October 3D Printed Figurines Pick of the Month

We dare say the latest roundup has achieved much success in encouraging Gambody friends to take up projects for 3D printing that they haven’t considered before! And we have no intention to slow down. Let’s continue in the same spirit! The following list of 3D printing models submitted in October 2018 features characters and objects to please every taste and requirement. 

Heroes and villains, extraterrestrial creatures and MechWarriors, even one dragon – there is for sure enough examples to draw inspiration from and lots of characters from various universes to broaden one’s horizon.

Don’t waste your time – scroll down and join us for an exciting journey through amazing Gambody 3D printing results.

T-62 – Tank

It is never a bad idea to turn to Carlos Díaz for a piece of advice about the vehicle to choose for 3D printing. His amazing results always strike as incredibly authentic and, by the way, TWO of them were showcased in the last monthly digest. Just take a look at mud sticking to the caterpillars – the level of detail and utmost precision can’t leave one indifferent!

T-62 is a main battle tank of a medium size that was developed in Soviet Union and introduced in 1961. The tank was intended to become the further improvement of the previously successful T-54/T-55 series but due to its long reload time, rather limited gun elevation, high manufacturing costs and maintenance requirements T-62 failed to replace the former projects.

Maker: Carlos Diaz

T-62 3D Printing Model T-62 3D Printing Model 2

Download STL Files


Having committed horrible acts against his own people – the night elves – Illidan Stormrage was imprisoned for ten thousand years and called the Betrayer. The final boss of the Black Temple raid is an extremely gifted sorcerer whose extend of power cannot be measured and whose stained reputation will, unfortunately, unlikely be ever forgotten.

The Illidan 3D printing figurine is actually available on Gambody with two different platforms in the form of a rock. A big one is filled with skulls that add to an already impressive look of the sorcerer. And a smaller one can be wrapped around with the chain for those who don’t want to divert any attention from the imposing figure of Illidan. Take a closer look at Steven’s 3D printed figurine – the author has mentioned that glitter filament was used for the night elf’s model. This original approach has created such a magical effect that any further painting job doesn’t seem to be needed!

Maker: Steven James Calcky

Illidan 3D Printing Figurine

Download STL Files


Rarely do we receive the Dreadnought model printed by Gambody customers and here we get such a nicely made combat machine that we were really pleased with the surprise, to say the least.

Dreadnought is superior in close combat since it combines both the firepower of a battle tank and mobility of armoured warrior that makes the cybernetic walker a fatal opponent. Dreadnought can literally tear its enemy to pieces! Fortunately, this one is made of plastic at 1/60 scale.

Maker: Fred Breton

Dreadnought 3D Printing Model Dreadnought 3D Printing Model 2

Download STL Files

Lich King

Another glittery War of Warcraft character made by Steven James Calcky is showcased for your inspiration! The Lich King 3D printing figurine stands proudly with his cloak moved by a swift gust of wind and the sword on high alert. The filament colour makes it look as if the battle is happening in the middle of the night and the lord of the Scourge doesn’t really know where to expect the attack from.

The Lich King after being awakened after Ner’zhul and Arthas’ merger “turned off” his own heart in order not to feel anything remotely mortal that, according to him, makes one weak. That is the reason for master’s horrible personality – Lich King is extremely cruel, ruthless and has no mercy even for his own people.

Maker: Steven James Calcky

Lich King 3D Printing Figurine

Download STL Files

Godzilla Hybrid

Starting such an impressive and huge 3D printing project does require a lot of time and effort. Only imagine – it took Ed Nelles 244 hours to finish his 43cm tall Hybrid Godzilla! But doesn’t the profound work pay off handsomely? Imagine having one in your house – some passer-by may even mistake the 3D printing figurine for a real alien protector of the household. Isn’t it a nice way to frighten away any possible intruders?

Not only the size and appearance of the beast are shocking – Godzilla’s abilities are impressive and so scary at the same time! As the 3D artist DopePope, the author of the model explains, this Hybrid version is actually a combination of the Godzilla 2000 suit and the legendary 2014 Godzilla design. That means insane durability and resistance to injury, seeming absence of weaknesses and ability to work out strategies must be doubled now. And don’t forget about alien’s signature atomic breath!

Maker: Ed Nelles

Godzilla 3D Printing Figurine

Maker: Rich Haley

Godzilla 3D Printing Figurine

Download STL Files

Ravager Groot

Do you remember how this tiny cutie easily scared the pants off the Retch during the escape from the Eclector? It serves him right! He must be ashamed for offending a creature much smaller and younger than him. And for siding with the wrong guys as well.

