Heroes category showcases all popular, courageous and fearless characters from the renowned videogames. Lara Croft 3D print model,Thor Scandinavian God of Thunder 3D model, Futurama Fry and many other heroes are available in this category. Their courage is limitless, their fearlessness knows no boundaries. They take up any task and complete it without mercy. There are feared by their enemies and worshiped by their peers.

3D printable heroes

The 3D print models that are displayed in this category are inspired from action/adventure, fantasy and science-fiction video games that have immense popularity among gamers. Being gifted with effective fighting skills, they take up missions that seem unachievable from aside. They have strong character and tenacity – traits that make them undefeatable. They are intelligent, witty and clever in finding a way out of difficult situations. They are athletic and unstoppable.

These characters are everyone’s idols. They can be seen in various media: TV shows, films, comic books, cartoons, videogames and etc. Our team has thought about you all and come up with an amazing idea: giving you the opportunity to 3D print these impressive characters. The designers work hard on crafting true-to-source models that replicate their well-known videogame graphics.

Get your army of fearless heroes

These hero 3D print design will complement any collection of game miniatures. Whether you will use them for board games, or simply will display them on the shelves or desktop, you will definitely enjoy having them around. They can also be a nice gift to someone addicted to videogame heroes, just like you. Or, you can involve them in your own quests and mission, making up action-driven stories. Get the model you like, print it out on a 3D printer and let your friends envy you for your acquisition.

Heroes are among us – you just need to know where to look for them!