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Enjoy up to 30% off 4 lucky bundles every week!

London, 3 August 2021 – The experience of the past 15 months has proved that Gambody customers do like mysteries and surprises. Indeed, our well-established Mystery Wednesday Campaign used to be a highly anticipated weekly event that could easily surprise with its unexpected selection of 3D printing models and amazing discounts that the models came with.

Update! The campaign has come to an end on the 21st of November, 2021. But we hope you will stay tuned for new amazing offers!

We think it is just the time to set the “mystery” bar even higher, so as of today, the 3rd of August 2021, Gambody team is proud to launch the lucrative and exciting “Bundle Jam” campaign!

Bundle Jam campaign Gambody

What is the “Bundle Jam Campaign”?

In order for the fabulous Gambody 3D printing models not to feel lonely in our catalogue, every week the “Bundle Jam” campaign combines several items either randomly or thematically in four special bundles and offers these bundles with a great discount. Naturally, the set of bundles changes every week and each bundle is unique so you always have a large variety of options to choose from!

How long does the weekly “Bundle Jam” run?

Every week the “Bundle Jam” continues from Tuesday (16:00 London Time) to Sunday (23:59 London Time).

During this time, we reveal four bundles for you to choose from one by one every day Tuesday through Friday. Every new bundle is announced at 16:00 (London Time).

And while there is no bundle reveal during the weekend, the discounted “Bundle Jam” price is valid till the end of the week!

What discounts does “Bundle Jam” offer?

Each bundle receives its unique discount varying from 15 to 30% off. That means that every week you get the chance to obtain various lucky combinations of high-quality 3D printing models from Gambody’s catalogue at incredible prices!

Where can I find the bundles on sale?

The lucky 3D printing models that participate in the ongoing week’s “Bundle Jam” are shown in the banner on the main page slider on Gambody marketplace that is updated with a new bundle option every day Tuesday through Friday:

Gambody Bundle Jam main page slider
Banner on the main page slider

In addition to that, lower on the main page of Gambody’s website you can find the corresponding “Bundle Jam” section that features all active bundles marked with an “In bundle” label:

Gambody Bundle Jam "In bundle" 3D printing models
“In bundle” 3D printing models

Finally, all current week’s bundle combinations are always announced via Gambody social media channels and through our weekly newsletter every Friday once all weekly bundles are revealed.

How do I purchase the discounted bundle?

If you happen to encounter your desired 3D printing model in the “Bundle Jam” section or if you simply fancy any of the offered discounted combinations of 3D printing models, there are two ways you can proceed with your purchase:

  • Add all 3D printing models that comprise your chosen bundle to your shopping cart and the discount will be applied automatically on the Checkout page, or
  • Add to your shopping cart any model from the “Bundle Jam” section, go to the Checkout page and see the other model(s) that comprise your chosen bundle below the model added to the cart. Hover your mouse pointer over the other model(s) from the bundle and click the “Cart” icon to combine the bundle.
Gambody Bundle Jam checkout page
Bundle Jam checkout page

As soon as you add all 3D printing models from a certain bundle to your shopping cart, the “Bundle Jam” discount will be applied automatically so you can complete the standard purchase procedure.

Can I suggest the bundles I want to see appear in the “Bundle Jam”?

Absolutely! Sometimes the most unexpected combinations are, in fact, the most desired ones. So please don’t hesitate to let us know what bundle variations you would like to see discounted in the future!

You can always voice your suggestions via the comment sections under the “Bundle Jam”-related posts on Gambody’s social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

Have a great bundle hunt!

About Gambody

Gambody is a premium 3D printing marketplace. It brings together a large community of 3D printing enthusiasts by giving them the possibility to have their beloved movie/video game/comic book characters or objects in tangible form, through 3D printing. The marketplace provides highly detailed STL files, optimized for all types of 3D printers and connects virtuality with reality. To learn more visit Gambody.com.

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