Epic League of Legends 3D Models to 3D Print

Fans of LoL, a popular team-based video game, enjoy over 150 champions that turn epic plays into exciting events. And hobbyists with a 3D printer at home can have fun bringing the most fantastic League of Legends 3D models and props to life. So, explore the most impressive characters and accessories for 3D printing found in the realm of the Internet, and 3D print your League of Legends team.

Enjoy our updated selection of the most beloved action figures and props with STL files. Download the projects to work on your new League 3D model right away.

League of Legends 3D Models

While most players commonly refer to League of Legends as League, many people frequently abbreviate it as LoL. The MODA (multiplayer online battle arena) game is inspired by Warcraft III mod Defense of the Ancients. The popular WoW genre has found many fans from across the globe, and the video game was well-received worldwide, with a 78% score awarded by the Metacritic aggregator.

LoL 3D models are sought after on the Internet. In the video game, the players control characters, called champions, with unique abilities. And in real life, if you own a 3D printer, you can manage your collection of League of Legends 3D models turned into 3D prints.

Of course, your 3D printed League of Legends characters will not move up in the level ladder, and you cannot unlock any special abilities for them. But such action figures and props will look fantastic on your shelf.

League of Legends 3D Print

Enjoy some of the best LoL 3D models found on different websites, including Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace. You can download many of the League of Legends STL files for free and some for a fee.

From low to high-poly 3D printing projects, everyone can find the champion they like the most.

1. Kayle 3D Model

Kayle is one of the highly detailed League of Legends 3D models willing to bring justice to your collection of action figures from your favourite video game. The warrior hides her face under the helmet and her delicate spirit beneath her armour.

League of Legends 3D models

Kayle the Judicator is a beautiful warrior with astonishing wings behind her back and a flaming sword. You can download Kayle LoL 3D model STL files for 3D printing and breathe life into this figurine using your 3D printer and painting skills.

2. Jhin 3D Model

In League of Legends, many characters have more than one skin. Jhin character, for example, has classic skin and five alternatives.

Jhin 3D model

You can download the Blood Moon Jhin 3D model for printing or get Project Jhin STL files to recreate this character as a 3D printed figure. Any Jhin version will look great in your collection.

3. League of Legends Champion Models

Fans of the game can build their team using the free League of Legends STL files by MiguelAlvarez. According to the maker, the 3D models of these champions were extracted from the video game and converted into 3D printing files.

League of Legends champion models

Please note that the maker didn’t edit the files but made them available as were. Now, you can download them at no cost on Thingiverse.

4. Jinx 3D Model

Jinx loves deadly weapons. She is a careless criminal from Zaun who does not think much of the consequences. If you like to play this character, it is time to transform the virtual champion into a physical figurine.

3D printed League of Legends

Get Jinx 3D model STL files to 3D print this champion action figure created and shared by Apiner, a Thingiverse user.

5. Katarina 3D Model

Enjoy working on a courageous assassin for the glory of Noxus after obtaining Katarina 3D model STL files from Gambody.

This LoL 3D model boasts fearless posture and deadly swords. Katarina is ready to fight, and you can be sure she will not attack your other 3D printed League of Legends action figures.

3D LoL model

Hobbyist Oliver Chang 3D printed an impressively detailed version of Katarina action figure. It might inspire you!

6. Soraka Low-Poly LoL 3D Model

You can 3D print League of Legends action figures who wish to protect the mortal races from themselves, such as the Soraka character. She is willing to spread mercy to everyone she meets, and she deserves a spot on your shelf.

LoL 3D models

You will find Soraka 3D model STL files for printing on Thingiverse.

7. Yasuo 3D Model

Usually, Yasuo thrusts his sword in the target direction and damages the enemy. But this Yasuo 3D model for printing will not throw any blades at you or your 3D printed League of Legends collection.

League 3D models

This video game champion character cannot wait to appear on your 3D printer bed and breathe some fresh air!

8. Kindred 3D Model

Kindred is not one of the ordinary League of Legends 3D models to print. In reality, it consists of Lamb and Wolf. And you will fall in love with this unique Kindred 3D model for printing as soon as you download its STL files.

