Jurassic Park Comes to Life with Other Coolest 3D Prints: January Trends 2020

The long list of coolest 3D prints is quickly growing in Gambody 3D printing community on Facebook. It is incredible to see how talented hobbyists present their new masterpieces embodying a variety of ideas, from the famous WoW characters to popular superheroes, monsters and dinosaurs. January trends 2020 depart from Star Wars models that were crafted in November and December.

January was a great month for starting new 3D prints and sharing the first masterpieces of 2020. Among the coolest 3D prints, Jurassic Park was brought to life alongside Spider-Man, World of Warcraft, Terran Marine and Alien Xenomorph.

Coolest 3D print of January 2020

Coolest 3D Prints: January Trends 2020

The fantasy worlds created by famous filmmakers, authors, game companies open up new horizons for 3D printing enthusiasts. Talented hobbyists keep crafting stunning figurines from WoW game, Jurassic Park movie, other games, films and comics. In their workshops, superheroes and monsters come to life, become colourful and life-like.

1. World of Warcraft Coolest 3D Prints

When you dive into the world of magic, legends and adventures, such as World of Warcraft, you quickly fall in love with different characters from this game.

And hobbyists who play WoW games and have a 3D printer at home often turn their passion into fantastic figurines and action figures. The coolest 3D prints of January 2020 from the World of Warcraft include statues of Durotan, Gul’dan, Varian Wrynn, Garrosh Hellscream, Grommash, and stunning Lich King with his famous sword in the right hand.

Gambody enthusiasts printed these six characters and created beautiful statues for their collections.

Durotan 3D printing model WoW coolest 3D prints
Maker: Diorama Coleccionables
Gul'dan WoW 3D printing figurine
Maker: Jean-Pierre Garcia
Varian Wrynn coolest 3D prints January trends
Maker: Greyson Lee
Garrosh figurine coolest 3D prints January trends
Maker: Nathan LeFevre
Grommash Hellscream figurine coolest 3D prints January trends
Maker: Jeremy Harris
Lich King trending and coolest 3D prints of January
Maker: Tom Anton

2. Jurassic Park Dinosaur 3D Prints

Several Gambody enthusiasts chose to post their coolest 3D prints that depict the Jurassic Park dinosaur. This diorama looks very impressive with Tyrannosaurus (better known as T-Rex) standing over the flipped-over car.

The famous scene from the Jurassic Park movie is a tribute to the original film. It looks fantastic in any collection of the coolest 3D prints. And it is impressive that in 2020, 27 years after the first adventure story was released, hobbyists are still interested in recreating the beautiful diorama with T-Rex.

Jurassic Park Dinosaur coolest 3D prints of January
Maker: Michael Thomas Purmenský
T-Rex 3D printing model from Jurassic Park
Maker: Alexander Behrens
Tyrannosaurus 3D printing model Jurassic Park diorama
Maker: Marcin Cybulski

You can also download Jurassic Park 3D printing figurine in diorama to craft and add this project to your collection.

3. Spider-Man Coolest 3D Prints of January

Many superheroes were born from comics stories. And Spider-Man is one of the coolest 3D prints ever designed.

Rodman, the designer of Spider-Man 3D printing model, offered on Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace, captured Peter Parker in the flight. The famous superhero is crawling the wall. Peter’s body is ready to jump into another impressive flight, which is possible thanks to ‘spider net’ shooting from his hands.

Gambody hobbyists shared several versions of this fantastic print with the Facebook community in January 2020.

Spider-Man 3D printing model
Maker: Rural 3D Printing Service
Spider-Man figurine coolest 3D prints of January
Maker: Atzes Werkstatt
Spider-Man crawling the wall 3D printed figurine January 3D printing trends 2020
Maker: Jarred Smith

4. Terran Marine Coolest 3D Print

WoW games are not the only ones loved by Gambody enthusiasts. StarCraft is another popular universe enjoyed by many users with 3D printers, who love to build stunning Zerg models and StarCraft combat units at home.

Terran Marine was one of the coolest 3D prints from the StarCraft world shared in January. This sergeant looks stunning in his armour suit and with the gauss rifle in his hands.

Terran Marine coolest 3D prints of January 2020
Maker: Mariusz Flower

Mariusz Flower did not stop here. This talented hobbyist added LED lights and fluor lights to make Terran Marine figurine stand out and mysteriously glow in the dark:

Terran Marine 3D printed figurine with LED lights January trends
Maker: Mariusz Flower

You can download Terran Marine 3D printing figurine STL files to make this trending model on your 3D printer.

It might be a great idea to follow the guide on 3D printing Terran Marine figurine shared by David Emanuel in his interview about this well-known character from StarCraft 2.

5. Alien Xenomorph Coolest 3D Prints

Multiple versions of Alien Xenomorph keep attracting the attention of 3D printing enthusiasts. Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace has several models that are fun to download and 3D print. And these models periodically appear in Gambody Facebook group.

In January, there were two stunning versions of Alien Xenomorph shared by community members, full-length Alien Xenomorph 3D printing figurine and Alien Queen vs Darth Vader in a diorama. And each one deserves to be called one of the coolest 3D prints of January.

Alien Xenomorph coolest 3D prints to make in 2020
Maker: Xavier Z Zermeño
Alien Xenomorph 3D printed figurine
Maker: Cem Reyhan
Alien Queen vs Darth Vader coolest 3D printed diorama
Maker: Eric Provencal

The Hall of Fame which lasted throughout 2019 and brought so many stunning 3D printed results, is sadly over. However, this leap year 2020 will bring something exciting to each of you. There will be many impressive campaigns on Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace.

As always, we will keep an eye on all the publications added to Gambody Facebook group and show you the coolest 3D prints of the month, reveal trends and reward the best hobbyists.

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