Giant monsters from Japanese legends are on Gambody!

When talking about the beasts from Japanese film genre ‘Kaiju’ the first one to cross the mind is definitely the King of the Monsters, seemingly all-powerful Godzilla. Since the 1950s Toho film company has produced 33 Godzilla movies! And though the large reptile is the most famous representative of the mythical kaiju, Godzilla is far from the only monster to ever wreck the streets of Japan in the course of Tokusatsu entertainment’s development. There are enormous dinosaurs, radioactive monsters both from outer space and the depth of the ocean, giant moth-like creatures, oversized robotic mechas and many other unbelievable kaijin, or humanoid kaiju that destroy everything in their path.

Showa, Heisei and Millennium franchise’s eras have brought into the world numerous inconceivable seijin, or extraterrestrial aliens to inspire lots of creative minds and Gambody’s contributing 3D artists are no exception.

All the most ferocious kaiju for 3D printing

Fearsome, large and formidable monsters try to destroy the planet, often only to be stopped by Godzilla himself. The kaiju are mostly villainous though can even be heroic from time to time and definitely are simply so impressive that easily manage to excite imagination of both 3D artists who bring their concepts into reality and 3D printing enthusiasts who use their creativity to print and paint the 3D files.

Gamera, Bagan, Mothra, Baragon and Titanosaurus are just several of the most recognizable and fierce kaiju whose images have already prompted our 3D artists to create 3D printing designs for all the franchise’s fans and more are yet to come!

Godzilla’s incredibly huge and terrifying foe Space Godzilla, always a villain Gigan with a buzzsaw running from his chest, mad six-eyed Leatherback, Rodan who is one of a few actually trusty allies of the King of the Monsters – who is the strongest one? You can find so many "top kaiju" lists based on the monsters’ vast range of attacks and abilities or you can create your own physical 3D printed kaiju team featuring Godzilla's adversaries.

STL files to start your kaiju universe 3D printed collection

Now you have an opportunity to bring all these incredible and extremely powerful daikaiju in your real world. Select the 3D printing monster/s you like, place your order and obtain an immediate access to the STL files of high-poly, high-quality, error-free 3D models that are meant to be printed on a 3D printer. Over the decades the deadly Godzilla has fought against many other extraterrestrial creatures, so follow this category’s updates to find out first what kaiju concept will inspire our contributing 3D artists in future!