League of Legends 3D print
3D print League of Legends

The project has been sculpted in Autodesk Maya, with all files being checked and corrected in Netfabb. So, you will enjoy how detailed the pair of ghostly fighters is. While there is no escape from the twins in the MODA game, you are in no danger when the Kindred League of Legends 3D print joins your collection of 3D printed figurines.

9. Illaoi Model

Illaoi is one of the League of Legends champion models that never fights alone. This character always has the god of the Serpent Isles by her side.

LoL 3D model download

And you can 3D print this intense woman figurine to enhance your team. On your shelf, a 3D printed Illaoi model will not destroy what she hates but will guard other action figures.

10. Diana 3D Model

Users who love to 3D print League of Legends 3D models without supports can look at the Diana 3D model. Its maker prides that the figurine needs only one support for the chin.

3D LoL models

Diana League 3D model should print better at 150% and larger scale. So, download these League of Legends STL files on Thingiverse and make it.

11. Ryze 3D Model

When you search for the best League of Legends 3D models download links, you will notice Ryze. This LoL champion for 3D printing prints well at 0.2mm layer height and 10% infill. It requires no support, which is a bonus for those who don’t fancy cleaning their 3D prints.

League of Legends 3D models download

Machina is the Ryze 3D model STL file maker, and you can download this project for free.

12. Mega-Gnar 3D model

Gnar is a cute creature in the world of the League of Legends. He throws his boomerang until he transforms into Mega Gnar. In the Mega Gnar skin, the character transforms into a fierce and robust creature with incredible abilities.

LoL printing

The Mega Gnar LoL 3D model will print for about 840 minutes and require 74g of printing material. The files are available at MyMiniFactory.

13. Rengar 3D Model

Rengar hangs heads, horns, claws and fangs of the most lethal creatures in Valoran like trophies on his walls. He is a skilled hunter who got trained by his human raiser.

League 3D model

He is never tired of seeking a greater game, so download the Rengar League of Legends STL file for free and play him now.

14. Thresh 3D Model

Thresh is a sadist who enjoys torturing both the living and the dead. He got hanged on his own chains by the prisoners he had tortured.

Thresh 3D model

The Thresh 3D model for 3D printing has an optimal position and appropriate scale. It is an assembly figurine with socket joints, so better build it at the highest resolution after downloading the STL files for free on MyMiniFactory.

15. Kled 3D Model

Some League of Legends 3D models come as a duo. Kled is one of them. His companion is mount Skaarl. You might enjoy adding some mounted action figures to your collection of LoL 3D prints.

League of Legends STL

It could be fun to breathe life into Kled and Skaarl after downloading Kled League 3D model STL files from here or there.

16. Kayn 3D Model

Shieda Kayn is among LoL 3D models who were born to be leaders. His dream, however, makes him constantly fight for his will with his sentient darkin weapon Rhaast.

Kayn League of Legends

Will Kayn champion bend to the weapon or be consumed by its power? You can decide this yourself once you download Kayn bust 3D printing files or Kayn figurine STL files and 3D print this League of Legends figurine.

17. Jayce 3D Model

Defend Piltover by 3D printing Jayce character model from League video game. The transforming hextech hammer in the champion’s hand shows the courage and strength of the hero.

LoL to print Jayce 3D Model

The brilliant inventor, Jayce 3D model, will be happy to join your other action figures from the universe once you download Jayce STL files for 3D printing. This figurine comes with socket joints, and thus, the assembly won’t be complicated. And users who love to glue parts together can use their method.

18. Gragas 3D Model

This LoL model can be 3D printed as one piece. Of course, you will need supports, but the result is worth it. This champion will look great when surrounded by other League of Legends models made on your 3D printer.

3D models League of Legends

Thus, download Gragas 3D printing files and recreate this LoL 3D character in resin or filament.

19. Vi 3D Model

You can distinguish this League of Legends 3D print from other champions by the gigantic hextech gauntlets Vi boasts. A fan of jungles, this character can be the “Enforcer” of your team.

