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Illidan Stormrage 3D Printing Miniature | Assembly

cm: 40.2 w x 33 d x 29.4 h
in: 15.827 w x 12.992 d x 11.575 h
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Printing Details

This 3D model consists of files in StereoLithography (.Stl) format that have been optimized for 3D printing.

Before printing the files, we strongly recommend reading the PRINTING DETAILS section.

Version 1 and Version 2 are the files for Warcraft Illidan 3D Model model optimized for 3D printing, the preview pictures of which you see above.

It is recommended:

  • to print Version 1 STL files on FDM/FFF 3D printers;
  • to print Version 2 STL files on DLP/SLA/SLS 3D printers.
File Name File Size Time / Filament Object Size
(x/y/z mm)
10.08 MiB 18 h 45 min
11 m
198 x 182 x 165 Download
10.08 MiB 18 h 34 min
11 m
190 x 193 x 163 Download
19.34 MiB 11 h 22 min
7 m
100 x 68 x 88 Download
2.51 MiB 55 min
<1 m
18 x 46 x 35 Download
2.50 MiB 56 min
<1 m
15 x 46 x 36 Download
0.04 MiB 8 min
<1 m
20 x 6 x 6 Download
14.84 MiB 10 h 14 min
7 m
27 x 73 x 167 Download
0.04 MiB 8 min
<1 m
20 x 6 x 6 Download
14.55 MiB 11 h 16 min
8 m
48 x 81 x 162 Download
0.04 MiB 8 min
<1 m
20 x 6 x 6 Download
0.04 MiB 8 min
<1 m
20 x 6 x 6 Download
11.27 MiB 3 h 32 min
2 m
64 x 45 x 67 Download
11.27 MiB 3 h 32 min
2 m
64 x 45 x 67 Download
14.18 MiB 12 h 19 min
8 m
99 x 70 x 122 Download
40.61 MiB 38 h 5 min
30 m
148 x 102 x 106 Download
16.21 MiB 6 h 6 min
2 m
57 x 67 x 14 Download
4.28 MiB 1 h 10 min
1 m
18 x 19 x 47 Download
4.51 MiB 1 h 13 min
1 m
19 x 21 x 50 Download
76.59 MiB n.a.
205 x 158 x 178 Download
19_platform_bot (repaired ).stl
38.81 MiB n.a.
167 x 158 x 66 Download
20_platform_top (repaired ).stl
39.00 MiB n.a.
157 x 120 x 112 Download
21_Ge_lock_10H_x5 (repair ed).stl
0.03 MiB 4 min
<1 m
10 x 18 x 2 Download

Betrayer... In truth, it was I who was betrayed.
Still, I am hunted. Still, I am hated.
Now, my blind eyes see what others cannot: that sometimes the hand of fate must be forced!
Now go forth... unleash the tides of Doom... Upon all those...who would oppose us.”
                                                                               - Illidan Stormrage

We will not betray the great lord Illidan. Better meet him with all honors on Gambody Marketplace!
Illidan Stormrage is a night elf which born as “Demon Hunter” and the founder of the Illidari. Unusually gifted sorcerer, the extent of his powers became difficult to classify due to his powers increasing in large bursts and his having absorbed the powers of “Skull of Gul'dan”. The owner of Twin Blades of Azzinoth, made by the blacksmiths of the Burning Legion especially for the commander-in-chief of the army of demons. His pursuit of arcane mastery led him to commit horrific acts against his own people and the races of Azeroth. For his actions, he was imprisoned for ten thousand years, until his release during the Third War. 

After his release from prison, he went through many obstacles and now appeared before you in the guise of a model for 3D printing.
The inspiration for making this model came after reading his story about the acquisition of "Skull of Gul'dan".
One of the nice things it’s his tattoos that are made in the form of scars on the body, so that it would be easier to paint them and give your Illidan a truly demonic form. The set includes hands with The Twin Blades of Azzinoth, but you can also replace them with normal hands and chain. You can combine and put the blade in one hand and chain into another. Or wrap the chain around the rock and let the Illidan hold it in another hand. By the way, as for all parts of this model, special connector was made for wings which doesn’t require glue for their fastening! And for your attention two platforms are presented that are empty inside and modeled in the form of a rock:

  1. The first platform is just a stand that economy your filament.
  2. The second platform is bigger than the first. It made as a composition with skulls, for those who love impressive models.

You will never regret that you bought this model on Gambody Marketplace.

FDM version contain changeable weapon, hands, chains and made in large size.
SLS version less then FDM and made as one part, for economy your material.
All .STL files for 3D printing have been checked for errors and corrected in Netfabb.

Note: Before starting 3D printing the model, read the Printing Details for CURA 2.7.0. software.

There are 18 parts for FDM version and only 1 part for SLS.

All parts of the joints should be printed at 100% infill.

Scale: SLS/SLA version is 1/4 from FDM = 76.4mm (3 in.) tall

FDM version:
- After being printed will stand 294 mm tall, 402.3 mm wide, 330 mm deep;
- Joints should be printed at 100% infill to make them solid.

SLS/SLA version:
- After being printed will stand 76.4 mm tall, 104.5 mm wide, 85.9 mm deep.
- Has only one detail to keep printing costs down.

Watch the tutorial video on how to assemble Warcraft Illidan 3D Printing Miniature at Gambody YouTube channel

You can get Warcraft Illidan 3D Printing Model right now! Just click the green Buy button in the top-right corner of the model’s page. You can pay with PayPal or your credit card.