This Groot 3D printing figurine is available with two interchangeable pairs of hands on our marketplace. A tree-like superhero can be furious with a pair of normal hands or furious and dangerous at the same time with the pair of whips that are made to resemble twisted branches. If you are a fan of the Guardians of the Galaxy universe or simply can resists having your own cute ravager you should definitely check out a nice video published on Body 3D YouTube channel. The author gives a very useful review on how to print, assemble, postprocess and paint the Gambody Ravager Groot 3D printing figurine.

Maker: Body Youtbe

Ravager Groot 3D Printing Figurine Ravager 3D Printing Figurine 2

Download STL Files

Batman – Dawn of Justice

When the superhero movie Dawn of Justice came out in 2016 not only the DC universe fans but all the casual cinemagoers split up into two opposing teams – who is better/stronger/more popular – Batman or Superman? Two most iconic DC characters confront in order to put an end to what seems an everlasting debate – who will win in a fight? We don’t really want to spill out the ending of the movie but it is the caped watchman of Gotham City that we are presenting in this monthly roundup.

Batman 3D printing figurine the STL files of which are available on Gambody marketplace is standing full of determination observing Gotham City in order to detect any crimes or injustice that must be prevented. The gargoyle at Batman’s foot indicates that the defender is probably watching the city from a tall building. That is the perfect way for him to see everything and assume a disguise at the same time.

Maker: Fabrizio Bandiera and Rocco Larocca

Batman 3D Printing Figurine

Download STL Files

MWO Warhammer

“A mobile Mech with enough firepower to destroy or severely damage any Mech of the same weight class or lower” – what a presumptuous description, one may say. But the truth is, Warhammer can indeed boast of impressive armouring and great weaponry and since being released by StarCorps Industries in 2515 has earned a title of one of the most powerful in the class. Weighing 70 tons, Warhammer is exceptionally manoeuvrable as for a heavy Mech. Moreover, its top speed can reach up to 64.8 km per hour! It is a nice pick, isn’t it?

Gambody’s Warhammer 3D printing model is no less manoeuvrable than the BattleMech from the the MWO video game. All the joints are fully movable and the torso of the model rotates on its axis. By the way, you can find illustrative example of its articulation on the Warhammer’s page on our website in the preview section by clicking ‘View video’ button.

Maker: Johnny Rico Woolley

Warhammer 3D Printing Model

Download STL Files


We don’t think you may ever find a person who is as passionate about Catapult BattleMech as Barry Spikes. He has gone much further than simply printing a 3D model for personal collection – Barry has created his very own Clan Catapult that consists of 4 members. All the MechWarriors from the Clan are modified and supplied with various packs of weaponry according to the author’s preference to carry out different duties during the battle.

While Barry is printing his Catapults on an FDM printer with PLA filament, our customer Marcin Kudzia has given us an opportunity to see the same model printed with a DLP type of 3D printing technology. Though his model is much smaller, the level of detail can’t but impress! Can you believe it was author’s first painting experience?

Maker: Marcin Kudzia

Catapult 3D Printing Model

Maker: Barry Spikes (featuring original modifications)

Catapult 3D Printing Model 3 Catapult 3D Printing Model 4 Catapult 3D Printing Model 5 Catapult 3D Printing Model 6

Download STL Files

MadCat II

We hope you haven’t got tired with all the MechWarriors in this roundup yet because we’ve got a couple more amazing results to showcase. Mad Cat Mark II is an extremely armoured BattleMech from the Assault class. What differs this warrior from its brethren is that Mad Cat Mk II is the only representative who can boast of being supplied with Jump Jets and who is among the fastest Assault Mechs on the field! Moreover, for its enormous size and weight (90 tons!) Mad Cat is surprisingly maneuverable and versatile.

Alan Murray’s 3D printing model is printed at 1/60 scale and stands 293 mm tall. The author of the print has devoted very close attention to the colour scheme and the painting techniques to use for his Mad Cat Mark II 3D printing model. The amazing result does prove that much effort and applied diligence always pays off.

Maker: Alan Murray

Mad Cat 3D Printing Model Mad Cat 3D Printing Model 2

Download STL Files


When sticking to the X-Men timeline from the comics, Scott Summers was actually the very first Charles Xavier’s recruit. Due to mutant’s inability to control his own powers, Cyclops has to wear special eyewear all the time. This is the only way solar energy (!) absorbed through the body cells of the superhuman won’t be emitted emitted from his eyes!

