Popular 3D Printing Models in November or Pre-Christmas Trends with STLs

Many people would expect a 3D printing enthusiast to spend the last month before Christmas season in preparation for the festive days. There are many fantastic Christmas 3D printed models, including ornaments, trains, Santa Claus, home decor and accessories. But Gambody hobbyists had their own preferences last month and chose other popular 3D printing models in November.

Pre-Christmas spirits of Gambody community required a stunning beast from Game of Thrones TV series, Viserion, heroes and ships from Star Wars universe, the main character from Harry Potter story, Hulk, and MadCat MWO robot.

Trending and popular 3D prints of November

3D Printing Models Popular in November

Of course, November was rich on various 3D prints crafted by talented hobbyists who download STLs on Gambody – Premium 3D printing marketplace.

However, the following 3D printing models were crafted more than twice within the same month by different users. Even though these pre-Christmas trends are not related to Christmas ornaments and decor directly, some of these statues and figurines still make a lovely Christmas gift.

1. Viserion Dragon Popular 3D Printing Model of November

Fantasy dragons 3D printed models inspire and motivate gamers and collectors. These invented beasts with enormous wings, dangerous fire-breathing jaws and muscle bodies always look mysterious.

One of the most famous dragons of nowadays is Viserion the Ice Dragon from Game of Thrones TV series. It looks fantastic with the vast wings, proud nature and no fear in its eyes. Such a statue can always become a Christmas gift to any GoT fans as well as a valuable display on the shelf with other 3D prints.

It is possible to make various 3D printing models from the same Viserion STL files, as a lot depends on the colours you choose for painting. You can make Viserion, Drogon, Rhaegal or a miniature dragon figurine for a board wargame. Everything is up to you. So, get motivated by looking at the stunning photos of Viserion shared by Gambody enthusiasts in November.

Even though all these talented people used the same STLs with popular Viserion dragon, their models look different, and each is unique in its own way:

Viserion Game of Thrones 3D figurine STLs popular in November
Maker: Javito Martinez
Viserion dragon 3D printing model popular in November
Maker: Marko Kari
Trendy 3D printing models of November Viserion statue
Maker: Annie Moberg
3D printing models trends of November Viserion dragon
Maker: Thomas Hlinka

2. Star Wars 3D Printing Models of November

Excited with the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and new 2019 TV series called The Mandalorian, fans of this impressive franchise devoted November to crafting well-known characters and symbols of the Imperial fleet.

Pre-Christmas trends related to Star Wars universe include 3D printed figurines of Master Yoda, Boba Fett and Darth Vader. Some of these statues are built as a Christmas gift by their makers.

Two hobbyists worked on fantastic TIE Fighter. This well-known starfighter brought fear to many enemies of the Empire. You can download TIE Fighter 3D printing ship STLs on Gambody and build something outstanding for your collection or friends who love Star Wars movies.

TIE Fighter popular 3D printing models STLs Star Wars 2019
Makers: Mike Foxtrot and Cm3Dprojects

Other fans of Star Wars universe also chose fantastic models to craft in November:

Darth Vader Star Wars popular 3D printing models of November
Maker: Lovass Róbert
Master Yoda from Star Wars trending 3D printing models STLs of November 2019
Maker: Tim Lavelle

3. Harry Potter 3D Printing Model STLs

The boy who survived. The story about Harry Potter is one of the most popular fairy tails of the twenty-first century.

As the Christmas season comes closer, many of us dream about magic and expect miracles. Especially kids, who would be happy to find a 3D printed figurine of Harry Potter with his owl and trunks on the way to Hogwarts under their Christmas tree.

You can download Harry Potter 3D printing figurine STLs on Gambody and craft this little wizard as some talented hobbyists did in November.

Harry Potter 3D printing model popular in November 2019
Makers: Annie Moberg and Sascha Wesler

4. Hulk Marvel Comics 3D Printing Model STLs

If little kids are fond of Harry Potter and other wizards from children fairy tales, adults enjoy Marvel Comics heroes and villains as 3D printed models.

Enthusiasts who believe in magical Christmas look at Hulk as at the superhero. This green muscular humanoid looks stunning as a figurine.

You can download the green-skinned Hulk or Red Hulk 3D printing statue STLs on Gambody.

Besides, you can get inspired by the incredible Hulk already 3D printed by other hobbyists:

Hulk 3D printing models STLs popular in November
Makers: Francky Be Good and Stephane Rousseaux

5. MWO MadCat 3D Printing Model STLs

Fans of MWO enjoy crafting the most famous characters from this game. While the collection of MechWarrior Online 3D printed models can include many stunning robots and machines, hobbyists chose to make MadCat or Timber Wolf in November.

It is time to download MWO MadCat 3D printing model STLs and build this fantastic robot for your board game collection or display on the shelf. And yes, you can turn it into an unforgettable Christmas gift for someone you love.

MWO MadCat 3D printing models STLs popular in November
Makers: Manuel Endres and Nate Rice

6. Link from The Legend of Zelda 3D Printing Model

Kids who are not interested in Harry Potter any more might be playing The Legend of Zelda. This popular video game also has many fantastic characters that can be made on a 3D printer. Link is its main hero, and it looks outstanding in bright festive colours.

Actually, Link is one of the most popular figures in video game history. Thus, Link 3D printing model STLs are a must to download and craft if you collect famous fictional figurines.

Link Legend of Zelda popular 3D printing models with STLs
Makers: Walton Harris and Paul Krupa

Hall of Fame of November and Pre-Christmas Trends

As always, many impressive characters were trendy among Gambody hobbyists last month, including WoW figurines, Warhammer 40000 models, etc.

While you can read more about top World of Warcraft 3D prints, we will take this time to mention some notable statues and figurines shared in November that are must-see even if not related to WoW games. These pre-Christmas projects are gorgeous Smaug dragon, outstanding Chaplain from Warhammer 40K game, Lord of the Nazgul, Terran Battlecruiser, giant Baby Groot, tanks, etc.

Many of the most precious works were chosen as the winners of the Hall of Fame of November 2019. Thus, Gambody is happy to congratulate all the talented minds once again by posting their winning photos:

Winning 3D printed models from Hall of Fame of the first half of November 2019:

Trending 3D printing models from Hall of Fame November 2019
Trending and popular 3D printing models from Hall of Fame November 2019

Winning 3D printed figurines from Hall of Fame of the second half of November 2019:

Popular 3D printing models from Hall of Fame November 2019
Popular Hall of Fame 3D printing models in November 2019

It is excellent to recollect the trendy 3D printing models in November 2019 as we are impatiently waiting for the Christmas holidays. Keep crafting masterpieces on your 3D printer and share your projects with Gambody community on Facebook for a chance to enter the Hall of Fame or to let others cherish your fantastic 3D prints.

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