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This model was tested in Cura 2.7.0. and print on an Ultimaker 2 in PLA material.

Note: To maintain model quality, do not try to increase or decrease the size, since the joints may not fit and the model will not be assemble after scale changes.

To avoid printing problems, we recommend the following settings:

Layer Height: 0.1 mm
Initial Layer Height: 0.27 mm
Line Width: 0.35 mm
Wall Line Width: 0.35 mm
   Outer Wall Line Width: 0.35 mm
   Inner Wall(s) Line Width: 0.35 mm
   Top/Bottom Line Width: 0.35 mm
   Infill Line Width: 0.35 mm
   Skirt/Brim Line Width: 0.35 mm
   Support Line Width: 0.35 mm
 Initial Layer Line Width: 100%

Wall Thickness: 1.05 mm
Wall Line Count: 3
Outer Wall Wipe Distance: 0.2 mm
Top Surface Skin Layers: 0
Top/Bottom Thickness: 0.8 mm
   Top Thickness: 0.8 mm 
      Top Layers: 8
    Bottom Thickness: 0.8 mm
      Bottom Layers: 8
Top/Bottom Pattern: Lines
Bottom Pattern Initial Layer: Lines
Top/Bottom Line Directions: [ ]
Outer Wall Inset: 0.025 mm
Compensate Wall Overlaps: Check
    Compensate Outer Wall Overlaps: Check
    Compensate Inner Wall Overlaps: Check
Fill Gaps Between Walls: Everywhere
Horizontal Expansion: 0 mm
Initial Layer Horizontal Expansion: 0 mm
Z Seam Alignment: Shortest
Ignore Small Z Gaps: Check

Infill Density: 20% (all parts of the joints should be printed at 100% infill)
Infill Line Distance: 3.5 mm
Infill Pattern: Grid
Infill Line Directions: [ ]
Infill Overlap Percentage: 10%
    Infill Overlap: 0.035 mm
Skin Overlap Percentage: 5%
    Skin Overlap: 0.0175 mm
Infill Wipe Distance: 0.0875 mm
Infill Layer Thickness: 0.1 mm
Gradual Infill Steps: 0
Infill Before Walls: Check
Minimum Infill Area: 0 mm2

Enable Retraction: Check
Retraction Extra Prime Amount: 0 mm3 
Retraction Minimum Travel: 0.7 mm
Maximum Retraction Count: 90
Minimum Extrusion Distance Window: 6.5 mm
Nozzle Switch Retraction Distance: 20 mm
Nozzle Switch Retraction Speed: 20 mm/s
    Nozzle Switch Retract Speed: 20 mm/s
    Nozzle Switch Prime Speed: 20 mm/s 

Print Speed: 45 mm/s
    Infill Speed: 45 mm/s
    Wall Speed: 36 mm/s
      Outer Wall Speed: 26 mm/s
      Inner Wall Speed: 36 mm/s
    Top/Bottom Speed 20 mm/s
    Support Speed: 26 mm/s
      Support Infill Speed: 26 mm/s
Travel Speed: 90 mm/s
Initial Layer Speed: 27 mm/s

    Initial Layer Print Speed: 27 mm/s
    Initial Layer Travel Speed: 54 mm/s
Skirt/Brim Speed: 27 mm/s
Maximum Z Speed: 0 mm/s
Number of Slower Layers: 2

Combing Mode: All
Avoid Printed Parts when Traveling: Check
Travel Avoid Distance: 0.6562 mm 

Enable Print Cooling: Check
Fan Speed: 100%
    Regular Fan Speed: 100%
    Maximum Fan Speed: 100% 
Regular/Maximum Fan Speed Threshold: 10 s
Initial Fan Speed: 0%
Regular Fan Speed at Height: 0.27 mm
    Regular Fan Speed at Layer: 2 
Minimum Layer Time: 5 s
Minimum Speed: 10 mm/s

Enable Support: Check
Support Placement: Everywhere
Support Overhang Angle: 50°
Support Pattern: Zig Zag
Connect Support ZigZags: Check
Support Density: 15 %
    Support Line Distance: 2.3333 mm
Support Z Distance: 0.1 mm
    Support Top Distance: 0.1 mm
    Support Bottom Distance: 0.1 mm
Support X/Y Distance: 0.7 mm
Support Distance Priority: Z overrides X/Y
Minimum Support X/Y Distance: 0.2 mm
Support Stair Step Height: 0.3 mm
Support Stair Step Maximum Width: 5.0 mm
Support Join Distance: 2.0 mm
Support Horizontal Expansion: 0.2 mm
Support Infill Layer Thickness: 0.1 mm
Use Towers: Check
Tower Diameter: 3.0 mm
Minimum Diameter: 3.0 mm
Tower Roof Angle: 65° 

Build Plate Adhesion 
Build Plate Adhesion Type: Brim
Skirt/Brim Minimum Length: 250 mm
Brim Width: 8.0 mm
    Brim Line Count: 23 
Brim Only on Outside: Check

Mesh Fixes 
Union Overlapping Volumes: Check
Merged Meshes Overlap: 0.15 mm

Special Modes
Print Sequence: All at Once
Surface Mode: Normal

Extra Skin Wall Count: 0

Disclaimer: This model will look outstanding if printed on SLA/SLS 3D printer. The accuracy of the model printed on FFF printer can vary from the result shown in the pictures.


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