Gary Bennett’s choice of colour contrast and excellent quality of printing make Scott Summers look vivid and majestic. By the way, the Cyclops 3D printing model is available on Gambody with two alternative versions of the mutant’s head – the one with mouth open shouting and the other one with superhero gritting his teeth in anger. So it’s completely up to you to what extent will your 3D printed Cyclops be furious!

Maker: Gary Bennett

Cyclops 3D Printing Figurine

Download STL Files


Blind hatred for the Alliance and constant shame of having such a father fed Garrosh’s cruelty and overwhelming desire for power. Although many World of Warcraft fans may never end the discussion whether Garrosh is a true antagonist or he did nothing wrong, the list of horrible things the Warchief of the Horde committed over the course of his reign speaks for itself.  

Both 3D printed models of Garrosh Hellscream shared by our customers impress with their size – ambitious “world’s supreme ruler” would have been proud to know that his character has been depicted in a 3D from at such a nice scale! Steven Calcky displays his former Warchief of the Horde proudly spinning around for all of you to see every single detail of the figurine. Edson Janke, in his turn, treated the son of the leader of the Warsong clan to a can of beer. He must have thought Garrosh had better calm down his warmongering tendencies and enjoy his peaceful evening. Oh, wait! The can must have been used for scale.

Maker: Edson Janke

Garrosh 3D Printing Figurine

Maker: Steven James Calcky

Download STL Files


We will probably never get over the fact how insanely realistic Tomáš’ Alien looks like! Just take a closer look at all the small details – the painting job is just out of this world. It is so creepy at the same time! The model’s position as if in the middle of prowling around in search of prey makes one think that the Alien will continue its movement the moment we look away. If you happen to feel shivers run down your spine then you should watch Steven Calcky’s great video overview of his print. The ‘anti-extraterrestrial cage’ in the form of 3D printer guarantees that the 3D printing figurine is simply made with plastic.

Maker: Tomáš Docik Dotzauer

Alien 3D Printing Figurine Alien 3D Printing Figurine 2

Maker: Steven James Calcky

Download STL Files

Venom vs Riot

It must be close to impossible to defeat your brother (son? clone?) symbiote. You share the same superhuman strength, genetic memory, insane healing and shapeshifting abilities and even Peter Parker’s Spider-Sense! At the same time the weaknesses are identical as well so all you need to do is find a way to strike the flaws without offering the opponent a chance to hit yours. And don’t forget your main responsibility – do everything possible to help the host survive! Sounds pretty easy to you? Well, Eddie Brock will unlikely agree.

The 3D printing diorama Venom vs Riot is displayed on a special platform with crooked rails, bent tank and pipes. Both figurines have several assembly variants as well. Venom can be printed with body covered in slime stripes and decorated with separate slime patterns or completely without them – the changeable body is available in ‘Source Files’ tab on the model’s page. Riot 3D printing figurine, in turn, has two alternative pairs of hands – huge and impressive blades or claws-like ones. But as you can see, the blades are our customers’ main choice yet.  

Maker: Pipier Michel

Venom vs Riot 3D Printing Diorama

Download STL Files

Spider-Man Wall Crawler

It’s kind of crazy to think about but young people who are in the middle of their twenties now are actually well familiar with all three Spider-Man remakes! You are commonly considered to be a genuine fan if you recognise Tobey Maguire as the only true Peter Parker. Though today’s children’s attention is mainly captured by Infinity War struggles so young and sweet Tom Holland has all the chances to remain the main Spider-Man among the younger Marvel fans generation.

Barely had Jim Allen shared his Spider-Man 3D printed figurine when all the subscribers’ attention was riveted on the ruined brick wall instead of Wall Crawler himself. And we can’t but agree that all the praise was so well-deserved! High-quality printing, skilful weathering and various other applied painting techniques turned the wall into a very realistic piece of 3D printing art!

Maker: Jim Allen

Spider Man 3D Printing Figurine

Download STL Files


An ‘extremely well-put together droid’ has been a loyal friend and companion to various citizens of the galaxy far, far away throughout the course of the space franchise. The robot’s memory has never been reset that is why due to the vast knowledge and experience in dealing with human beings R2-D2 developed as a smart, adventurous and assertive droid.

You’d better take our word on it and click on the name of the author of this print right now! It doesn’t matter if you are a huge Star Wars fan or have never seen a single movie of the epic space opera franchise, you will definitely appreciate the astounding photos Marcus Frohberg has kindly shared in our facebook community. His R2-D2 3D printing model was printed with glitter PLA on an FDM printer! Can you believe it? Though close-up shots and video overview do display distinctive layering, we don’t think one can argue against the unrivalled quality of the print. Besides, according to Marcus there was barely made any post-processing!

