Grand Autumn Giveaway

Win Resin 3D printer with Gambody STL files by spending $50 in November

London, 8 November 2021 – Like every year, Halloween festivities have launched the holiday season that will last until the very New Year’s celebrations! With the holiday sales and seasonal campaigns being released one by one on Gambody, we were eager to surprise you with our second Grand Autumn Giveaway that we are launching in a collaboration with our partners Creality3D!

Treat yourself to high-quality Gambody 3D printing models, a trending Creality Resin 3D Printer and Creality’s Newest Water Washable Resin by participating in the Giveaway!

Grand autumn giveaway Gambody & Creality

What is this Giveaway about and how can I take part?

If you place order(s) for STL files of 3D printing models on Gambody totalling $50 anytime within 8 – 24 November 2021, your account on our marketplace automatically participates in the Giveaway of Creality’s Resin 3D Printer, their new Water Washable Resin and discount coupons from Gambody and Creality3D teams.

Should I spend $50 in one payment?

You can spend $50 required for participation* on separate occasions within the set time periodfrom November 8 (16:00 London time) to November 24 (23:59 London time), 2021

For example, if you place a $15 order on the 10th of November, a $20 one on the 15th of November and another $20 one on the 23rd of November, you automatically take part in the drawing to become one of the Giveaway’s 15 winners.

* the required sum is the amount you are charged for the 3D printing model/s that does not include credits from your Gambody account balance or discounts from other Gambody campaigns.

What can I win in the Giveaway?

The prizes of the Grand Autumn Giveaway are:

  1. One Halot-One Resin 3D Printer by Creality3D.
  2. Five 1 KG bottles of Water Washable Resin* by Creality3D.
  3. Ten 10% off coupon for Water Washable Resin by Creality3D.
  4. Fifteen 20% off coupons for Gambody 3D printing models.

Here’s how the prizes are going to be distributed among 15 winners:

1st place: The first winner of the Giveaway will receive their very own Halot-One Resin 3D Printer by Creality3D, one 1 KG bottle of Water Washable Resin by Creality3D and a one-time 20% discount coupon to purchase Gambody 3D printing models!

2nd – 5th places: The following 4 winners will receive one 1 KG bottle of Water Washable Resin by Creality3D and one-time 20% discount coupons which they can use for purchasing any 3D printing models from their Gambody Wishlist.

6th – 15th places: Last but not least, the following 10 winners will receive 10% off coupons for Water Washable Resin by Creality3D and one-time 20% discount coupons for Gambody 3D printing models!

* Creality’s brand new Water Washable Resin is the company’s latest release that promises to take your resin 3D printing experience to a new level! This Water Washable Resin is characterized by low odour, fast curing (1-3 seconds of exposure time), guaranteed durability, exceptional precision, low shrinkage rate, and safe and easy post-processing.

Creality UV curable and water washable resin

When will the winners be announced?

The 15 winners will be selected randomly, and the results of the Giveaway will be announced on our Facebook / Instagram / Twitter official pages and in our Facebook group on the 30th of November. In addition to that Gambody’s Support Team will get in touch with every winner of the Giveaway to announce the results!

We highly recommend that you join our “Gambody – 3D Printing Gaming Community” to find a rich source of inspiration for your autumn 3D printing projects, and follow the official Creality3D page not to miss new offers and releases!

If I am listed among the winners, how do I receive the prizes?

Gambody’s Customer Support team will contact every single winner of the giveaway in order to distribute the prizes. If you happen to be among the first five winners of the Grand Autumn Giveaway, the Halot-One Resin 3D Printer and the bottles of the newest Water Washable Resin will be delivered to the address that you provide our team with.

Fingers crossed!

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