Black Friday Sale 2020

Discover almost 600 3D printing models with 30% Black Friday discount!

London, 26 November 2020 – Nothing immerses us into the holiday spirit like picking presents for our loved ones and diving into the sundry of uplifting sales. In the premise of joyous celebrations, the grandiose Black Friday Sale is making a comeback to make sure that you have plenty of boxes to put under the Christmas tree.

Brace yourself for the greatest sale of the year on Gambody marketplace and rejoice at buying the 3D printing models you’ve always dreamed about!

Gambody Black Friday sale 2020

What Gambody’s Black Friday deal is in 2020?

This shopping season all your favourite 3D printing heroes, villains, monsters, starships, robots, etc. from Gambody’s catalogue come with a 30% discount!

All 3D printing models and figurines that are presented on our marketplace go on sale for the duration of the Black Friday period. No discount codes or coupons are needed – all 3D printing items featured on Gambody website are labelled “ON SALE”. That means the holiday discount has already been applied, with the new price calculated and the old one stricken.

Black Friday Sale 2020 Gambody 3D printing models

How long does the 2020 Black Friday Sale run?

The 2020 Black Friday Sale on Gambody marketplace starts on 26 November at 16:00 GMT and ends on 29 November at 23:59 GMT.

Do any other offers or campaigns work during Black Friday Sale?

This year the first day of Black Friday Sale intersects with the last day of Gambody’s weekly Mystery Wednesday campaign. The terms of the latter campaign will continue to affect the price of the eight selected 3D printing models until the Mystery Wednesday offer is over (27 Nov 23:59 GMT). After that, the eight selected items will join the Black Friday Sale and their price will be re-calculated automatically.

During Black Friday Sale you can use the credits you accumulated on your Gambody account’s balance by the terms of the Customer Loyalty Rewards campaign.

All other running campaigns, discount codes or bundle offers that were available on Gambody marketplace are not active during the Black Friday period. When you add any model to your shopping cart during Black Friday Sale, you can see that it’s non-discountable, meaning that no other discounts besides the Black Friday one will work (please refer to the screenshot below).

Gambody non-discountable 3D printing models Black Friday sale 2020

What about Cyber Monday?

After the Black Friday Sale 2020 on Gambody reaches its end on Sunday, 29 November (23:59 GMT), the delightful offers do not stop there! To follow up, Cyber Monday sale gives you yet another chance to obtain the models from your wishlist – with the help of the one-time 35% discount code “GECYBER20” that you can apply on the Checkout page when purchasing any models or figurines for 3D printing. The Cyber Monday coupon will be valid the whole Monday long (30 Nov) till 23:59 GMT.

Moreover, even while the Cyber Monday sale is in full swing, you will still be able to take advantage of all other running campaigns, discount codes or bundle offers that are available on Gambody.

We wish you a merry shopping and a happy new sale!

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