Maker: Marcus Frohberg

R2-D2 3D Printing Model

Download STL Files


When talking about Garrosh in this roundup we did mention his complicated relationships with father though without going into particulars. Fortunately, Grommash Hellscream didn’t keep us waiting and joined the list in the form of Steven Calcky’s ever-glittery 3D printed figurine. Just look how furiously the orc behaves during the battle! He runs towards the target with the axe ready to annihilate all the enemies who dare to get in the way of the audacious warrior. Grommash’s face drops no hints that he is anyhow aware of the fact that is currently smashing some giant’s head with his foot. That must be a perfect example a true leader of the Clan should show his people.

So what did Grommash do to make his son feel so ashamed? The chieftain of the clan was once so focused on destroying the impending enemies that craving for power drank the Blood of Mannoroth himself and forced the others do the same. He and the whole clan fell under horrible demonic curse that subjugated all the Horde’s orcs to the Burning Legion’s will. In hopes of redemption Grommash killed the demon with Hellscream’s legendary axe Gorehowl and as a result fell victim to the inferno of flame caused by Mannoroth’s death. Only then Grommash’s reputation was cleared and the spirit redeemed.

Maker: Steven James Calcky

Grommash 3D Printing Figurine

Download STL Files

Chibi Wonder Woman

Rarely do films dedicated to such outstanding and prominent superheroes spend such a lengthy period of time in so called “development hell”. The Wonder Woman motion picture project began in 1996 and the film itself was released only more than 10 years later in May, 2017! For better or for worse, the final result has pretty much surpassed all the expectations. Don’t you agree?

The Wonder Woman 3D Printing Miniature from this roundup has become a nice addition to Aaron Strome’s growing Chibi collection. Though the warrior is small, she has everything Wonder Woman needs to defeat the enemies and obtain justice. Diane’s tiny versions of sword, shield and Lasso of Hestia are removable and her stare is as severe as ever.

Maker: Aaron Strome

Chibi Wonder Woman 3D Printing Figurine 2 Chibi Wonder Woman 3D Printing Figurine

Download STL Files


‘A pillar of strength and honor. He sacrificed himself so that we could survive…’ Durotan must have been a true leader and a hero of the Frostwolf clan if these are the words that are spread among the people after his heroic death.

Durotan 3D printing figurine that is available for purchase on Gambody marketplace is inspired by the character from the 2016 fantasy Warcraft film. If you choose to print the warrior without changing the recommended scale you will get a pretty impressive result. The printed and assembled chieftain’s model will stand 295.6mm high! The orc’s mouth is wide open to showcase his distinctive fangs and the axe is ready to be lifted against all the ill-wishers who threaten his people.

Maker: Troesch Lucas

Durotan 3D Printing Figurine

Maker: Steven James Calcky

Durotan 3D Printing Figurine 2

Download STL Files

Predator Bust

Even looking at these Predators’ busts we are thrilled to remember that there is always Arnold ‘Dutch’ Schwarzenegger ready to fight the monster in hand-to-hand combat.

The terrifying Jungle Hunter doesn’t need much colour or, in the long run, the lower body to look scary. Thanks to the authors of both printed busts the close-up photos give us such a nice view of Predator’s mandibles that we may doubt walking in the jungles in the nearest future.

Maker: Bullets Ie

Predator 3D Printing Bust

Maker: Jay Alexander

Predator 3D Printing Bust

Download STL Files

Laurel & Hardy

“Well, here’s another nice mess you’ve gotten me into!”

Laurel and Hardy comedy duet is often called the greatest in film history. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that no matter how long ago their films were released, the Stan and Ollie duo is timeless. Relatable struggles, constant bickering, exceptional charisma and simple and funny situations the characters find themselves in – we don’t think that is possible to find a person who wouldn’t be charmed by Laurel and Hardy’s acting. Besides, lots of double acts in the history of motion picture were inspired by the couple (like, for example, C-3PO and R2-D2 from the Star Wars franchise).

It only felt natural to present two busts for 3D printing as one item – the iconic pair of comedians appeared together in more than 100 short and full-length films so there was no other way than to showcase them together on Gambody! Alan Murray must have been engrossed in the beautiful atmosphere of the Classical Hollywood cinema that decided to paint his 3D printed Laurel and Hardy duet in gold without adding any colours. Though he mentions himself that the black-and-white photo he enjoys better. Well, that’s exactly how many generations of comedy fans know and love the delightful couple.