League of Legends 3D model

Once you 3D print and glue the figurine, you will enjoy an excellent detailed project that is ready to fight on your side. You can download Vi STL files here.

20. Fizz 3D Model

Depending on its skin in the game, the Fizz character can be permanently ghosted, untargetable while getting to the target location or attack enemies moving very quickly.

Fizz 3D model

This unique champion is a hypermobile assassin you would love to see on your shelf with other LoL 3D models. Once you get Fizz STL files shared by Round maker, you can 3D print this fantasy League of Legends creature.

21. Zed 3D Model

The popular MODA video game has so many various characters for 3D printing that you can recreate the whole universe in your room. Zed is one of the ninjas who are super skilled in their tasks.

Zed 3D model

There is nothing to worry about! This figurine will never disappear from your collection as a true ninja. Instead, the Zed 3D model for printing will ensure his shadow protects your other 3D printed League of Legends action figures.

22. Ahri 3D Model

This beautiful lady possesses charms and magical abilities aimed to destroy enemies. She is pretty with her cat-like ears, long hair and hot body.

League of Legends 3D models download

Choose Ahri STL files for your preferred skin, Sprite Blossom Ahri or a laying statue, and 3D print one of the most amazing League of Legends champion models.

23. Lulu 3D Model

Don’t let your 3D printed Lulu get upset without seeing her faerie Pix, who follows the champion in the video game everywhere Lulu goes. Your cute figurine will be friendly to everyone, especially if you choose bright colours for painting.

Lulu 3D model

Get Lulu League of Legends 3D models STL files and bring this simple yet detailed figure to life.

24. Braum 3D Model

The 1/6 scale figurine of Braum looks super kind. The man is captured saving Poro, and it will surely add humanity to your collection of LoL 3D models.

3D models League of Legends

The Braum’s shield not only attacks and propels ice at enemies but also protects those he cares for. You will need these Braum STL files to recreate this kinship scene.

25. Alistar 3D Model

Some of the League of Legends action figures have human bodies and animal heads. Alistar is such a character. This champion is a powerful creature that roars like a bull.

League of Legends champion models

His human fists show a willingness to fight. So, get Alistar STL files and 3D print a League of Legends figurine to introduce him to the arena.

3D Print League of Legends Props

The list of stunning LoL 3D models, props, accessories and weapons amazes. You can find great pearls for your cosplay ideas and home display. You will love to 3D print League of Legends models, from pendants to the champion swords and axes, once you download their STL files.

Below, you will find many great ideas that can inspire your creations and motivate you for your next League adventures.

1. Infinity Edge Pendant for 3D Printing

Here’s something to dilute the list of 3D printed League of Legends champions. You can 3D print an Infinite Edge pendant.

3D printed LoL Infinity Edge pendant

At Shapeways you can choose the metal you want the pendant to be 3D printed in. Then wait for it to be made and enjoy your new accessory.

2. Draven Axe 3D Print

When preparing for cosplay or upcoming Halloween, many League fans would be happy to recreate a replica of Draven axe. This weapon looks very realistic, so anyone who 3D prints Draven axe life-size model would have to be careful with the prop.

Draven Axe 3D print

According to Draven Axe 3D printing model designer, Marco Morata, this piece is very similar to the one you see in the game. The 360-degree spinning axe will surely attract much attention at any party!

3. 3D Printed Kayn Weapons

Kayn’s Scythe and Darkin are two great weapons you can 3D print yourself. Just get the STL files of LoL champion weapon models here or there, and choose your favourite scale.

Kayn Weapons

If your friends are also fans of the video game, they will be excited to see you dressed as Kayn and possessing his defences. You can also display your fantasy League of Legend 3D print ideas in your home collection.

4. Jhin Mask 3D Print

Turn into Jhin for a Halloween party by wearing the character’s mask from the popular LoL video game. You will find Jhin mask STL files for 3D printing on Thingiverse.

League of Legends mask 3D print

The 3D printed League of Legends mask looks super cool. It will distinguish you from all other party attendees. Besides, you will have much fun working on this model and painting it to match the game colours.

