturing high-quality 3D printers of varied technologies and industrial-grade filaments and UV resin. As a 3D printer vendor and service provider, Anycubic has established a reliable service system for clients around the globe, providing professional technology solutions and services, including 3D printing system operation services, rental of 3D printers, personal 3D printing consultation and also training services.

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Creality 3D is a professional 3D printer manufacturer that specifies its mission as delivering top-notch 3D printing technologies. They specialize in the production of FDM/resin 3D printers, 3D printer filaments, and maker related products, encouraging everyone to join Creality 3D to learn more about 3D printing and enjoy the convenience of technology, and achieve dreams!

3D Printers, 3D Printing materials & software in China


Chitubox is a super effective and dynamic slicing software that boasts a simple interactive user-friendly interface. The software incorporates convenient operation as well as powerful automatic support functions, allowing for a smooth 3D printing preparation process.

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Airbrush Step by Step

Airbrush Step by Step is the magazine for all airbrush artists: from beginner to advanced level, both classical airbrushers and plastic scale modellers, body or custom painters as well as professional illustrators.

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Redline Filament is a prominent European first-class filament manufacturer whose priority is producing high-quality materials. Supplying the modified filaments of various properties and radiant and bright colours, the company deals with environmentally friendly and biodegradable finished products. Among the materials’ strengths are recyclable spools, low odour development when printing, perfect tolerance adherence, good print bed connection.

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3DJake is an all-covering marketplace for 3D printing enthusiasts that comprises a diversified catalogue of products, including filaments, spare parts, accessories, tools, adhesives, and even more. The filaments of 3DJake come in many colours and different materials and are of high quality and at the same time an affordable alternative for many printers. All 3DJake filaments are made in Europe and aim to produce eco-friendly products.

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Formfutura is one of the leading suppliers of additive manufacturing materials in the world based in the Netherlands. The company offers products of premium quality, enabling hobbyists to choose out of a complete range of filaments, resins, and adhesives. With environmentally friendly recycled products as a primary object, the manufacturer also offers custom-made products, such as customized colours and spool sizes for existing materials.

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Filament CA is a Canadian filament store that happens to be both a manufacturer and a retailer. The goal of is to provide a wide assortment of 3D printing materials, accessories as well as 3D printers. Apart from being a manufacturer of several lines of materials under their own label, the company also imports popular speciality materials from all over the world to give Canadians quick and cost-effective access to the needed products so that enthusiasts have a hassle-free printing experience.

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