Maker: Alan Murray

Laurel and Hardy 3D Printing Busts

Download STL Files


According to Hagrid, Harry Potter’s loyal friend, dragons are fascinating but, unfortunately, misunderstood beasts. Tolkien’s ‘last great dragon to exist’ Smaug is notorious for its arrogance, greed and desire for gold. And Toothless from How to train your dragon is by far the most loveable flying creature both among children and adults. Depending on the genre of movie/book/video game dragons can range from dangerous and terrifying to adorable and peaceful.

Troesch Lucas’ amazing choice of his dragon’s colour instantly makes the creature look majestic and brings in a sort of fairytale effect! The model can be painted and stylized to one’s heart’s content: you can place it to protect your other 3D printed treasures or couple you Mountain Dragon with characters from any other fiction universes to create a diorama. The assembly version of the Mountain Dragon model for 3D printing consists of 6 separate parts that make up a 285mm long beast!

Maker: Troesch Lucas

Dragon 3D Printing Figurine

Download STL Files

Jason Voorhees Bust

The fact that this 3D printed Jason is just a bust makes him safer than ever since zombie murderer has no hands to wield his favourite machete. Rocco Larocca and Fabrizio Bandiera’s astonishing result of collaboration does instill certain fear or at least some eeriness. By the way, Jason was stabbed in the left eye in Friday the 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter and remained without the eyeball since then. You can see that even this fact was taken into consideration by the authors of this amazing 3D printed bust!

Just for the record, did you notice that the name Jason Voorhees has exactly thirteen letters in it? Is it a scary coincidence or an intended match, what do you think?

Maker: Fabrizio Bandiera and Rocco Larocca

Jason Voorhees 3D Printing Bust

Download STL Files

Old Kratos and Atreus

What had started as a journey of a father and a son to the top of a mountain turned into a life-changing adventure. Kratos and Atreus set off with a single intention to scatter the ashes of the late wife and mother Faye at the highest speak of the nine realms. Along the way they encounter a lot of mysterious creatures, overcome many obstacles, solve different puzzles and, most importantly, bond as a family and get to know each other.

The Kratos and Atreus diorama for 3D printing that is displayed on Gambody marketplace was inspired by the cover of God of War 2018 video game. By the way, the one that has been awarded with the Game of the year 2018 title! The boat in which both 3D printing Kratos and Atreus are crossing the sea is placed on a special wave-like platform though can be displayed without the waves as well (the alternative platform is also available on the model’s page).

Maker: Malory Koulmann

Old Kratos and Atreus 3D Printing Diorama

Download STL Files

Starcraft diorama with Battlecruiser

Well, that for sure can be called a total dedication to the Starcraft universe! Byoungyoung Choi’s marvelous collection does deserve to be showcased and seen by as many viewers and possible. We are pretty sure that one doesn’t need to have a good understanding of the 3D printing process to reach a conclusion that such a diorama is a result of incredibly skillful, lengthy and creative work. The Terran Battlecruiser equipped with awesome LEDs and painted with such a precision alone is enough to be praised and admired by both the Gambody team and all the members of our community.

By the way, if you want to know how was this exact ship was created or you happen to be a Starcraft universe fan you should check the interview with its author Byoungyoung Choi that was published on our blog in July 2018:

Maker: Byoungyoung Choi

Star Craft 3D Printing Diorama

Download STL Files


The Battletech fans either like UrbanMech and enjoy its assets or consider it to be silly and underwhelming. Some say it is ridiculously slow for a Light Mech and its armament is incredibly poor. Others say that it is super cost effective and is often so underestimated that ends up bringing equally silly successes. Whichever side you are on, a nice 3D printed Urbie will always be a great addition to your Battletech collection!

In order to make UrbanMech as close to the game as possible this 3D printing model on Gambody marketplace has all the movable limbs: legs, weapons and torso can rotate 360 degrees. Besides, the additional Guns Pack for your UrbanMech is also available on Gambody so you can assemble and/or upgrade your combat machine the best way you want to be superior on the battlefield. Would you equip your Urbie the way Scott Murphy did or do you think some other kits would bring the best in the slowest Light Mech?

Maker: Scott Murphy

Urban Mech 3D Printing Model

Download STL Files


That was a diverse roundup, wasn’t it? Our customers’ tastes and preferences naturally differ a lot and, fortunately, 3D printing technology is up-to-date to comply with everyone’s needs. Go explore our huge collection of 3D printing models and figurines on Gambody and choose the ones to your liking! We are looking forward to seeing your Gambody 3D printed results in our Facebook group “Gambody – 3D Printing Gaming Community” – share with all followers what 3D printed model or figurine you’ve come up with and get the chance to see your Gambody print on our blog in the future!

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