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London, 25 October 2021 – The celebratory season is right around the corner, and the search for the perfect gift for your friends and family can become the biggest challenge! But Gambody Team has always got your back and offers you a new unique way to make any 3D printing fan happy – with a Gambody Gift Card for the purchase of highly detailed 3D printing models of their dreams.

Before delighting your loved ones with an exclusive Gift Card, please make sure to get acquainted with the Gift Card usage rules below. Let the holiday experience be easy and memorable for the gift’s addresser and addressee!

Gift card to 3D print Gambody models

What are Gambody Gift Cards?

Gambody Gift Cards are exclusive items on Gambody marketplace that grant a 3D printing enthusiast an opportunity to purchase high-quality STL files from our vast catalogue for the stated value of the Gift Card. The Gift Card item comprises a unique auto-generated QR code contained in the STL file that you can download, print and present to your addressee for the redemption of the coupon and purchase of their desired 3D printing models.

The selection of Gift Cards on Gambody marketplace will be represented by standard Gift Cards and a variety of Gift Cards celebrating special occasions and holidays. Choose the one that suits you best and make a 3D printing hobbyist happy together with us!

Gambody gift cards

How can I purchase a Gift Card?

After choosing the Gift Card with the needed value and occasion theme, follow the same procedure as when purchasing 3D printing models on Gambody marketplace: 

  1. Add the item to your cart via the green ‘Buy’ button on its respective page;
  2. Proceed to the Checkout page;
  3. Pay for the order using your preferred payment method.
How to purchase a gift card on Gambody 3D printing marketplace

As soon as you complete these steps, the Gift Card will appear in your Gambody account, tab ‘Purchases’
[By the way, you can order one and the same Gift Card item as many times as you wish! All of your purchased Gift Cards will be listed in your account, tab ‘Purchases’, with their order ID number and date.]

Where to find a gift card in Gambody account, Purchases tab

Ways to present the QR Code

Congratulations, now you can proceed to presenting the Gift Card to your Friend! To do that, go to the page of the Gift Card, tab ‘Source Files’, and download the STL file containing the unique auto-generated QR Code needed for the redemption of the Gift Card’s promo code.

Gambody gift card source files for 3D printing

You can find various interesting ways to give the QR code to your Friend – as a digital file or as a physical item. You can send this STL file directly to your friend who will open it in a 3D printing slicer. The slicer will automatically colour the Gift Card with the QR code pattern, which can be scanned by a phone QR code reader.

Alternatively, you could suggest that your Friend 3D prints the QR code and discovers the gift that hides inside it.

If you would like to turn the STL file into a physical item yourself, you could also simply 3D print the file. In that event, make sure that the pattern of the QR code is easy to scan – painting over the pattern or 3D printing it in contrasting colours will help. Also, you could try 3D printing the Gift Card in different colours following the instructions from our blog.

Let your creativity guide you!

How can my Friend redeem the Gift Card?

Gambody team made sure that the process of retrieving the celebratory coupon code is both uncomplicated and exciting:

  1. Upon receiving the QR code, your friend will need to scan it using a QR Code reader or the mobile phone’s camera to be promptly taken to the special Gift Page.
  2. The Gift Page features your friend’s exclusive coupon, indicates the value of the coupon, has an easy “How to Use It” instruction, and states all the essential “Basic Rules” for your friend’s convenience!

After deciding on the 3D printing model(s) from Gambody’s catalogue to purchase with the Gift Card, your friend will need to copy the coupon to their clipboard from the Gift Page and enter the code in the designated field on the Checkout page!

Example of Gambody gift card code

Main Gift Card Usage Rules

  1. Gift Card certificate works as a one-time coupon, i.e. one Gift Card certificate cannot be applied to multiple purchases.
  2. Gift certificate cannot be returned, exchanged or converted into money.
  3. Coupon can only be used at for buying STL files for personal use.
  4. If the Amount Due exceeds the value of the Gift Card, the exceeding sum must be paid by the customer.
  5. If the Amount Due is below the value of the Gift Card, the unused amount will be credited to the customer account after the purchase. [If the system records no activity on your account for 6 months then the credits expire. “Activity” implies any orders that you can place from your account, including the purchase of discounted items, orders placed using balance’s credits etc.]
  6. All items can only be purchased under the rules of Regular Permission for Personal Use
  7. The Gift Card does not expire, but we recommend that you decide on your gift now!

Gift your friends their 3D printing dreams!

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