5. Heimerdinger Wrench 3D Print

Whether you have a small or large 3D printer, you can 3D print the infamous Heimerdinger wrench. Look at the weapon STL files shared by Louis Vertosnik, and you will find that this LoL 3D model is available as one colid or three pieces you can assemble or glue.

Heimerdinger wrench 3D print

This design looks super unusual, and you will enjoy getting this prop in your collection of fantasy video game weapons.

6. Zed Shuriken 3D Print

No enemies would like Zed League of Legends champion to throw the razor shuriken into them. The dangerous in-game but safe in life Zed shuriken will look fantastic hanging on your wall or transformed into a key chain.

Zed Shuriken 3D print

All you need are a cheap 3D printer, shuriken STL files for 3D printing, your time and paints. You can recreate this project as 3D printed League of Legends miniatures or choose a perfect size for transforming the shuriken into a spinner.

7. Thresh Lantern 3D Print

Even though your 3D printed League of Legends Thresh lantern will not trap any souls within its sickly green light, your lantern could be a great LoL prop to recreate. This stunning piece can decorate your porch for the Halloween holiday and look amazing on your windowsill.

Thresh lantern 3D print

Once you download Thresh lantern STL files and 3D print one of the coolest League of Legends 3D models, you can think of different uses for this project. For example, turn it into a candle box or make it glow-in-the-dark by using a specific paint.

8. Pyke Dagger 3D Print

Do you want to look like a true killer from the depths of the sea at any Halloween party? Get Pyke dagger STL files and 3D print this assassin’s knife-sword.

Pyke dagger 3D print

This weapon looks stylish and dangerous, mainly if you paint it realistically after 3D printing in filament or resin.

3D Printed League of Legends Symbols

Build a stunning League of Legends 3D print collection using your 3D printer and STL files of the best LoL 3D models. Then, you will need to recreate arena items and game symbols.

Here are some of the most recognized 3D printed pieces you might enjoy displaying at home.

1. 3D Printable LoL Logo

It is easy to decorate your wall with the game logo. Download the LoL logo STL files and 3D print this famous symbol. It will look impressive on your table, shelf and anywhere else in your room.

3D printable LoL logo

The 3D article designer made sure you could recreate the League of Legends 3D logo with and without its stand. However, this project requires using supports.

2. Ward Item 3D Print

Once you 3D printed League of Legends logo, you can work on another recognizable LoL symbol, the Ward item. In the game, you can use ward to remove the fog of war in some areas on the mag. In reality, you can use this piece as a decor item.

LoL 3D Ward Item to print

Get Ward STL files to recreate your totem with wings. You can paint it pink, golden and green, silver and blue, or choose a different colour.

3. League of Legends Tower 3D Model

The core component of every LoL video game is a tower, also known as a turret. These heavy fortifications can attack enemy units on sight.

League of Legends Tower 3D model

Turn on your 3D printer and download League of Legends tower 3D model STL files. Make sure your collection of LoL 3D prints has a massive turret protector.

4. Poro League of Legends 3D Print

Cute and magical creatures you will meet while playing the LoL game are known as poros. They are mysterious puffy creatures that could accompany your 3D printed champion action figures.

Poro League of Legends 3D Print

Turn Poro League 3D model STL files into lovely little figurines that will sit near your computer or on a shelf.

5. Minion LoL 3D Model

To help your team win the League of Legends game, you must destroy your opponent’s Nexus. Nexus, however, protects itself by sending minions. And you can 3D print these units yourself.

Minion LoL 3D model

Enjoy an excellent Caster Minion LoL 3D model version found on the web and get its STL files to make this piece. Clone your project if you wish to build an army of these units to advance along a lane towards your enemy Nexus.


Have you not decided which League of Legends 3D models to 3D print and surprise your close ones by making 3D printed gifts? We are sure that our list of LoL champions, symbols, and props will help you make your mind quicker. Hurry up if you want to manage everything before the holiday season. And ensure to join Gambody 3D Printing Community on Facebook to share photos of your new masterpieces!

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